New Balance 940v3 Running Shoes Review

If the ordinary, but very expensive running shoes are making your races boring, then give the New Balance 940v3 a try.

This high-quality and stylish shoe will bring a new trend to your shoe shelf. With its extensive features and prices, New Balance 940 gives you the smoothest and cushiest long trail, as well as helping you achieve your goals quickly. The shoes have broken through every single rule to be your best shoes ever. Therefore, who you are or where you are in the world, the New Balance 940 will fit you perfectly. By how? It’s the secrets of making the soles that bring you the best stability and comfort. Besides, the arch support with the highest technologies gives you the fresh rides.

New Balance 490v3 – highlight features and technologies

  • The New Balance 940v3 has an outsole created from blown rubber which offers your moves a smooth and stable feel. This great outsole, besides, can tolerate wet and slippery surfaces. Its rubber sole is symbolically waterproof and clutching the surfaces like many running shoes. But New Balance 940’s rubber sole gives you the highest power of standing confidently even in rainy situations.
  • In different versions of New Balance 940v3, there is contrasting midsole. For example, the V3 uses N3 midsole technology. However, all the midsoles of different versions are of the best quality. Whatever version you choose, the shoe’s midsole always provides you with the durable and stable experiences.
  • To prevent the unexpected situations during your running time, the Ortholite foam has been put into the shoe insole. The Ortholite model of foam is an expanded-cell foam equipment installed in the shoe insole. As a result, your foot is always in the best breathability and softness. This kind of foam is also very light and washable, which supports sock liner.
  • With the full-length Abzorb Stroble board, you can run freely in every trail without worrying about falling. It’s the technology on this board which helps absorb the shock. For this reason, you always feel the great convenience and comfort of the entire race. This, however, cannot be seen in the ordinary sports shoes.
  • It’s the right news for runners who suffer from over pronation. The New Balance 940v3 has a unique medical support system – Stablilicore – which guarantees the shoe’s stability and pronation operation. That is the reason why the New Balance 940v3 outdid many other shoes.
New Balance Mens M940V3


  • In spite of the different versions, there is no difference in the quality. That’s the reason why New Balance 940v3 is always trusted to buy.
  • The comfort and stability are put on the top. You can run on the hard trails and even very slippery surfaces. The shoe will help you keep balance as its name “New Balance.”
  • It provides you the super soft cushioning with the high-quality soles, which include the midsole made from blown rubber.
  • Thanks to the Abzorb Strobel board, there are no more shocks in every step you run. This high technology protects your foot very well, and it can be shock absorption when you need it.
  • The New Balance 940 possess a unique feature which improves overpronation control measures. The Stabilicore medical support system can be beneficial for runners those suffer from foot pains.
  • For those who have over-sized feet, the extra widths will blow the problem away.
  • The Ortholite brand of foam offers you the utmost breathability as it can be washable and antimicrobial.


  • The Stabilicore medial support system, however, can be a disadvantage. For some runners who have slight overpronation, the arch support is a bit too projecting.
  • The New Balance 940 version 3 is considerably more expensive than the previous version.

New Balance 940v3 description


New Balance Mens M940V3 outsole

Specially made from blown rubber – a type of rubber which reduces the shoe’s weight relatively, New Balance 940v3 offers you the cushiest ride in the world. It’s like if we do not exaggerate, running barefoot. Although the shoe is lightweight, it still looks attractively firm. You cannot even imagine how it looks until you lift the shoe up. Incredibly lightweight!

Moreover, this shoe can stay undamaged and give a good performance, even after numerous uses and long races. On the terrains those are full of obstacles and difficult of access, New Balance 940 will help you get through easily. Also, the flex grooves of the shoe are broad enough to make sure your toes move naturally. The blown rubber, in fact, is super durable, so you will not worry about it peeling off quickly.


With the N1, N2, N3 midsole (depending on different versions), New Balance 940v3 extends the various options to purchasers. The technology is progressive with the ENCAP midsole made from ACTEVA LITE foam and Polyurethane rim, which promotes endurance. Also, the insole is designed with the Ortholite foam which helps your foot always breathable and clean, even in the wet seasons.

The soft and light TPU T-beam shank is believed to provide the shoe the great twisting stability. It is also in charge of a great arch support. There is one great feature that the New Balance 940v3 has in the midsole: the Stabilicore medical support system for runners those suffer overpronation. It takes advantage of unbendable thermoplastic lying from the midfoot for bringing a smooth movement. Also, the medial post made of EVA means a dual-density midsole. By this, the shoe is long-lasting.


