Nike Downshifter 7 Review

If you are looking for a lightweight, a comfortable and stylish shoe that satisfies your professionals and preferences, the Nike Downshifter 7 could be an optimal choice. Particularly, this maximalist shoe enhances the mesh uppers to be more flexible and lightweight. Since then, your shoe is granted a better breathability and sufficient degree of stretches. So, your foot motion is ensured to stretch in multi-direction without a hassle. Besides, its premium no-sewn design is a worth-applauding factor.

Highlight features & technologies

  • A sufficient amount of cushioning is added at padded tongue and heel. It contributes greatly to the runner’s interior shoe feel.
  • The shoe provides heel-to-toe transition supports to assist the runner's performance efficiency.
  • Its front lacing system is enhanced to allow users tying shoelaces at ease.
  • Its articulated full-length Phylon midsole improves the shoe's breathability significantly. By this way, it comforts your foot during a long-distance run.
  • This neutral running shoe is not only true to size and but also is lightweight (10oz). It is offered at a reasonable price.
Nike Downshifter 7

Nike Downshifter 7 - Pros and Cons


  • Many users admire of its lightweight.
  • There is a sufficient layer of cushioning to assist your performance efficiency. Particularly, an abundant density of cushioning is placed at underfoot and the upper to provide your foot a soft feel and responsive nature.
  • The stretchable upper allows the feet move without any restriction as it wraps around the feet gently.
  • Many runners appreciate the added mold insole that provides contoured support to the arch and foot.
  • An active lacing system is ensured to be unraveled.
  • The shoe is versatile as you can wear on a variety of trail conditions.
  • It offers a bunch of great value and necessary features with an inexpensive price.
  • Some positive feedback about its attractive appearance and eye-catching color schemes.


  • It may not give a satisfying and sufficient traction on wet surfaces.
  • Few users are unpleasant about its sizing as it has a larger width than what they get used
  • Meanwhile, its toe box is suggested to be bigger. to.
  • It's lumping tongue causes skin irritation.

Nike downshifter 7 description


In this version, the Nike Downshifter 7 redesigns its upper with no sewn on the fabric. For this upgraded feature, its mesh upper and the synthetic overlays significantly bring positive impact over your performance. So, the shoe is out-of-the-box comfortable. Consequently, you can customize the shoe handily. As for its versatility and provision of foot protections, you can wear it from a light cross training, daily run to the marathon training. This upgraded design helps the shoe fits the variety of foot shapes and sizes. Moreover, it enhances the shoe's durability. With its harmonious combination of cushioning and sturdy construction, you can strike the ground on almost all kind of terrains naturally.


The Nike Downshifter 7 is featured at the new technology and applied the new material combination. Particularly, the insole’s quality is enhanced with a removable EVA material, while a Phylon material is used to constitute a midsole. As well as, its outsole is made from a durable rubber. For such supports, the shoe guarantees you to wear in a variety of activities without worrying about foot injuries.

Surprisingly, it could be able to maintain the low price while offering a dozen of the arch supports, the stability and motion necessaries that satisfy both under pronator, and neutral pronator. On the behalf of the under-pronator, I recognize its Phylon midsole greatly supports my gait efficiency. And after running for a long distance, my foot still feels relaxing.


Besides, its upper fit is enhanced to provide more flexibility. As a result, you can twist or bend the foot in this shoe without a hassle. So, it's needless to worry about the shoes’ durability. Besides, The Nike Downshifter 7 intensively improves the shoe's breathability to allow your feet comfortable in the shoe interior.

Indeed, its single mesh upper that makes up a large section of the upper helps to ventilate the air effectively. And after 50+ miles running in this shoe, I hardly find any sign of worn-out on the shoe's external side. It is explained as the super durable outsole is employed to create the sole units.

