New Balance 870v4 Running Shoes Review

Amazingly durable and moderately cushioned with a nimble design, New Balance 870v04 is a saint that works great for every runner on most of their running days. Not only lightweight and a little wider, but the new pair of shoes also feel more stable right under your midfoot and forefoot. It does not matter whether you run a lot with it or not, its nice upper offers enough toe room for you to breathe and feel comfortable!

  • It is much lighter than other past versions, and most runners both agree that it’s more flexible than the past ones
  • A good touch of flexibility is blended well in a stable ride, giving big thumbs up from different runners
  • Highly versatile shoe that has been claimed by many athletes, especially in various distances and speeds.
  • plus
    New generation of the New Balance shoes that can deliver the lightweight stability and secure fit for all smooth transitions
  • plus
    An absolutely go-to choice for longer runs on the road, gyms, or flats
  • plus
    Specially designed for runners who have the over-pronated arches
  • plus
    Owns a firmer foam underneath that serves as a high support underneath the arch to dodge foot from over-pronating.
  • plus
    Meant for neutral runners who expect a daily cushioned shoe that can ride not just soft but also welcomes faster racing pace
  • plus
    Ideal for those who prefer a highly responsive feeling during every run
  • plus
    Sturdy stitched on the shoe overlays on the front and back of the shoe apart from the underlays wrapping your midfoot
New Balance 870v4 runnerlight

If you aspire a pair of New Balance trainers that have flexibility, stability, and cushioning in a light package, then look no further than the modern New Balance 870v4. It introduces such a brilliant and sleek look aside from its high support during every run.

PROS & CONS of New Balance 870v4


  • The New Balance 870v04 is much lighter than other previous versions
  • Sleek style with the utmost support, the shoes are excellent for any higher speed attempt
  • Owns a dynamic outsole to offer the extreme traction for all off-road activities
  • hand-o-up
    Feels extremely durable, breathable and comfy at the same time
  • hand-o-up
    Tread works great on a wide range of trial areas with a great barefoot
  • hand-o-up
    It’s ideal for runners who look for a little security and smoother arch support
  • hand-o-up
    Flexible soles enable easier running up and downwards the road
  • hand-o-up
    Has a great stability and high support, especially for the athletes who owns a forefront running style
  • hand-o-up
    Solid enough to easily withstand the running through every bump and uneven trails


  • Some people complaints about the 870v4’s toe box that seems a bit narrow than the original version
  • Causes some kind of discomfort at the top of your foot, which is assumed to be caused by the lacing network or the overlay design
  • The laces seem to hinder the great fit in your mid-foot but a little bit
  • thumbs-o-down
    Not perfect for speed-related workouts since it’s not a quickly responsive shoe at all
  • thumbs-o-down
    Does not offer the best feel for the runners

New Balance 8700v4’s Description


Rubber covers the whole outsole in this fourth release of the 870 model for enough traction and a little bit cushioning. Not just that, it also blankets your heel well as well as the lateral area that goes to the midfoot. It’s an ultra-durable rubber that can limit your shoes from wear and tear after long use.

Once wearing your New Balance 870v4 running shoe, you will find it quite notable as it comes to its thickness and soft cushioning, not to mention about the additional and wide footprint. Not just that, the flex groove feature in both outsole and midsole would also increase the overall flexibility and the softest of any heel-toe transition.

 Even though you’re walking or running on uneven surfaces, feel free to take a rest since you’re assured to own a great traction and amazing grip. Besides, the outsole here is made of the decent rubber. Well, you can expect a more comfortable upper on the shoes you’ve just decided to buy.


The best midsole technologies are available in the New Balance 870v4 this time, which means that it can deliver the lightweight and highly responsive cushioning. We call it the innovative REVlite foam, which is an extended abzorb crash pad. This is made of solid rubber and special foam from New Balance, which can deliver a bit of stability during the runs.

With the firm medial posts, it will help to power up the arch to curb overpronation. Besides, its construction with the tweaked overlays can increase the max support without any further added weight. It also features a similar heel-to-toe drop for a more fluid foot strike.

 Well, the midsole foam of such running shoes offers the runners the cool responsiveness and durability foam the heavier foams. In other words, they can give out as much cushioning as possible with the strength of being amazingly lightweight. Aside from this, its sophisticated heel rubber gives you such a real spring in every of your steps.


The shoe overlays are made of the synthetic mesh, which is quite visible on the upper. They provide you with an awesome breathability and enough support. By using the famed FantomFit tech and the thin wires from the sole to the shoe upper. This invites you a nice hold and assistance for the runners.