New Balance Mens M940V3 upper

Your shoe upper is very important in a race. Therefore, there is a synthetic mesh throughout the upper offers a soft and ventilated cover. In this model, the mesh material is made of a kind of fabric which is not limited as before. You will feel an open composition right on your toes, driving you to a well-aired and comfortable feel. To reduce irritation caused by perspiration, the PHANTOM LINER is created to make your foot dry in every situation. It’s the seamless liner lying next to your foot, which can absorb high moisture and eliminate bacteria.

If you are afraid that the upper is too tight or too loose, the NLOCK webbing system will take care of it. It can, in fact, customize your feet simply with the ability to stretch or to shrink. Hence, your emotions are natural, and you’ll have no pain at all. Especially, your toes will be protected by the Abzorb Strobel board. In case you ground your toecap, the board will help absorb the shock efficiently.

New Balance 940V3 review


It’s not random that comfort is always considered to be the first standard of a running shoe. Whatever shoes you choose, there is one first, and the last thing you need to know is their comfort. The New Balance 940v3 is designed for various groups of people ranging from regular runners, the professionals, amateur athletes, teenagers, the middle-aged. With those people, comfort is the priority. We believe this line of the shoe will bring you the utmost comfort during your adventure.

Compared to the carbon rubber, the blown rubber is certainly more lightweight. Along with the blown rubber outsole, the Ortholite foam in the midsole guarantees the great breathability for your foot. Especially, the customizable upper made of high-quality synthetic mesh is a “life saver” for your toes. They will be relaxed inside this New Balance 940v3 without a feeling of pain.

Fit and size

The New Balance 940v3 shoes can be true to size. It varies for different kinds. For example, the 940v2 is ideal for those who have to struggle for the search of a fit size. With this release, the upper can be customizable, and the sole is relatively wide enough. You can choose yours the most appropriate one by determining your foot size, overpronation or under-pronation.

More wonderfully, New Balance is the single manufacturer that offers the 940v3 with multiple widths, from narrow (2A) to extra wide (6A). You nearly have no worries about fitting a New Balance 940v3 shoe thanks to the various choices of size. On the other hand, the upper with a high-density collar will adjust the shoe’s capability and comfort.


Whether it was designed for men or women, the cushioning is unchangeable. This New Balance 940v3 is dedicated to men, so the cushioning follows the men’s standard. Usually, the men have a high gravity on foot, so the cushion has to be soft but firm enough. There is a dual-density midsole that plays an important part in the shoe. Without it, the runners cannot avoid shock and cannot ground safely. Also, the New Balance 940 helps you bounce-back every time you jump.

The Gel cushioning in its rear foot can impact shocks as well as permits your foot to have the smooth motions during your trip. Even when you stand on the rough surfaces filled with stones, roots and the sharp object, the shoe still holds your foot tight and gives you a smooth buffer.


New Balance 940v3 is a gathering of many sources of support systems. In one of those, we have to mention about the STABILICORE medical support system. With the purpose of helping runners who suffer from overpronation, this support organization has completed its function entirely. This shoe is also suitable for the diabetic as the doctors recommend its use. The TPU T-BEAM shank is known to have a heel-to-toe drop of 13mm, almost adapting your pickiest request. Moreover, the great arch support from the ABZORB STROBEL BOARD is a factor which makes the New Balance 940v3 prominent. As well as a shock absorption, the Abzorb Strobel Board is also an excellent protector of your feet.


Thanks to the super high-quality and durable EVA foam midsole, the New Balance 940 implements its task more precise and professional than other running shoes. For runners who have overpronation, the extra padding in the sole will help save the flat feet and keep your balance as well. Another factor we have to admit is that the shank was born to promote the arch motion and prevent injuries. Also, the toe box for forefoot and rearfoot is broad enough to give your foot a free space to move.

No matter how rough the surface is, New Balance 940v3 always brings you the best stability in every step. If you go up hills, go trekking or walk for long hours, you will not feel wheeling on your feet.


Provided with various sizes ranging from narrow size (2A) to extra wide (6A), New Balance 940v3 will be your best buddy. Not only its size satisfies you but also its stretchable upper. Thanks to the NLOCK webbing system, the shoe upper is automatically stretching or shrinking depends on the runner’s foot size. The grooves positioned at the front of the shoe encourage the flexibility exceedingly, while the midsole that goes with the arch support system offers relatively good elasticity. The run might be rigid to some extent, but it is agreeable somehow.

Quality and durability

When producing this line of shoe, the producers have put the quality on top. Therefore, there is no doubt about its quality as well as its durability. Made of zonal rubber, the shoe sole can last for more than six years including your multiple uses. In fact, the double-layer foam can remain even more than a decade without being damaged. Besides, the innovate technology, high-quality material and a great staff of designers are capable of creating the best shoes of the best quality. If you buy the New Balance 940 with the bright colors, it requires you to clean them carefully after running on the muddy and wet surfaces. By this, you can maintain its appearance for a long time.


