New Balance 1260v6 Review

New Balance 1260 is considered as one of the best motion control shoes on the market. V6 is the newest edition of this line and promises to provide more comfort, cushioning, stability and flexibility to runners in order to help them have better running and training experience. Is it true? This article will give you necessary information about these great running shoes.

Updated and new features and technologies

  • An all-new blown rubber forefoot and the addition of REVlite in the forefoot provide a bouncy and plush feel at toe-off.
  • They have Ortholite Premium insoles to give added cushioning and arch support.
  • The Dual Density Midsole Foam is designed to help over-pronators have a more stable support. This is a much lighter component but stiffer to provide better support.
  • Fantom Fit is one of the great designs in the upper. This feature makes your feet feel great and provides custom fit.
  • An N2 pod placed in the heel has the ability to soften the impact for heavy strikers.
  • The Strobel Last attached to the ABZORB midsole foam improves cushioning of the shoes as well as offers a softer underfoot feel.
  • The Air Mesh Upper provides you a much better comfort and breathability because this feature allows better air ventilation in the upper to ensure that your feet will be kept dry and cool during your runs.
  • Dual Density Collar Foam provides a maximum cushioning and fit. This includes two foams. The softer density foam is for soft feel on the foot. The firmer density foam is responsible for a better support system.

Balance 1260 v6 Pros and Cons


  • Stability for those that have over-pronation
  • Many runners feel they are much more comfortable than previous versions
  • Upgraded cushioning for a smoother ride
  • The new style is attractive
  • Versatile trainers or racers for low or high mileage


  • They’re now made in China instead of the USA
  • Heavy weight
  • These shoes are slightly expensive.

New Balance 1260 overview


New Balance 1260 uses an open mesh to cover most of the upper. This is very breathable and comfortable. The mesh upper helps keep your foot cool and dry during running, even for a long period of time.

The Synthetic Overlays are strategically placed in the shoes to wrap the whole feet for a secure fit. These overlays work with the No-Sew upper materials to make you feel comfortable and secure when running without worrying that your shoes will fall out in the middle of a run.

I especially like the laces on the upper unit, which made from a nicer material than other laces.


The Post Applied stability post found in the midsole of the New Balance 1260 v6 is to support runners and avoid getting into accidents. Besides, it also provides a smooth ride.

The ACTEVA LITE used in New Balance 1260 offers resistance to compression set which is 24% lighter in comparison with the standard foam in other running shoes. The ABZORB full-length midsole foam is also used for better cushioning and durability to the midsole.

Another feature found in the midsole unit is the T-Beam that includes a light and flexible TPU trunk. This is designed for additional arch support and torsional stability in order to give you needed support when running to prevent accident.


A Blown Rubber covered the whole length of the shoes is responsible for durability of the outsole as well as provides responsiveness and cushioning for the shoes. Another material used to make the outsole unit is the Ndurance, a highly durable carbon rubber material. This material is in both of the heel and lateral side of outer sole so that the outer sole will be protected from damages when running, even on challenging terrains.

New Balance 1260 review

New Balance 1260 v6


I was worried about ordering shoes online but these met my needs. They are comfortable than my expectation. I often take long runs and after that my feet still feel fine and my joints are pain-free. No issues with rubbing or chafing anywhere. Everything from the upper to the outsole is comfortable. They are good for walking around as well, not just running.


The previous models of these shoes fit fine but the V6 is narrower. Therefore, you should keep in mind this difference when choosing the size if you don’t want to have sore feet caused by too tight shoes. My normal size is 10, but with these I wear 10.5 and they fit me perfectly. One of the best things I like about New Balance 1260 v6 is that they have lots of widths to accommodate my “duck feet”.


In this newest edition, New Balance maintains support features of the old versions and at the same time upping the cushioning. In fact, the shoes have a little more "cushion" than I would prefer, but so far, I have not had any issues. The ABZORB full-length midsole foam, ACTEVA™ Lite, N2 Cushioning system in the midsole and A Blown Rubber material in the outsole are the main features that provide great amount of cushioning in NB 1260 v6. Landings are soft and transitions always feel smooth in these sneakers. Moreover, the high cushioning level in the heel and forefoot area protects runners’ feet from debris on the ground.


I bought the 1260 v3 and they were great with a good arch support for my over-pronation, which often causes knee and hip pain. And the 1260 v6, they have a serious change to support over-pronators on short or long runs with new and updated features and technologies such as T-Beam support, REVlite or ABZORB® Crash Pad which allows enhanced stability and motion control within the heel to prevent the ankles from rolling inward. All these deliver superb cushioning and premium stability without sacrificing style. In short, with these supportive features in the shoes, they help reduce fatigue and pain caused by over-pronation and promote me to run faster and longer. It is important to determine your arch and pronation type in order to get the right running shoes.

