Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 Review

The Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 can be regarded as one of the most comfortable products coming from the undeniably well-known brand Nike. With years of experience in this industry, Nike aims to provide customers with excellent cushioning and support. Even though the size might cause some obstacles for some users, its attractive appearance, along with up-to-date technologies and features, can make even the pickiest customers satisfied. This model was specifically made for amazing running experience, so you gain satisfaction. Also, its structure will make you more comfortable than ever when wearing it.

Highlight features & technologies

  • The manufacturer used the rubber material to produce this shoe model’s outsole. This material guarantees the protection of its sole unit against wear to the fullest extent. You will enjoy the shoes for a longer period.
  • Mesh upper provides the customers with the excellent experience of running or intense physical activities. Also, your feet can breathe very easily, which does not cause any health problem in the long term.
  • Its high arch support will offer safe and comfortable landing experience for your feet whenever they touch the ground or even other harder surfaces.
  • The shoes are released in a variety of colors, which is a great advantage for you. Now it is possible to get an outstanding pair of shoes, but you can still enjoy its ultimate comfort and fit.
  • With the design of waffle pattern outsole, every part of your feet is taken good care. There is a smooth transition from your heel to your toes. Furthermore, this design also equips excellent traction to support you maximally.
nike dual fusion run 3


  • It’s appealing regarding appearance, as many users have reported
  • There is no construction in the toe box. Therefore, the shoes do not make your toes clump uncomfortably
  • You are free to choose from a collection of different colors
  • The price is quite reasonable, which allows more people to afford it
  • The durability is improved thanks to advanced outsole unit
  • There is more support for structure because of so-sew overlay system. However, this does not make the shoes heavier
  • Suitable for many different physical activities, from running to walking
  • It is equipped with excellent cushioning system which enhances comforts and durability


  • It is possible that its collar area rubs against your skin, especially the Achilles area so that you might feel irritated
  • Some users struggled with the size as it seems more narrow.
  • Sometimes it might cause difficulty moving naturally

Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 description


The outsole of Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 consists of two layers of foam – blue and white ones. Interestingly, their firmness is not much different, which provides fitness and comfort for every part of your heel to forefoot. While many products on the market try to tackle foot strike, it is not the main focus of Nike Dual Fusion Run 3. Instead, this shoe makes great efforts to keep your heel centered, which is the foremost responsibility of running shoes.


The midsole has special inward curves on its medial side. Some users reported that this feature causes the narrowness of rear mid-foot region. It might be strange at the first time, but you will feel comfortable because it fits much better. Furthermore, the shoes are lightweight, not dragging the feet down on the ground. The Dual Fusion technology has been well-known for its stability extending from your heel to forefoot.

Whether you try to lift your feet off the ground or put them on the ground, you will feel extremely smooth and comfortable. Thus, this is an ideal option for your feet to start amazing running experience.


The upper is said to be the most important element to this model’s diverse functionality and comfort. You might notice that this model is much more lightweight than its previous ones, for example, the model of 2013.

The reason is that the producer has decided to cut off a lot of things to improve both its aesthetic and practical aspects. In the midfoot, you can see the removal of the synthetic overlay, and it is transformed into mesh layer. This new change targets at improving the breathability of your feet when you take part in activities.

Your foot is now wrapped with the full inner sleeve. Leather overlays are also found on your toe bumper, heel or eye stay. On the other hand, other areas in the upper of the shoes are covered with heat fused layers.

Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 Review


Without a doubt, comfort must be the most important factor you take into consideration before making any decision. No matter how attractive a pair of shoes is, you should never pick it up if you do not feel comfortable. It saves your budget and your life too.

With that in mind, Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 is strongly recommended as a comfortable model for all types of runners. The mesh layer and rubber sole can give you the ultimate comfort you hardly find in other brands.

The foam in every part of your shoes brings a great harmony, and the shoes are also equipped with excellent cushioning. In general, its comfort is rated as good. This is not to mention the fact that Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 is very lightweight and durable.

Fit and Size

After you have found comfortable and appealing shoes, there is one last factor you consider before paying – size. A good pair of running shoes has to fit you all the way and seldom can they fall off from your feet when you are running.

Regarding fit, Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 causes a controversy among users. While many users find it satisfying, others have made a lot of complaints on its fit. To be specific, they demand that it is not tight. The explanation is that open space can be found in the shoe’s pointy end. This model can be great for people who have normal or high arches.

Nevertheless, its lacing system is great enough to fix this problem, and you can find yourself pleasant again by adjusting laces.

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You will be more stylish and confident during the workout with Nike Dual Fusion Run 3. Not only is the brand so famous and reliable, but this model is also a new success compared to its previous products. It was made for avid runners who are always interested in improved cushioning.

Breathable mesh, with its synthetic materials, is the great advantage you cannot skip. What’s more? Durability is maximized thanks to the updated midsole structure.


