Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Review

  • A midsole cushioning technology like the Zoom Air produces a responsive and spring-like effect as well as delivers more propulsion during take-off. This is also the most noticeable update of the Pegasus which enhances the stability of the shoes.
  • The seamless upper and flywire cable in this part that’s carried over from last-years model is really comfortable.
  • The hard-wearing rubber found on the 31 and 32 is also used on the 33 and makes it become an excellent performer in areas of durability and grip.
  • The latest model of the Pegasus is designed with the reflective materials in the upper to support for running in low-light areas.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 - Pros and Cons


  • Have a sturdy build quality and durable outsole
  • Many runners were impressed by the comfort of the Pegasus 33
  • inner sleeve makes upper fit secure
  • provide responsive, soft and smooth ride
  • can be used for any type of run


  • The thick round laces come untied on some of my runs (sparsely padded tongue)
  • The weight is rather heavier than previous model

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 description


The upper of the Pegasus 33 is very comfortable. It uses a thin fly-mesh material with an inner sock like liner which is attached to the tongue of the shoe to offer a sock like fit for your foot. There are no areas or seams within the upper that cause irritation. Additionally, the upper is featured Nike’s Flywire cables which help hold user’s foot in place nicely. This design is similar to what we can see in previous model but it is a little more pleasing aesthetically because the flywire cables in the 33 are less exposed than in the 32.


Like other models of the Pegasus, this model continues using the Nike zoom cushioning in the midsole. The medial side is a quite solid foam piece and the lateral side of this part has a prominent ridge running from the forefoot to the heel. The midsole edges gradually flare out under the arch.


The outsole of Pegasus has always been an excellent performer in areas of durability and grip, and this new model does not make user disappointed. This model features new horizontal and vertical cuts in the outsole to enhance grip and flexibility. The outsole is made from rubber compound which ensures to provide great traction to runner. This design is a mix between the Zoom Elite 8 and the Pegasus 32.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Review

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

Comfort and fit

I loved the Nike Pegasus 32 and don’t feel disappointed with the updated model - Nike Air Pegasus 33. It’s not the most comfort shoe on the market but it doesn’t disappoint in any area. The fit of this model is perfect on my narrow foot and can also accommodate even wider feet but you should Order half size to one whole size up to have perfect fit. The new engineered mesh helps increase the sock-like feel and comfort of the upper. Unlike some other models which use puffy materials making up for poor design, the heel counter and collar are comfy and aren’t too over built. I found it very comfortable on my foot even on long runs. Even before lacing my shoes up, they seem to fit my foot very well, with little to no extra movement or sliding around. Until now, I haven’t had any problems with hot spots or rubbing. Especially, there is no period of “breaking in” or discomfort required for these shoes.


The midsole is a near perfect balance of cushioned protection and firm. You will be delivered an exceptionally cushioning as well as served up a soft landing and taking off without too much impact on your legs although it is just thin cushioning which brings the foot closer to the ground. Additionally, I realize the better cushioning in the forefoot but losing none of its lively toe-off. Overall, the shoes promise to provide cushioned, responsive and smooth soft ride which can withstand high mileage daily training and even fast paced running.


The newest model of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus provides good arch support for neutral runners. More importantly, I am a heel-striker and supinator these shoes are made to order. With both front and rear air bladders, they offer a very comfortable instep and heel cushion. Also, because my Achilles tendons are easy to be strained, the generous heel drop of shoes is a great relief. Thanks to flywire cables in the upper, this shoe can be locked into and pinned down position on my foot. Therefore, I don’t meet issues like with my old shoes which often slide forward on my foot and make me to have to tap my heel on the ground while running. Plus, in the term of support, I felt that the forefoot is rather more supportive than the rear, where there’s a slight lean towards the lateral (outer) side. This is standard footwear design in order to reduce rear-foot landings.


Breathability is appreciated by many users. They dry out very well with lightweight synthetics. They also breathe extremely well even in hot weather. Therefore, I feel very comfortable to wear them all day without worrying about hot feet or bad smell.