Nike Downshifter 7 Review


Thanks to its seamless upper and no-sew midfoot saddle, the mesh upper enables the shoe’s ventilation efficiently. The upper is made of synthetic leather to release hot air out of the shoe. Indeed, when the winter comes, you can feel clearly how the air passes your toes. It also does a great job at keeping your foot toasty during the cold days.

Additionally, the upper is specifically designed to meet the standard of an athletic running shoe with a round toe. In term of the outsole that is made from the durable carbon rubber, it provides a rigid traction to run on various surfaces. Thanks to deep flex patterns at the outsole, your transition from the heel area to the ball of the forefoot can be smooth and natural.

Fit and size

Shop sizing is a crucial factor that requires you to determine the overlength, the width and the height of your foot correctly. Fortunately, the Nike Downshifter 7 is true to size. Though you may find it’s a bit larger than your normal size at first, you can avoid this outcome by wearing socks.

Whereas some runner whose larger width feet may find the shoe's heel and midfoot sections narrow, the Nike Downshifter 7 is specifically designed in a medium-width to fit average size of foot shape. Besides, the forefoot section offers you a wider toe box. It allows your toes spreading comfortably as your toes often expand while running. As a result, your toes would not swell up or have blisters. Overall, the Nike downshifter 7 is offered in a variety of sizes to fit different foot conditions.


Many runners highly value its' plush collar and soft tongue as it can comfort your feet. Moreover, they allow your feet accommodate snugly in the shoe. Besides, it enables you to customize handily. As for its great amount of cushioning that is made from Phylon material, the shoe grants springiness in each of your steps.

Nike Downshifter 7 men

It also assists your gait efficiency by providing adequate supports through activities. Importantly, with a provision of superb cushioning, most of the users agree that the Nike Downshifter 7 does not cause any feel of stiff or restriction when running. Likewise, there is molded foam that is added on the midsole top to comfort your foot considerably.


Your midfoot would be locked in place thanks to its seamless overlay. Due to its collar padded around the collar and ankle area, your feet can put on the shoe snugly without a hindrance. Specifically, your feet are secured by the extra foam that is added at the tongue and collar sections. Obviously, it prevents accidental heel slippage. Importantly, your feet are greatly protected from sharp objects, debris or pebbles.

Besides, the runner whose foot in a normal size can wear the Nike Downshift 7 fittingly without socks. It is thanks to the shoe’s synthetic overlay with the seamless construction. It hugs your foot gently without any restriction of movement. Additionally, you would not endure skin irritation.


Personally speaking, when I put on it to run for a chore on a rainy day, it tends to have some slip-resistant as it helps to stabilize my strides greatly. In fact, it provides non-profound lugs at the outsole to allow the shoe grips over hard asphalt, mild trail, dirt or slippery tracks.


Its deep flex grooves greatly encourage your natural flexibility. So, you are granted a nature run feel. Additionally, your feet movement is not restricted from stretching thanks to its bendable foot pad. Obviously, you can sense how it seamless in each of your strikes through the gait cycle.

Quality and durability

Its Phylon cushioning system is one of the Nike Downshifter 7 ‘s highlight that the high-arched runner appreciates. Indeed, this Nike’s proprietary foam helps to reinforce the shoe’s strength and construction. For this reason, the shoe would not break down or lose structural integrity easily. Besides, its soft tongue and collar padding avoid your skin from feeling the irritation or stiff. Importantly, they support the shoe’s foot protection as it disables sharp objects scratch the shoe.

For your casual use, the shoe’s structure and durability are guaranteed to last a long time. However, if you keen on wearing it for the daily run or extreme workout, it may fall apart quickly than you expect. Nonetheless, its durable rubber compound that is used to form the outsole would protect the shoe from being torn off. Noticeably, in this version, all the sole units are made from this outstanding rubber. So, there are just a few signs of abrasion.


