Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 Review

Since its first launch, the product line named Nike Structure earned a large number of fans, from amateur runners to elite athletes. With the special iteration dawn, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 definitely compiles the true insights from all of the past styles in order to introduce widely the most advanced design of this line up to now.

Nike Air Zoom Structure - Highlight features and technologies

The recent version of Nike Air Zoom Structure was equipped with some incredible technologies and features as follows:

  • Increase Stability: Its new Dynamic Support system for the midsole part promotes the excellent stability and smooth transitions which take effects from toe-off to heel strike. These shoes are built to support lighter and over-pronators compared to other types of shoes sold in the detailed market.
  • Dynamic Fit: Such technology helps much in locking down the foot. Hence, your feet, both heel and mid-foot are be kept secure and safe during the race.
  • Comfortable Support: It enhanced the Flymesh upper to deliver the breathability and lightweight support.
  • The Nike Air Zoom Structure actually feature the woven construction of Flymesh upper which was combined harmoniously with the Flywire reinforcement right at its top of two eyelets.
  • Furthermore, a Zoom unit for the forefoot along with the multicolor pentagonal pattern of traction were well designed.

Nike Air Zoom Structure - Pros and Cons


  • Good support and stability offered by the midsole with 3 foam density.
  • Truly be soft and comfortable for anyone with flat feet.
  • Value for money with the reasonable price.
  • Nicely cushioned shoes with the improved Flymesh upper.
  • The solitary bag insert of Zoom Air performs its duties responsively for forefoot strikers.
  • The softened midsole at the medial side brings the level of distraction down.


  • Having the narrow toe. Even the 20th iteration did the adequate innovation, this issue still remained with only a little unpleasant feeling.
  • Not the enough light shoe for any speed task.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 Review


The Flywire technology was updated to be flattened out so you can enjoy further comfort. The wide and Flat Flywire cables of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 now integrate throughout with its laces. Such cable also wrap the mid-foot to serve for the glove-like fit and enhanced lockdown. In addition, the midsole material truly used to create these with various densities in the heel and forefoot. So, the runners can feel comfortable and stable through the run with the super comfy upper.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 20


There is the internal heel which was countered for the secure and snug fit. Its crash rail made of Rubber on the lateral outsole normally creates smooth and soft transitions. Besides, the flex grooves are deep enough for additional natural movement. These elements are truly shockproof, while maintaining stylish and lightweight. The room for your toes is perfect to create the most convenient and comfortable running shoes. You should try and feel it by your own way.


The forefoot of the Nike Zoom Structure 20 delivers the low-profile and highly responsive cushioning in order to propel the next step. Hence, this product is ideal for fall fast runs. The cushioning unit owns the snappy responsiveness. In addition, the midsole material with Triple density along with the Dynamic Support technology are placed to reduce the over pronation rate.


In the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20, the constructed Flymesh connected the mid-foot and upper system together. By this way, it provides the reasonable zoned support along with total lockdown. The Flymesh construction also offers targeted support ventilation for the users. In addition, the shoe support is enhanced by integrated Flywire cables with the 2 top eye-stays.


Protection on all rugged trails can be the main importance to all Nike products, including the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20. This protection of this product protection was designed completely safe for all runners. The rock underfoot along with the toe have the special guard material which stretches directly to the shoe heel for a total shield of 360 degrees from many sharp objects.


We have to affirm that stability shoes normally feature a firmer or posting foam underneath to support the arch underneath and prevent your foot from the over-pronating syndrome. The structure of Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 in this detailed category is assessed less than other shoes of Stability Plus line. However, it is truly adequate for most of over-pronated runners. Frankly, runners who require stability shoes will tend to try and experience plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and knee pain if they do not choose to wear an enough stable shoe.


Regarding this field, the upper of this shoe version provides an accommodating and great fit. Meanwhile, it still uses FlyWire in order to lock the foot down perfectly if you are lacing up your shoes. As previously mentioned, runners with the symptom of over pronation can enjoy its plenty of assistance and support. The flexibility of this product is also expressed in the sufficient cushioning right after you tries it the first time.


The Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 has the mesh and full inner sleeve to create the breathability as well as the feeling like wearing a sock. You will definitely be interested in the woven Flymesh upper which provides ventilation and support where you require it most. Such ventilation came with the added yarn which creates a wonderful structure without reducing or sacrificing breathability. Besides, the Ultra-light also contribute to support its breathability.


We can see the waffle outsole can provide the traction with durability multi-surface and traction for all runners. As it was made of blown rubber, your forefoot will be added the cushioning as well as the multi-surface grip. These Flex grooves are able to promote a smooth and natural transition from the toe-off to the landing via the outsole.

Traction and terrains

As a matter of fact, the traction of this shoe version was made of carbon rubber in its outsole. This great choice will help you much in keep controlling your speed and safety, even in bad weather. Besides, such traction is quite suitable for all runners on track, gravel, and road. However, you should not try to run on trails with these shoes because they normally require many stronger features to survive. Please do not try this traction and terrains on trails to avoid unexpected injuries.


Actually, combining modern style and technology, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 could be counted as the best running shoes regarding the performance of this market sector. It is designed to use comfortably in the Surface such as flats, road, gyms, treadmill etc. All runners who own flexible arches which collapse inwardly or over-pronate may find interesting about this product. In fact, it never be upset anyone with the adaptive and durable function. Finally the Dynamic Support for the midsole can smooth out all the transition.