Speaking of the asymmetrical heel counter, it could help you to deal with the overpronation measures. Look at its interior, the comfortable feeling arrives with a healthier dose of other anti-microbial characteristics, thanks to the Ortholite sock liner, which is known to improve our footwear’s comfort and performance.

 To sum up, the upper of the New Balance 870v4 is comprised of a combo of no-ew and the stitched-on overlays. The second one is more supportive than the no-sew ones, which often prevent our irritation points. It’s a comfortable seamless upper, so no wonder why it never rubs on your feet and causes any hot spot.

New Balance 8700v4 Review


Cushioning of the New Balance 870v4 is one of the biggest selling points that might appeal you the most as compared to other trainers. Just stare at the midsole foam here, which can give us the great durability, meaning that they deliver to us as much cushioning as the heavier shoes.

That kind of sophisticated heel rubber feeling helps to relieve shock so that the runners are less likely to feel pains, soreness, and other risk injuries. Another good thing that impresses you a lot is probably its breathable mesh upper which can cool your feet down and keep them fresh all the time.

 Also, the Abzorb crash pad can add a little bit of the layer of cushioning from your heel to midfoot, helping the runners to feel extremely satisfied mile after mile. And the shoe’s outsole is specially designed to bring us the superb durability in any high-wear area, which is very important if you’re about to join a marathon!


Any athlete who know exactly that the midfoot support is extremely useful since it can provide them with a strong stability. It’s just excellent at doing this without causing them any irritation. Therefore, the overpronators who might feel friction and annoying stuff with other shoes can’t look away from New Balance version this time!

Now go faster and move further with one of the finest training shoes this time - New Balance 87-v4. Besides, a pair of stability shoes like this can offer a great blend of assistance and cushion. According to the manufacturers, the footwear finds no difficulty in restricting the excessive rolling of foot inwards.

Regarding the shoe’s flexibility, it will be New Balance 870v4 that tends to be more flexible than Brooks Ravenna version. Though it’s made for neutral cushioning, there are several athletes who are seeking the ultimate in flexibility for workouts.

 And New Balance is committed to bringing us the fresh, flexible, and high-performing shoes than ever!


The upper section of the shoe features an extremely breathability mesh fabric. Apart from that, it also has the abzorb cushioning, which provides us with a more comfortable insole. Another noticeable thing you can’t ignore here is how the shoe’s sole has been made using the sturdy rubber, for delivering the traction and stability when you walk on different types of surfaces.

The upper is built up with a completely open air mesh and minimal synthetic overlays, which ensures your feet to stay fresh throughout the long runs. If you’re a neutral runner, then you will get to benefit from the heel-to-toe ratio and the excellent structure of the upper. It shows off a nice hold and support in sweltering temp.

 Known as a trusted brand that always produces the comfortable shoes with an affordable price tag, New Balance never fails to relax your feet and let them move freely inside. If looking closely into the inner sleeve, the trainers might use the non-sew technology, which can prevent any irritation when you’re walking or running.


The shoes know how to support each section of your foot while absorbing shock but offering more comfort, which lets the runners enjoy a smoother gliding motion with assistance. It’s not only durable but also capable of supplying the essential traction and grip for any other serious runner who only concentrates more on the commitment than worrying whether the shoe can do its job well or not.

And there’s something undeniable about the shoe performance; the shoe can give you a great grip even on the steep surfaces. But make sure that you’re midfoot striking for the optimized traction. However, according to the users, there are also some areas of weaknesses in this area.

 They feel a bit hard to grip over the wet and muddy surfaces -- one of the most common issues available in other trail shoes as well. But in general, the shoes did offer a great cushion and traction with grip for our technical trail running as well as a smooth ride that works well on the road.


The smooth ride here is what we see in the 870v4 version, thanks to the fresh REVlite foam material in the outsole, the low heel-to-toe drop and also the neutral heel cup as well. Most prominently, the sole here is made of the New Balance’s foam material, which is not super soft at all.

In other words, it still gives you a firmer ride, especially when this foam is softish but responsive when you start to run fast. As we know, most of the road shoes are commonly smaller and lighter the trail ones. So this type of shoe is made for you to run on the flat surfaces with less debris.

 That also means that both responsiveness and speed are prioritized more than the overall protection. Besides, the general durability of one footwear tends to be based on the materials used by the brands. However, in some cases, one shoe can be toughened according to its category. And the model here reigns at the lightweight side of stability with a breathable fit.


The weight of one shoe depends on mostly on the specific size of that shoe, so any weight available in this article could differ from the weight of the shoe you pick up. If the Brook Ravenna 6 for women weighs around 9.1 oz, then the New Balance 870v4 for women also weighs about 11.3 oz. For men, the New Balance version weighs 9.6 oz.