Thanks to the seamless overlays, the shoe would not only provide additional support for the upper structure but also encourage the shoe's breathability. Particularly, it’s a stitching and seamless overlays make the shoe significantly lightweight and keep your foot dry. Moreover, its mesh upper unit enhances the shoe’s breathable coverage significantly. By this way, the interior of the shoe gains more cool air and reduce odor annoyance. Overall, the Nike Downshift 7 ensures your foot dry and fresh at all times.


While the lesser stitch and seamless overlays are utilized to motivate your freedom of movement, the shoe’s curved forefoot and rear sections would enhance your land off. Particularly, it allows you land on the heel smoothly. Then, you gain better toe-off transition even when the landing’s pressure is moved to the forefoot. Noticeably, with such hassle-free supports, this shoe is wallet-friendly. Overall, you can wear it for everyday training and daily use.

Grip and traction

This factor always plays a dispensable role when considering a suitable running shoe. That’s why the Nike Dropshifter 7 positions the gripping lugs strategically on the outsoles to fulfill your requirement of traction. Though the provided grip is not too prominent, it still enables your running efficiency over the mild trails or the roads.

As a neutral running shoe, it offers you soft cushion padding around the heel and tongue sections to secure your arches. Along with this impressive addition, it grants you a smooth and natural ride thanks to its flex grooves on the rubber outsoles.


In comparison to the Nike Downshifter predecessors, this version has the seamless overlays to reduce the weight. So, you greatly benefit from this upgrade as you can sense a better natural run feel. Though it may be tad narrow, it has the breathable mesh upper, and the resilient cushioning at the full-length Phylon midsole, plus the soft tongue and collar padding to comfort your feet. Overall, the Nike Downshift 7 offers you a revolutionary comfort.

Moreover, to meet the natural foot movement standard, it provides deeper flex grooves to ensure your freedom of foot movement. Additionally, it adds breathable fabric lining to let you enjoy a great in-shoe feel. Meanwhile, its light weight of 10 oz. significantly assists you in running comfortable. As well as, its lace-up closure allows you to tie shoelaces quickly. In fact, the Nike Downshift 7 improves the running efficiency of both neutral runners and under pronators.


As a maximalist shoe, it has a high drop (12 mm) and a reliable underfoot cushioning to deliver a soft ride experience. Many runners find its lightweight suits many robust activities as there are a reasonable amount of padding and cushioning. Moreover, its weight is reduced due to its seamless overlay. Besides, its sole is slightly thinner than many previous models.

So, by utilizing the overlay system with no seam on the fabric, the Nike Downshift 7’s weight satisfies most of the high-arched runner’s needs. Overall, this lightweight mesh shoe ensures your natural stride and boosts your running efficiency.


The Nike Downshifter 7 still amaze many runners with its minimal design that features a single-layer mesh and a seamless overlay. Though there is just a minor change in this design in comparison to the previous model, its appearance still catches your first sight apparently. Regarding the color schemes of women's shoe model, there are cool, gray, lava and white. As for the men’s color preference, the Nike offers black, white and anthracite. So, it does offer a wide range of color to allow you select the one that best fits your preference easily.

Markedly, one common pattern at both gender designs is the distinguished Nike swoosh detail. It stretches nearly a half of the right side of the shoe. Besides, the Nike Downshifter 7 assures your performance's efficiency and safety thanks to the sufficient rubber compound that covers the rear foot.

Previous versions of Nike Downshifter 7

Nike Downshifter 6

This version of the Nike Downshifter gains a great prominence for its impressive underfoot cushioning and reliable upper cover system. Specifically, the stitched layers are applied to the upper unit to contribute to the shoe’s support necessaries and maintain the uppers’ structure. Besides, its rubber outsole becomes an effective shield that prevents external damage on the rest of the sole. Its deep flex grooves add the shoe more stability and provide more nature run feel. Besides, this version delivers superb cushioning and breathable uppers that considerably enhance your running experience.