Stability and flexibility

Every model of the Pegasus has acceptable stability levels. I really enjoyed the addition of the extra Zoom Air unit in the forefoot of the Nike Pegasus 33. It not only creates a nice pop under the ball of the foot but also makes the shoe more stable too. In addition to this, Nike also designs a cellulose board on top of the heel Air unit for better stability. And in order to enhance flexibility, the rubber on the sole is more segmented.

Grip and traction

Lots of grip on the outsole make me feels smooth on the run. Additionally, the rubber compound in the outsole also makes me feel more confident to step up the pace during workout. Although the rubber is very hard and I felt it like plastic and I was worried about traction on wet surfaces, it ended up without any issue.


The Nike Pegasus shoes are traditional style running shoes for those who like road or non-technical trail running. I have worn these on road, track, treadmill and even on rocky trails and hills without any issues. However, for a very steep or very technical trail, this is not the top option.


A long lasting outsole is always a hallmark of this popular shoe model. Based on the data I have so far, the median lifespan of the Pegasus 33 is 450 miles. With over 50 miles in my shoes before writing this review, I haven’t found any tear and wear worth mentioning.


According to numerous runners, the shoes are one of the best-looking pairs of shoe. The Pegasus 33 doesn’t look too much different from its previous model but it comes with a cleaner more streamlined appearance. For me, the Pegasus 33 is very beautiful. This is a daily trainer but still looks very sexy. Additionally, they comes with 10 different color combos for you to choose.


The shoe is versatile and feels light on my foot despite having heavier weight compared to previous version.


They are an everyday trainer which is great to be used for both speed work and distance running including slow, fast runs, long distance runs and even races. I not only use them for my training but also for my daily wearing because of their nice look.

In short, at an affordable price, the 33 is a durable, good looking and well-built daily trainer. This version is probably one of the best-selling running shoes year after year of the Nike. Because of all great benefits it brings to users, I highly recommend this neutral running shoe for most runners.

Previous models

Nike Air Pegasus 32

At I mentioned above, the 32 looks like the 33. In the other words, the 33 is updated based on this model. Before being updated up to the 33, this model is also a great choice for runners with many advanced features which we can see in its newer version such as a seamless Flymesh and Flywire for increased fit and comfort in the upper or the combination of Zoom Air in the heel and the Cushlon foam midsole. They even have some better features than the newer model. The shoes have wider toe box than the 33 which is appreciated by many runners. The Pegasus is also reviewed to be softer because their outsole hasn’t been changed yet. The Pegasus 32 is great option for neutral runners who are finding shoes that can handle both fast-paced and high, long mileage training while delivering great cushioning and a quick transition.

Similar shoes to Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

Adidas Element Athletic

Like the Nike Air Pegasus 33, Adidas Element Athletic is also a great combination of reliable performance and a nice design. The SuperCloud tech in the midsole provides cushioned, soft and smooth run without sapping the energy of runners. Plus, the padding placed throughout the shoes gives cozy comfort but not add too much weight. They look like a casual pair of shoes with average arch support. In short, at not too expensive price, the Adidas Element Athletic is a very comfortable, moderately light, and highly-functional shoe.

Asics Gel Impression 8

The second similar model of the 33 is Asics Gel Impression 8 which a neutral shoe with unbelievable comfort, good stability, and a very healthy interior. However, this model seems to be suitable for lower mileage runs than the 33. Although the Impression 8 doesn’t have light weight, they still provide a very compact and agile ride which is often expected by most runners.

Mizuno Wave Elevation

The last model which I want to recommend as a good replacement for the Nike Air Pegasus 33 is the Mizuno Wave Elevation. Mizuno uses highly-reliable technologies in this model to provide runner with a more than functional and very plush ride. The substantial padding and the plush interior give a very cozy ride when the first time you run in them. Moreover, the shoes have high durability and good arch support to make it a very nice investment.

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