Quality and durability

New Balance has always produced good quality running shoes. In this version, they upgraded to even better materials, hence the expensive price. From the upper to the outsole, NB uses high quality materials to build up the shoes. Specifically, the full-length ABZORB midsole foam is used to ensure durability of the midsole while the Ndurance found in the outsole provides great durability to deal with the challenging terrains.


In terms of stability, I can’t expect more because these shoes offer extremely wonderful stability features that are very useful to correct my foot condition as well as having better running experience. These motion control shoes are a great balance between cushioning and stability. T-Beam support in the midfoot works with a full-length ABZORB midsole to provide not only an extensive amount of shock absorption but also torsional stability for the shoes. The stability is also enhanced by ABZORB® Crash Pad, shock absorption feature to deal with the landing impact.


Although these shoes provide runners large amount of stability, they also offer enough flexibility you need when running. The material used to make the upper is very comfortable and flexible. Moreover, when it comes to midsole flexibility, they have the T-Beam to give the midsole better flexibility properties and at the same time stability to make sure runners have a comfortable and protected ride.


Tracks, roads and gravels are less challenging terrains that are suitable for the features the shoes provide. If you want your shoes to last longer, you shouldn’t use these on trails because New Balance 1260 v6 is not designed with special features for trail running.


My only issue is the weight. They are heavier compared to some of the other support shoes I've worn like the Saucony Guide. And for some runners, this could be a disadvantage because this will prevent them from speed works. The weight of these shoes is 350 grams. However, these are stability running shoes, the heavy weight is unavoidable.


The colors are nice and blend well with jeans, pants, or exercise shorts. I always feel confident in them. These shoes create much more motivation for me to complete my training.


With all the features mentioned above, New Balance 1260 is indeed designed to improve performance in running. They can be used as daily trainers, or running shoes for high mileage thanks to their comfort. However, these are not suitable for speed works because of their heavy weight.

Having better materials and many premium features and technologies is the reason why New Balance 1260 v6 is not cheap. Because of this disadvantage, many people hesitate to buy them while some are waiting to get great discounts. I bought a pair of these with high price, but up to now I haven’t felt disappointed with my decision.​

Similar running shoes to New Balance 1260

Despite providing less performance and features, Asics Gel Pursue, Adidas Supernova Boost Sequence and the Nike Zoom Vomero+ are considered the best replacements for New Balance 1260.

Asics Gel Pursue

Firstly, Asics Gel Pursue is a very lightweight running shoe but can provide the same performance as New Balance 1260. If you are looking for a good amount of cushioning in the heel and forefoot area, Asics Gel Pursue is a great alternative. However, in terms of stability and flexibility, the shoes are a bit less stable compared to the New Balance 1260 and you can’t bend them easily like NB’s.

Adidas Supernova Boost Sequence

If you are looking for an alternative to provide the same amount of stability as New Balance 1260, The Adidas Supernova Boost Sequence is highly recommended. Despite similar amount of stability, these shoes are significantly lighter and not bulky compared to the NB 1260. In terms of cushioning, these shoes also give great cushioning especially in the forefoot. In short, The Adidas Supernova Boost Sequence makes sure to provide runners great stability and responsive ride as well as durability.

Nike Zoom Vomero+

Lastly, The Nike Zoom Vomero+ is the heaviest running shoes among the four. This is because of much better cushioning and comfort they provide, especially in the forefoot. In terms of flexibility, the shoes offer much better flexibility features than other shoes. Runners will feel happy with stability properties that The Nike Zoom Vomero+ provides. They are actually designed for those who are looking for well-cushioned and stable running shoes.

Previous versions of New Balance 1260 v6

New Balance 1260 v5

New Balance 1260 v5

Although they look a bit bulky, this newer version comes with the striking colors, which create good first impression. Besides, the sole unit is thick and the upper looks secure also make the observer immediately think about good-cushioned shoes. The mid-sole is indeed the most noticeable section of the New Balance 1260 v5. ABZORB full-length cushion is used to improve the overall cushioning of the mid-sole in particular.

Additionally, the N2 Cushioning system in the heel area ensures maximum comfort to the rear foot while the N2 Burst cushion in the forefoot provides better responsiveness. In the middle part of the mid-sole, you will find The T-Beam, the stability module of these shoes. It provides regular torsional stability and arch support for runners, especially over-pronators. Besides, An Asymmetrical Heel Counter also helps correct over pronation by holding the heel in place.

