New Balance 890 Running Shoes Review

It is very difficult to find the minimalist shoes that are lightweight but still provide great cushioning and support while running. Catching this trend, New Balance has studied and updated their old versions in order to meet runners’ demands. New Balance 890 v5 is a typical example. They have been becoming a popular choice among wide range of runners.

New Balance 890 v5 description

new balance 890 v5


The Ndurance rubber used to make the outsole unit of these shoes is a durable blown carbon rubber. Thanks to this material, the outsole has maximum durability and high-wear resistance. It also delivers great traction and grip without affecting cushioning and responsiveness of the shoes.


The RevLite midsole of New Balance 890 v5 is much lighter than traditional midsoles but still offers responsive and durable cushioning. This combines with ABZORB cushioning system to deliver an excellent shock absorption and more responsive ride. New Balance 890 v5 has a removable insole to leave space for medical orthotics in case you need them.


The open mesh covers used in the upper of these shoes are very breathable and make sure your feet stay cool and dry during running or training. The no-sew upper provides irritation-free, soft and secure fit that works well with the Fantom Fit to give runners a lightweight supportive fit.

Highlight features and technologies

  • In the upper, The FantomFit technology is used to give comfortable fit. It is made from synthetic layers and mesh to improve breathability of the shoes but not adding extra weight. Moreover, NB also applies no-sew material to connect the upper to the midsole. This feature enhances comfort while reducing the risks of blisters and irritation.
  • In the midsole, you will find the REVlite, which is 30% lighter than traditional midsole technologies, but still gives the same durable and responsive cushioning as well as underfoot comfort and enhanced stability of the shoes. Besides, in this unit you also see the updated ABZORB crash pad, which helps absorb shock when landing and provides better platform stability.
  • Heel and tongue sections of the New Balance 890 v5 are relatively plush and EVA foam is used to pad the heel collar and tongue. This improves comfort and support on anterior ankle.
  • The Ndurance rubber in the outsole provides enhanced durability and excellent grip and traction to the shoes.

New Balance 890 v5 review


These might be the most comfortable road shoes I’ve ever used. New Balance 890 v5s are lightweight, cushioned, comfortable and look very well. I felt more like wearing a sock rather than a shoe. There were no hot spots, rubbing or anything that I could feel. I can put them on and be ready to go without having to break them in at all. New Balance 890 v5 is awesome and better than NB 1260v2 or Brooks Ghost 6, which I found heavy and a bit stiff.

Fit and sizing

The new 890v5 runs a little narrow. These were a little small in the toe box so I ordered 8.5 at instead of 8 as usual and they fit fine like latex gloves. That means you have to get a half size bigger to have perfect fit and avoid discomfort or blisters caused by too narrow shoes. But their width is great for those with size E width. They always have available widths and sizing for big guys. However, these won’t fit the same for everyone since my feet are probably different from yours so I would recommend checking them out before purchasing.


If you are looking for light shoes with some support and cushioning, these are a great option. I used to have a lot of problems with cushioning of my old shoes while running, but with these, they’re lightweight and have enough cushions to keep my feet feeling good. Especially, the shoes give a fair amount of cushioning for neutral runners. The heel and forefoot cushioning are so fantastic that I can wear them all day and they don’t cause shin splints. There are the REVlite midsole foam, the ABZORB crash pad and Ndurance rubber outsole in the New Balance 890 to ensure great cushioning, especially in the heel area and at the same time offer better shock absorption and cushioned heel strikes.


In terms of pronation control, the 890's are the best shoes for over pronation runners. They have good heel, below the ankle and neutral arch support for runners who have plantar fasciitis. They also have tremendous support and lateral stability. Besides, these shoes are balanced between barefoot running shoes and padded support if you run on your whole feet. I run on the balls of my feet and they give me great shock support. An 8-mm heel to toe drop of these neutral trainers promotes a natural running technique and encourages barefoot running experience.


The new 890v5 is a great balance of flexibility and stiffness. Although they have a high stiffness to ensure a well-cushioned ride, the shoes also have enough flexibility to assist runners in pursuing a more natural running technique.


As I said above, the shoes have tremendous support and lateral stability that are very necessary to control pronation. The FantomFit incorporated with seamless upper construction, REVlite midsole foam, the ABZORB crash pad and Ndurance outsole are used to keep runners’ feet secure and stable.


I’ve been running around 40 miles per week in these and couldn’t be happier. They seem to be holding up very well with no issues. There is just the normal wear-and-tear associated with running roads. In fact, I find that even more expensive brands can’t compare to the durability and comfort of these.


These shoes are advertised to work well on tracks, roads and gravel terrains. I have used them mainly on street runs but have done some trail running with less debris and they are holding up great. However, keep in mind that if you use these shoes for trails too much, they can’t last long as expected. Moreover, their treading style in the outsole provides improved traction and grip to allow the shoes to perform well on both wet and dry surfaces.