Nike Downshifter 5

The 5th model has tons of comfort and excellent arch support that support the neutral runners. It showcased two midfoot straps that offer a great assistance when tying shoelaces. The outsole is made from hard-wearing BRS 100 carbon rubber to enhance the shoe’s durability. Besides, the flex grooves can improve your heel-to-toe transition and shoe’s flexibility. There are added crash paddings at the heel sections to attenuate shock. And the midsole is compression molded to offer a light frame and better responsiveness. Notably, your foot is secured adequately by its lace up closure, the plush tongue and collar cushioning.

Nike Downshifter 4

This version has an upper unit that is thinner than the lateral version. For this reason, it provides less efficient breathability. However, its heel fits lockdown system can position your foot in place for a secure ride. Likewise, its midsole was made from the lightweight Phylon material with supportive rubber shank. With the BRS 1000 in the heel, the shoe is much more durable, flexible and lightweight. Overall, it was specifically designed for the neutral runner with an entry-level price point. Notably, its effectiveness is guaranteed in term of ensuring your foot relaxing throughout activities.

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Similar running shoes

When we have a discussion of the competitors of Nike Downshifter 7, let’s take a look at Asics Gel Nimbus 19, Adidas Sola RNR, Mizuno Spark, Brook Defyance 9, and Mizuno Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe.

Asics Gel Nimbus 19

This shoe is stood out among the neutral shoes as for its remarkable cushioning, midsole protections and great responsiveness. Truly, the FlyteFoam midsole impresses many runners as it provides great foot protections and responsiveness. The shoe also offers notable arch supports that guarantee the runner’s smooth ride experience despite a drastic heel-to-toe differential (12mm). Significantly, you can have this shoe with a wide range of color options for a reasonable price.

Adidas Sola RNR

This shoe is well-known primarily for its premium performance of breathability and cushioning. Particularly, its AirMesh upper makes the shoe super breathable that allow your feet stay cool and dry in hot weather condition. Moreover, it provides a lot of foot protections including a molded synthetic midfoot and heel overlay. As for its TPU capsules that constitute the midsole, it absorbs the impact and attenuates shocks considerably. Meanwhile, your feet can stay comfortable in this full-contact platform thanks to the AdiWear carbon rubber outsole.

Mizuno Spark

This Mizuno Spark running shoe is worth admiring as it provides an outstanding combination of arch support, maximum breathability, and outstanding comfort. Indeed, its AirMesh upper helps the shoe breathes well, while its X-10 carbon rubber outsole provides enough traction to run on many types of terrains. With this versatile shoe, you can wear in on 10KS to long-distance runs. Noticeably, you can have this highly-functional shoe that is offered in 5 color combinations with a reasonable price.

Brook Defyance 9

The Brook wins many runners' faith thanks to its versatility and a great combination of cushioning and smooth ride offered. Despite its lack of necessary elements from the long-distances run, this running shoe substantially supports for daily racing use. Indeed, it delivers a reliable traction and breathable uppers. Notably, its seamless design helps to minimize the irritation annoyances, while the mesh material keeps your foot dry and cool during the whole run. Importantly, its heel-toe transition support enhances your stride to be more efficient.

Mizuno Wave Rider 20

Most of the user highly recommended the Mizuno as a “should have” road running shoe due to its abundant of foot protections. Even though it's not a true-to-size shoe, it pleases many runners with a high durable outsole that is made from durable carbon rubber. It means your shoe has good traction and avoid the attack of on-the-run objects. Besides, it applies the U4ic foam technology to deliver greater responsiveness of cushioning and shock attenuation. In other words, this Mizuno Wave Rider is significant lightweight to wear for the long-distance run.

Final word

It has a well-constructed platform that includes the plush interior, well-ventilation properties, signature flex grooves and excellent lockdown to meet the runner’s demands. The shoe promises to enhance your nature gait while securing your foot considerably. Besides, it can entice most of the users, thanks to its seamless overlay and the breathable single-layer mesh uppers. Importantly, your foot is ensured to stay at ease in the shoe interior thanks to the soft foam at underfoot and the no-sew midfoot saddle.

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