The Open mesh, a no-sew process and Fantom Fit make the upper more durable, breathable, comfortable and fit well to the foot without irritation. Blown rubber and Ndurance are also used to enhance durability of the outsole while improving anti-abrasive mechanics. The technologies and power of the New Balance 1260 v5 allows runners to run well even on asphalt or concrete. These stability shoes can be used for fun runs, road races like marathons and other types of running. Besides, you can also use them for sports or gym sessions.

New Balance 1260 v4

From the v3, New Balance 1260 v4 updated some features and technologies to provide more benefits for users and make their performance much better. The cushioning system in this version is upgraded and improved to provide comfort and support that you have never seen before. The old N2 cushioning system now is combined with the ACTEVA LITE for a more comfortable and luxurious ride. This combination also creates more responsive and durable cushioning system compared to traditional ones and provides great foot protection from shock and impact.

The Fantom Fit in the upper follows the contour of the foot to provide a custom fit as well as better breathability and quality. This updated design in the upper brings super plush and soft feel to the foot without pain and soreness. In terms of durability, the rubber outsole is durable enough to deal with the challenges of roads, tracks and gravel terrains, even asphalts. Like the v3, the 1260 v4 is also designed to cater runners who are looking for support and stability running shoes. They provide needed pronation control to over-pronators to help them avoid unexpected injuries. With very impressive features and design, these shoes are the most reliable ones with maximum comfort and stability for running, trainings, and other foot activities.

New Balance 1260 v3

In the 3rd edition of the New Balance 1260, NB updated some features to mainly improve performance and quality of the shoes. The N2 Cushioning System is the most innovated feature of New Balance 1260 v3. It combines with the ACTEVA Lite to provide runners with more luxurious and comfortable rides and create reliable cushioning system. Besides, the Post Applied stability post is featured in the midsole of the shoes for smooth rides. The outsole is one of the updated features also.

Aside from the Ndurance material, the Blown Rubber Technology is added to the outsole unit to provide positive feedback and protection for the underfoot of runners. Another highlight feature is the Fantom Fit technology, which enables custom fit. The upper of the v3 is also made of comfortable and breathable material that contributes to prevent irritation and discomfort as well as offers maximum breathability to runners. In terms of support and pronation control, New Balance 1260 v3 is designed to cater the needs of over-pronators. The protective, comfortable and stable features of the shoes make them suitable for high mileage training or running. The great cushioning system as well as a durable outsole allows the shoes to be used on tracks, roads and gravels.

New Balance 1260 v2

Compared to previous model, this is lighter because several features were trimmed down but it is still smooth and responsive. Additionally, the great cushioning in the midsole is also enhanced to improve comfort and support of the shoes without increasing their weight. The new Acteva Light midsole foam used in New Balance 1260 v2 is lighter than other midsole materials.

Aside from this, The ABZORB foam is used to provide more comfort and cushioning to the shoes. In the midsole, you will find the Stability Post that offers strength, support and smooth ride. The upper of the 1260 v2 uses the super plush mesh made from soft and breathable materials to make sure comfortable and fresh feel in the foot. The outsole also has some updated features to enhance its durability. The NDurance rubber material is used to provide the durable outsole while giving an increased traction and grip to run well on roads, tracks, and gravel terrains or on both wet and dry grounds.

The lower heel part is perfect for trainings and road running by providing a smoother heel to toe strike. In terms of stability, runners will be satisfied with the premium stability feature these shoes have. The great style and design are another highlight features. They are very fashionable and attractive which are ideal for fashion-wise conscious runners. With the great combination of stability and cushioning, The New Balance 1260 v2 is designed to help runners with flat to low foot arch and over-pronators. Normal trainings, your running activities or even high mileage running are done well with a soft cushioning, stable and supportive platform of these stability shoes.​


I highly recommend New Balance 1260v6 to anyone who has flat feet, wide feet and over-pronation like me. I believe that through their advanced features and technologies, they will bring wonderful running experience that you have never had before.

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Isabella - September 16, 2016

The NB 1260 v6 has the wide toe box and I love them, I’ve been running in the NB 1260 for 2 years now

Emma - September 20, 2016

Smooth, stable, and comfortable shoes, more stylish look

Lindakapa - September 21, 2016

I love these shoes. They are so comfortable yet light and snappy. Very nice looking shoe

Susan - March 21, 2017

There were my favorite shoe, very comfortable. I have been buying the 1260 since version 5. Rating 5*

Baxon - March 31, 2017

This is a great shoe with nice arch support. Really like this shoe

Nemar - December 28, 2017

Great shoes. New Balance 1260 v6 is cushioned ride and high stability


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