New Balance 890 v5s are great shoes for long runs as they are some of the lightest shoes I've ever run in. These are neutral trainers; therefore they have lighter weight than other stability or motion control shoes. 245 grams is the weight of the men’s version while the women’s weighs only 208 grams. This lightweight also improves your speed work, and even makes the shoes become a good choice for track marathoners.


The shoes have a neutral and minimalistic style that makes your feet sleeker when wearing them. Their colors are also vivid, bright, and cool. They can match any type of clothing.


I have found that New Balance shoes are really great for both training and racing. I'm a high-mileage and large male runner and these shoes are fantastic for me. I will continue to purchase New Balance running shoes for my runs and even everyday wear. Besides, these versatile trainers can also be used for general fitness activities, like gym training.

I am sure there are other better running shoes that are much more expensive but for this price, the shoes are working out really well for me. In order to explain their price, these shoes come with premium shoe technologies like the REVlite midsole and FantomFit.​

New Balance 890 - Pros and Cons



  • The sole is thinner compared to other shoes and seems to be easily worn out.
  • A bit narrower than previous versions so you should be careful when getting the size.

Similar running shoes to New Balance 890

Brooks Pure Connect 2 is much more of minimalist shoes but not appreciably lighter than the NB 890v5. On the other hand, these NB shoes are downright plush compared to Brooks Pure Connect 2. However, these neutral running shoes also have great quality and performance. They provide runners breathability, flexibility, cushioning as well as pronation control for under –pronators. This is a good replacement for NB 890v5 if you want to have neutral running shoes that are lightweight and support speed works.

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The New Balance 780 is another shoe of New Balance that is also highly recommended for runners who often do constantly training, marathons or speed works. Although these NB shoes are heavier than the NB 890v5, they are still considered as lightweight running shoes. This model is packed with premium technologies such as ACTEVA LITE midsole, Ndurance rubber outsole, ABZORB crash pad and IMEVA midsole. These technologies ensure comfort and durability of the shoes while providing needed support and cushioning for neutral runners when running on tracks, roads and gravel terrains. The advantage of these is that they are slightly cheaper than 890v5 despite being designed with many premium features and technologies.​

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Previous versions of New Balance 890

New Balance 890 v4

In this 4th version, New Balance 890 has proven that they are workhorse for neutral runners to log big miles. Just look, you may not realize the improvement and updates in this version but when you try them on, you will feel more comfortable and well cushioned in the midsole. The New Balance 890 v4 is designed for runners and athletes who prefer soft cushioning. The Revlite Foam used in their midsole is not only lightweight, but also combines with the firmness and cushion in the shoes for additional bouncy feeling. If their previous version has a fairly stiff forefoot, it is improved in this overhaul. With a new midsole and outsole configuration, the shoes are softer than before.

The placement of rubber and deep grooves allows the forefoot to be more pliable. Moreover, you will see the pretty pattern of treads on the outsole placed in the forefoot, mid-foot, and heel area. Aside from this, the rubber pods in their flat underfoot soles provide better traction and grip on roads, gravels, tracks and even on wet or dry surfaces. The rubber outsole of these shoes plays an important role in enhancing durability that combines with the lightweight and great cushioning to allow the shoes to be used for trainings, short and long distance running, and speed works. Although their sole seems to be bulky and heavy, it really feels softer, lighter inside. The upper is also an improved and updated part in this version. It uses a much lighter material and is made of a breathable and seamless mesh. This contributes to maintain the lightweight property. In terms of flexibility, you will fall in love with this feature in the shoes. You can keep your full force stride in each step. In fact, you can bend or fold their sole to test their flexibility. The shoes seem to be packed with full functions and features for an enjoyable and successful ride. Especially for neutral runners who have mild to moderate over-pronation, they can rely on these neutral running shoes to avoid injury as well as improve the technique of their foot to run better and faster.​

New Balance 890 v3

New Balance 890 v3 is created to give benefits to runners who are often run in their shoes for a long time. These shoes have a better forefoot and heel cushioning than other brands on the market. This great cushioning gives efficient shock absorption as well as provides an easier and smoother transition from heel to toe. This benefit is contributed by the REVlite midsole foam, which also guarantees a springier feel than other shoes. In terms of comfort, the technologies used in the upper and midsole such as FantomFit and REVlite foam make sure to provide the optimum comfort for runners.

You don’t have to worry about the discomfort and hot feet after using these because of highly breathable material used to make the upper, which always keeps your feet dry and fresh. You will feel like running on air with this lightweight model. And thanks to this feature, New Balance 890 v3 is a good choice for marathons, trainings and running even racing. Besides, this versatile trainer can be used for gym exercises. These neutral running shoes have a flat rubber outsole with underfoot pods which are for excellent grip and traction on both dry and wet surfaces that prevent runners from slipping or falling on sensitive surfaces and allow them to deal with gravels, roads or track terrains. New Balance 890 v3 has a sleek design and suit anyone, young or old. Comes at a reasonable price with great quality and style, this 3rd version has been preferred by many types of runners, especially those who do pronation mildly while running.​

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