New Balance 608V4 Review

New Balance 608V4 is one of the most impressive and highly appreciated shoes amongst New Balance lines. These shoes offer you comfort and flexibility to wear all day. New Balance 608V4 is the first version of 608 series that New Balance would like to introduce to customers.

In my opinion, New Balance 608V4 is an excellent design for cross training as the shoes deliver the cross trainers all necessary supports for whether light or heavy workout routines. The shoes are versatile and considered a good choice for those who prefer a combination of different exercises from the street to the gym to the tennis court.

New Balance 608V4 – Highlight features and technologies

New Balance 608
  • The main material from anti slippery substance enhances the effectiveness of your training. Such material is located on the outsole of the shoes, leaving them durable and sturdy to keep you balance well on different grounds regardless of gym floors, streets or sports courts.
  • You, therefore, do not have to worry about falling and slipping at all. The shoes offer you a peace of mind during your training and exercises.
  • Excellent cushioning feature in the midsole acting as shock absorbency supports your feet from toe to heel. Whether you are practicing light or heavy workouts, this cushioning midsole helps reduce your whole body weight on the feet, thereby preventing your feet from pains and tiredness. The midsole cushion shall distribute weight evenly throughout your feet to maintain your balance.
  • Lightweight and breathability are good characteristics for New Balance 608v4. Thanks to leather upper material and small mesh overlays, the shoes are light for you to wear. You can feel almost nothing there around your feet. The mesh allows the airflow is coming in and out of the shoes easily. For this reason, the innersole is always kept cool and dry.
  • The shoes are versatile for multiple purposes. You can use them for running, playing sports, aerobics or just normal activities like walking. Despite that, New Balance 608V4 is still durable. Many wearers report that the shoe can last up to one year before any replacement. A shoe that is not only worthy of money but also reliable to use for all sports purposes.

New Balance 608V4 description


The upper material is from leather, leaving the shoe light in weight and quite flexible for foot stretching out and spreading. With the mesh on the top of the shoes, the breathability is highly appreciated. Such elements allow the airflow is coming in and out of the shoes frequently, thereby keeping the innersole cool and dry in spite of how long your training is.

New Balance 608 upper mens

The flexible mesh, furthermore, allows you to adjust the toe box space to put your feet in the shoes comfortably. With Phantom Liner® technology, the shoes deliver the seamless construction, which enables you to wear them without wearing socks. Don’t worry about blisters or welts because the inner lining is super soft and smooth to prevent tiredness and pains to your feet.

The panels help distribute pressure and weight evenly throughout your foot which restricts the possibility of uncomfortable points from toe to heel.


The midsole provides extensive cushioning and responsiveness to support your feet better. For those who always care about blisters on their arches or shin splints, the shoe is a perfect choice with both soft and firm density foams to overcome all uncomfortable points on your foot.

What is more, the midsole allows perfect balance and distributes weight and pressure evenly across your foot. As a result, your foot can be released from tiredness and pains. Normally, after a long day of walking or a heavy training day, your foot is exhausted. You feel like a hundred needles are under your feet. Massage cannot ease the pain.

Well, the solution is here for you. New Balance 608 with ABZORB shock absorbing cushioning reduces such terrible experience and helps you with more effective training and workout.

EVA Footbed

The EVA cushioning system is also facilitated into New Balance 608. I can say that New Balance focuses a lot on the responsiveness and cushioning function of its shoes. Not only the midsole is equipped with excellent ABZORB shock absorbency technology, but the foot bed does. The EVA technology allows extensive and maximum cushioning from toe to heel.


The rubber outsole is firm and sturdy to wear all day long. The non-marking outsole provides you with better traction to avoid any slipping and falling on the ground. Furthermore, for those whose arches are weak and sensitive, the outsole can play as a strong supporter to keep your arch right in place and prevent you from going off the track during your training.

With the robust and moderate sole units, your foot can do the toe-off walking and run efficiently. Even though you need more stretching, the flex grooves still allow you to have natural motions. You don’t need to worry about slipping anymore. Just focus your mind on practicing and feel relaxed after that.

New Balance 608V4 Review

Fit and size

New Balance 608V4 provides different sizes to you. The size can be true to your foot length and width. For those whose feet are medium sized, you can prefer a shoe with a medium width. In the case of any tightness, you can adjust your toe box depending on your demand by loosening the flexible mesh on the upper. Individuals with unique sized feet can no longer worry about their difficulties in finding suitable shoes for their sizes.

Thanks to the mesh, the shoes accommodate large and narrow feet as well. Furthermore, they are perfectly designed for arch support for the ones with high arches. You shall feel a snug fit and have no concerns about your foot slipping off the shoes.


A good shoe must satisfy the requirement for cushioning and responsiveness. New Balance 608 is not an exception when the shoe is equipped with newly updated technologies called EVA and ABZORB for better foot experience. The midsole and footbed are two parts of shoes that offer you amazing cushion to protect you from shocks during your movements.

The midsole with ABZORB technology delivers both soft and firm density foams to help reduce impacts of shocks on your feet. Besides, this feature also distributes weight and pressure of your whole body weight evenly across the feet, thereby reducing pain and tired points on feet.

The foot bed, on the other hand, provides EVA cushioning to attenuate all sudden shocks and allows your foot to implement fluid motions throughout the workout. Thanks to this responsive foot bed, you can no longer concern about walking and running for a long time with exhausted feet. The EVA technology boosts up your foot and restricts the direct impacts on certain foot parts such as ankles, arches, and toes.


The shoes are durable in spite of their versatile functions. Good feedbacks show that even though you use New Balance 608v4 for different training purposes like running, playing sports or normal walking, the shoes are reliable for a long term use, which is up to one year since the date of purchase.