If other running and training shoes remain the damp feel and lack of ventilation, pick up a pair of New Balance 940v3 shoes. The particular mesh material made of waterproof fabric will indulge your foot well. Also, the air holes along with the edges of the toes will leave your toe dry and clean. They work as a protecting net that covers your toes against water, mud, and liquid. Besides, the ventilation technology has created the tiny grains that can absorb moisture. The bacteria that cause smelly foot will not be your concern anymore.


The New Balance 940v3 is more prompt than other shoe lineups, which pointed out an under average responsiveness assessment. Theoretically, the responsiveness of the shoe is based on the sole traction. The Abzorb Strobel Board can perform as shock absorption whenever you need it. For example, if you jump from a 1.50-meter height, when you land, the shoe upper will block an amount of pressure on your foot. For this reason, you can prevent falling and getting injuries. It’s the key factor that makes New Balance 940 is always trusted by a lot of runners in the world.


The New Balance 940v3 may not be the fastest shoes or the champion of the fastest riders, despite being one of the most lightweight shoes. However, when being compared to Adidas, Asics, Brooks or Mizuno; the shoe is very competitive. If we consider about the speed aspect, the New Balance 940v3 cannot be defeated by other famous shoe brands. With its super long-lasting and high-pressure sole, the shoe lets you run like gliding on the ground. If you jump high, the shoe bounces back and help you land in a balanced position.


The New Balance 940v3 is not only for the runners who take up running as a serious work but also for people who want some changes in their daily outfit. The New Balance 940v3 can be an artwork, a decorative thing if you know how to combine them well. Especially, the shoe was made for running on the toughest surfaces like steep hills and muddy roads. I have experienced it on those terrains, and the shoes still keep up the excellent work. It’s hard to believe!


As being one of the most lightweight shoes in the running shoe category, New Balance 940 deserves a compliment. Although it is not lightweight as the Asics Gel or Hoka One One Bondi, you can use it after recovering from trauma or injury. A pair of New Balance 940v3 shoes is about 11 ounces above (depending on what kind of version).


At first sight, the shoe is probably appealing for the most part. The two color scheme is Steel, and Velocity Red combine, sometimes it adds up a few bright colors inside. Its appearance looks like a firm rock, but still charming enough to attract your vision. That’s the curved lines lying along the body of the shoe that makes it not stiff. The New Balance 940v3 may have some limitations of color as it has only the solid color schemes like gray, black, blue. However, its shape is elegant and suitable for the athletes. I still recommend you try a pair of New Balance 940 shoes with jeans or short skirts. I’m sure you will look younger than your real age.

Similar running shoes to New Balance 940

Asics Metarun, Mizuno Wave Paradox 3, Brooks Ravenna 8 and Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 9 are listed as the most similar running shoes New Balance 940.

Asics Metarun

The Asics Metarun took two years to develop this shoe lineup. Thus, its technology is impressive. Besides the EVA foam we all know, the manufacturers improve another foam called Flytefoam. Compared to New Balance 940, the Asics Metarun’s weight is entirely equivalent. And it performs very well in specific terrains. Also, its color scheme is more various than New Balance 940.

Mizuno Wave Paradox 3

The Paradox is a potential shoe lineup as it was initially developed and introduced in 2014. It has been successful at offering a high rate of stability, durability and full of support system. I must stress that although this shoe lineup is young, it still did what other shoe line-ups. Along with improving technology and quality, the Mizuno Wave Paradox does not stop to design the most appealing look. With the version 3, I must admit that the shoe’s appearance is quite impressive and competitive.

Brooks Ravenna 8

For a long time, the Ravenna has been soberly empathetic and cushioned shoe. It can handle both speed runs and long runs. Also, the sole was made of blown rubber, which enhances the durability and responsiveness as well. There is also an X-shaped cover of rubber in the midsole that fills the space toe and heel. This shoe can be very competitive in the shoe market as its functions are unlimited.

Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost

The Adidas Sequence can be your best daily trainer. The newest update of this shoe sole goes with the same continental rubber sole made for promoting grip and traction. The updated mesh makes it more different than other Adidas shoes. It can, in fact, provides better fit and better breathability.

Final word

With the prominent strengths, I believe this pair of shoes will never let you down. In spite of having some small drawbacks, the New Balance 940v3 still deserves to be on your wish list. It’s worth buying with the high-quality material and attractive appearance. Besides, you can match it with your daily outfit. You will look so incredibly elegant.

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