As a moderate overpronator, you might choose to go with running shoe because it’s quite supportive and stable in every stride you go. So whenever looking for something much lighter and more flexible, the New Balance 870v4 will suit you much better than the Brooks.

 Most of the weight here appear in the thick rubber outsole, Absorb foam cushioning with one 8mm drop, and rubber compound in the high-wear sections. However, the upper is quite lightweight and breathable though its tongue is a bit bigger and more padded than normal.

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The New Balance 870v4 is a great running shoe that does not look sleek but also performs much better than its price tag. No matter if you’re a neutral or slight overpronator, it’s possible to find such an awesome arch support from this footwear. As compared to the previous editions, the 870v4 is lighter and more energetic than ever!

The shoes feature a classic design with a semi-solid medial post, and it serves as the main tool to make up for the inward rolling of your foot after being impacted. Last but not least, the shoe brings out a kind of feeling that it’s faster, more flexible, lighter and more athletic during long runs.

As for its interior, the shoe brings out a high comfort with a healthy dose of anti-microbial characteristics via the Ortholite sockliner. This is a standard foam insole that can keep more than 95% of the whole cushioning. A salt-based anti-microbial formula is available here to help you to remove the odors and fungus.

 It allows high air circulation and creates a more breathable space around the feet. Run without having any issue, such as sweat, blisters, burning sensation, etc.


New Balance 870v1

The construction of the 870v1 model here is quite a versatile option, fitting the best for the uptempo running or daily training. It’s built with the midsole technology for a smoother landing and a springy toe-off. So it does not matter if you choose the pace for your workout day or just looking to add some pop to the training, the shoe is ready to help you!

New Balance 870v2

This is truly a fantastic footwear that could slip under the radar for all runners, which provides us with a great fit, amazing support and a nice combo of cushioning and responsiveness. And since the 870v2 is called the new version, it’s all about the whole new take on the moderate category from New Balance.

New Balance 870v3

The 870v3 shoe is said to be fairly flexible since it can bend easily in your forefoot and side to side. Besides, such a great feature has a lot to do with the outsole. Thus, though the model uses a traditional post, you need to expect it to offer light support. For this reason, it will only attract the neutral runners only.


New Balance 990 v4

Now the oldest edition of New Balance running shoe has been upgraded, and though they’re only the subtle changes, this brand new version still offers a unique comfort, mid-foot stability and highly durable protection throughout the runs. It’s one of the best choices for your high-performing training and workouts.

New Balance Vazee Rush v2

It was capable of delivering the high comfort to all runners, and according to the manufacturer, this road shoe will be able to offer a nice service as its neutral running shoe. And you can have it as a casual option if you like. Besides, the materials used to build it up are mostly trustworthy and long-lasting.

New Balance Vazee Prism v2

The second installment of the Prism is available here, and it continues offering us the great stability in half or full marathons. Besides, the shoe is sold at a reasonable price, making itself a great value for the money for any runner. It’s a kind of shoe that can perform quicker despite its extra bulk.

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Adidas Ultra Boost ST

Adidas is given more stability and support, so people always call it the greatest footwear ever. Just look at its ultra boost st along with the premium cushioning function in such a stable ride. As expected, the shoe’s arch support is quite superb for any slight or moderate overpronators.

Brooks Transcend 

Everyone who has ever tried out the Brook Transcend 4 would feel that it was one of the nicest updates with the maximum support. Speaking of the overall performance on the road, it was lauded a lot as well in term of the supportive midsole and upper unit. And most of the feedback of this edition are quite positive.

Adidas Supernova ST

Everyone will be impressed right away once testing this pair of Adidas shoes. Its performance, features, and other stability mechanics all satisfy the runners successfully. They thought that it’s quite efficient on the trails, and a bit firmer both in the heel and forefoot, offering you a more secure and more stable ride.

Saucony Omni

Several of people with overpronated foot movement always praised the Saucony Omni due to its parts. According to their true feelings, the shoe can support their feet and give them a high stability whenever they try to go for a run or do any daily task. Generally, the shoes are efficient, trustworthy, and ideal for runners.


So if you truly fall in love with the New Balance, then don’t forget about the 870v4 which is a nice stability trainer with one 8mm heel offset. Being not only friendly but also wider a bit than the average fit, New Balance 870v4 is provided with a comfortable toe-off room.

 It’s because of the mesh and synthetic overlays of the upper; the shoe receives more loves with its enough support, breathability, and structure most of the time. It also fits well and offers a nice hold for runners. The colors are quite beautiful and abundant, making you feel good in them after every workout.
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