This latest version of Nike Air Zoom Structure comes with 4 different colors. In the nutshell, a support shoe was heralded and definitely looks like the structured shoe. Besides, the useful support, as well as the 2-density foam, properly make these shoes be more progressive when taking the impact. This appearance gives us a uniform ride via the toe off and foot strike.


I myself prefer the lightweight upper made of Flymesh because it provides the excellent combination of support and breathability. For the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20, the completely full-length inner sleeve can give the runners the seamless feel to get the peak comfort. The drop of the heel-toe is about 10mm and the weight is 318gr. Such shoe weight and length can enhance the responsiveness as well as create the fast feel for your stride.

In conclusion

The Nike Air Structure 20 is specially created to offer runners with the greater stability as well as prevent the symptom of over-pronation which made your feet rolling inward unintentionally upon the ground-strike. Among other product versions, the newest iteration stays completely true to such description, providing the best flexibility and stability which this brand has ever kept into the runners.

Previous versions of Nike Air Zoom Structure 20

Nike Air Zoom Structure 19

The Nike Air Zoom Structure 19 truly bring the comfortable feeling for most of its users. As a matter of fact, it can deliver quality for all required service of runners who own over-pronated motion in their feet. You are able to feel the support unit of mid-foot because it prevented your feet from moving and rolling inwards by every step.

Frankly, the general efficacy, presentation, and construction of this special model received really high praise since the time it was brought to the market. For such reason, these road shoes became popular for people. When wearing the Nike Air Zoom Structure 19, anyone who bears the stress fracture right in his Achilles region can run without pain or discomfort.

For more details, the shoe mid-sole part was so responsive that it totally delivered the smooth transitions and changes through the dedicated gait cycle. Its overall durability is commended by a large number of runners. That means the materials will not break down even if you can use it quite frequently. Besides, the outsole traction capability was lauded completely by all tried runners. This product line came in several widths, which generally satisfied consumers with the narrow or wide foot-dimensions.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 18

Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 was introduced with the totally new upper which had been made of Engineered Mesh. This is indeed the new mesh kind which feels and looks similar to Flyknit, yet engineered mesh is more supportive and constructed. Its upper features the asymmetrical Flywire in order to lock to its midsole which wrapped and protected the foot. In addition, it owns a supportive sleeve for the inner part. Such sleeve wrapped under your arch as well as around your mid-foot to increase the arch support.

If you feel that its toe box is very narrow at first, do not be worried as it will definitely be looser after the adequate break-in time. Besides, Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 has the new contoured sock liner which is perfectly suitable for everyone with the flat foot. With the materials made of 3 different levels of the foam density comprised of the softer, the medium and the high density from the lateral to the internal sole side, you should be ensured of the stability.

The last thing we should mention about this product line is the decoupled heel which specify based on the gender. Along with such heel, it is equipped the notable flex grooves as well as the pronounced guidance line to provide the good flexibility. And the forefoot cushioning was delivered by the Zoom Air unit. Many experienced users think it is definitely the Pegasus of Nike for stability. It is considered the good choice for beginners as well as the solid shoes dedicated for advanced runners with the higher demand of the protection.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 17

With the even lighter and more rational package, Nike Air Zoom Structure 17 provide the stiffer flexibility for your forefoot compared to its previous version. Yet, many users appreciated this feature as it did not cause any inconvenience to them at all. We should look at the slanted foam wedge which is designed under your arch and heel to realize its proper pronation control.

Frankly, the more a runner need support and roll in, the more its’ wedge may offer. These shoes are quite suitable for beginning and high-mileage runners alike. The waterproof upper was also added a plus for the quality shoe. You can use it for different types of weather and four seasons.

Not being too bulky, the 17th iteration still provides enough support for the wearers. In addition, the upper with water-repellent function turned out to be a pretty cool option for your race on all bright and dewy mornings. At last, we should not leave out its reflective material which was the key for our evening runs.

Similar running shoes to Nike Air Zoom Structure

According to recent reviews, I found that Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged, Asics Gel Patriot 7 and Under Armour Scorpio 2 are some similar running shoes to the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20. By looking at these details, we can see clearly the reason for my findings.

Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged

At first, the Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged really gave security and comfort to plenty of runners. So, It will keep your feet move gently without restriction. In addition, runners also greatly appreciated its cushioning system. The most similar thing on these shoes is the outsole unit which makes a good use of the elastic material made of rubber. Such unit adapts well to the way your foot contacts with the ground as well as keeps the well-supported and balanced status.

Asics Gel Patriot 7

Secondly, the Asics Gel Patriot 7 is specially designed for the training partners. It has the excellent support and superb durability. At the top of it, this shoe type is offered an approachable and reasonable price. The comfort and fit are improved accordingly with all updates on your upper shoe construction. Furthermore, the upper was made of the new synthetic leather which is combined well with the special mesh materials. By this way, the breathability and comfort are maintained while keeping your foot in the feeling of a snug during the ride.

Under Armour Scorpio 2

The last similar running shoe is the Under Armour Scorpio 2 which originally stands out and famous for its trendy and sophisticated design. Seasoned or Casual runners can realize its superb comfort and decent cushioning to have more enjoyable and interesting training sessions. Like the Nike Air Zoom Structure, the solid and penetrable arch support are highly appreciated by all Slight over-pronators. The removal and reduction of the smaller and flatter honeycomb mesh with countless holes. Yet, it still keeps the sufficient breathability thanks to the durable upper.

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