Built on the reputation of New Balance, a prestigious shoe manufacturer in the world, the shoes are highly appreciated by athletes for their durability and stability. The rubber sole does not come off easily, and the cushion feature still works effectively to support you with various workout activities.


Thanks to leather mesh upper, New Balance 608v4 delivers excellent breathability for your foot. The mesh is not only flexible and stretchable but also allows adjustments to the toe box so that your feet can feel comfortable. The air can flow in and out of the shoes frequently, leaving the innersole dry and cool.

Cross trainers love New Balance 608 not only because of its versatile functions but on its roomy space for the foot to spare. Even though you wear the shoes for ages, they do not smell bad.

Traction and grip

As a cross-training shoe, New Balance focuses much on the ability to support feet of the outsole. The outsole is firm and sturdy to burden the whole bodyweight. Furthermore, it should be able to help you maintain your balance well during your training and practicing. Failure to do so leads to pains and injuries to your foot.

New Balance 608 is facilitated with wide grinds and large grooves to make it more reliable for those who love heavy workouts. You cannot do exercises efficiently without a strong balance on the ground. Such grooves create fractions to stand strong and help reduce the weight of your body on foot. Under the rainy and windy weather, New Balance 608v4 is a good option to wear and exercise.


Not only attracting us with a strong and energetic look, but New Balance 608v4 also delivers a shoe with all purpose usage from light training to heavy workout. Due to seamless construction and high-quality material, the shoes are no doubt a reliable and durable choice for you to consider.

If you often play sports like volleyball and tennis, New Balance 608 provides you with excellent cushioning and awesome traction and grip for balance maintenance. When you feel a little pain in your toes, just loosen the toe box by adjusting the mesh upper.

If you love weightlifting, New Balance 608v4 offers you strong and sturdy outsoles with breathable midsoles. The arch part is also high to prevent those with high arches from uncomfortable feelings. A snug fit is the first impression once you put the shoes on.


New Balance 608v4 weighs about 2 pounds. Now that you can wear a pair of shoes combining comfort, flexibility, durability, and lightweight. The leather material primarily contributes to the lightweight. While playing sports or doing some training, you will feel like nothing is around your foot. As a result, the workout efficiency is improved. Your foot is released from pressure, thereby feeling no tiredness.

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New Balance 608v4 – Pros and Cons


  • The toe box is roomy for you to spare
  • The midsole is gender-customized for shock absorbency and responsiveness enhancement
  • Dual density collar with soft and firm density foam for foot cushioning and boosting up
  • Footbed with the EVA cushioning system for foot support
  • Non-marking outsole with large grinds and grooves for better tractions
  • A shoe with versatile functions for a variety of activities ranging from light exercises to heavy workouts
  • Durable and stable in spite of multifunctional purposes.
  • Breathable and comfortable in the toe box for foot pain relief


  • As the shoes can be used for different purposes, some claim that they are not good for any specific types of exercises. For example, the shoes lack cushioning and flexibility for running and weightlifting.

Various version of New Balance 608v4

New Balance 608V3

New Balance 608V3 is the previous version of New Balance 608V4 with its main function for cross training. This means the shoes are versatile and you can wear them to train, play sports and normal activities like walking and running.

The footbeds are equipped with padding and leather cross-trainer which help you with your strong and heavy workouts like jumping, jumping squats and weight lifting. With the seamless construction, you can wear these shoes without wearing a sock. Your feet still feel relaxing and comfortable.

The sturdy rubber soles with large grooves for better traction keep your balance well on different surfaces. The price is not too high. There is an insignificant gap in price between New Balance 608 lines.

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New Balance 608V2

New Balance 608V2 shows the minor difference with New Balance 608. The former is added with more cushioning to improve and better the versatile usage in cross training. Compared with New Balance 608, New Balance 608V2 is updated with more colors including blue, white, pink and black.

The upper material for 608V2 is the combination of leather and mesh upper.In the meanwhile, New Balance 608 only offers leather uppers. Other than that, New Balance 608V2 is facilitated with ABZORB forefoot and heel for extensive responsiveness and cushioning for shock absorbency throughout the foot.

Furthermore, New Balance 608V2 provides its lasts with WX-001 last for women and men offering standard sizes in foot width, height, and length.

Similar training shoes to New Balance 608

New Balance MX624 Cross-training Shoe

The shoes provide versatile usage including light and heavy workouts. The shoe comes with excellent breathability and comfort so that you feel like nothing is on your feet. The ABZORB technology in the forefoot and heel allows amazing shock absorbency. The sturdy rubber sole helps you maintain your balance well during your practice.

New Balance MX624 offers two colors which are black and white. The energetic and sporty look shall impress you and affect your decision most.

New Balance MX409 Cross-training Shoe

The price is not variable between New Balance cross-training shoe series. This shoe offers black and white with different sizes. The difference lies in the upper material from synthetics instead of leather. Such material enables these shoes to be more breathable and light in weight. The synthetic soles with large grooves and wide grinds provide better traction for balance keeping.

The footbeds and midsoles are facilitated with EVA foam for cushioning and responsiveness. When you do heavy workouts, good cushioning shoes protect your foot from tiredness and pains. This New Balance MX409 weighs around 3 pounds yet durable and stable for long usage.

Final word

New Balance 608v4 is worthy of your money. The shoes are durable and reliable to use in spite of their versatile functions. It is obvious that the shoe is dedicated for cross trainers! Even though the shoe cannot satisfy all customers, most of the people agree that New Balance 608v4 is their excellent and clever choice. You can afford the shoe with suitable prices and different colors.

I bet the shoes will meet your expectation in different aspects.

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