In general, the support brought by Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 is assessed as excellent. The curved rubber strip is crucial to your foot’s structure. It aims to provide you with more support during your running experience. Furthermore, high breathability ensures that no feeling of hot or stinky will appear.


The materials used to produce Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 receive tons of positive comments from users. As a matter of fact, they are truly reliable and no wonder why this model is recommended for athletes as well.

Firm Phylon carrier is used to build the main structure of this shoe, while the core is soft interior Phylon. They are even more appealing when introduced in various color. If you have ever experienced any other model of Nike products, you can be blown away with this product’s durability, compared to its ancestors.


Regarding its outsole, many features are available to cement the comfort for every type of users, for example, me. It's smooth and great transition extending from heel to forefoot give users natural movement. In particular, it is suitable for every type of foot, so you do not probably worry about your case.


The usage of Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 may not be limited to running only. In fact, with such great technologies and features in every part of the shoe, from its upper to the outsole, it guarantees to provide you with the ultimate experience in all kinds of intense activities. More importantly, it helps your feet lift or put down on the ground very comfortably, so your feet are protected in every step.


Running will cause sweating, and some people even struggle with excessive sweating. This might be an obstacle for running experience. Nike has been on the top of the footwear brands which always seek for new solutions and this time is not an exception. The secret behind improved breathability lies in the new appearance of mesh layer in this shoe’s upper. It helps to enhance the air flow in and out, reducing the risk of any problems to your feet significantly. Also, the outsole consists of firm foam which has great effects on the stability.

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There is uniformity spreading from this shoe’s outsole to its upper. Most unnecessary parts have been removed, and the latest technologies have been applied. Thus, the weight of this shoe is incredibly light. It is a wonderful advantage, in addition to its durability, comfort, and quality. Now your running experience will become much better with this lightweight shoe.


Undeniably, the look might not play an essential role in the functionality of shoes. Nevertheless, it is a crucial factor to determine the sale number of a product. Also, you cannot deny that you will feel more confident and happier with lovely shoes. Therefore, appearance has become a more and more important factor that most manufacturers are concerned about.

Fortunately, Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 can satisfy you in this aspect. You are more likely to get your preferred option among various colors that Nike releases. If you are a big fan of classic coloring, I strongly recommend the black/white or black/red. The Nike stripe will always be outstanding on your shoe’s side panel.

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Previous Version of Nike Dual Fusion Run 3

Nike Dual Fusion Run 2

This is also a popular choice for many runners, especially female ones because it is available in pink color as well. It is perfectly suitable if you have the intention to walk, run or even go hiking. It is also lightweight, but not as much as the model 3, and the shock absorption is an attractive advantage.

It's rubber soles enhance the comfort of your steps greatly. It is likely that no loud sound will be made when you walk or run with this shoe. Even more impressive, water-resistance is expected to be an outstanding feature of its rubber soles.

The midsole is considered as one of the best features, with the Phylon guaranteeing smooth movement in every step.

On the other hand, it seems that the problem with fit and size has already existed from this model. Many users gave negative comments on its being too small.

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Similar Running shoes to Nike Dual Fusion Run 3

Adidas Solar RNR

Coming from a strong competitor of Nike in the footwear industry, Adidas Solar RNR can be a good option if you want to look for an alternative. In this product, Adidas has applied the Boost midsole which improves runner’s energy significantly.

Besides, this model of Adidas is super lightweight and stable. Its stability is maximized thanks to enhanced cushioning, making it more suitable for long distance running.

Considering fit and size, this Adidas model seems to outweigh Nike Dual Fusion because it provides enough room between your heel and forefoot. No construction is recorded, but the midfoot is snugger. The breathability is good when Adidas Solar RNR can help you deal with hot weather by staying away from stinky and sweaty feeling.

Asics Gel Nimbus

The Nimbus products from Asics have been introduced to the market for years, and this seems to be one of the newest. The comfortable ride has impressed a lot of users, and there is no denying that it is an ideal option for all runners.

Even heavier runners also consider this shoe’s cushioning and support as very good. Some cushioning features are strongly associated with the differences between the two genders. Thus, men and women might get different characteristics.

The manufacturer uses one of the most innovative technologies – FlyteFoam – in this model to give users better responsiveness as well as protection. Lightweight is another advantage you will find very satisfying with Asics Gel Nimbus.

Even though some runners are doubtful about its outsole durability, it is worth money as you will find a lot of reflective elements which improve running in low visibility.

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Nike Lunar Skyelux

Nike has many amazing products, and in case you are not happy about Nike Dual Fusion Run 3, you can easily choose another from the brand. In this circumstance, I strongly suggest Nike Lunar Skyelux. Its comfort has been reviewed by many users all around the world, in addition to its reasonable price. Both professional and new runners can afford it easily.

Thick cushioning in this model does not add more weight. In fact, the shoe is still very lightweight, and more importantly, its breathability is very great. You will not feel any irritations against your skin, even from the shoe tongue or plush collar. Seven colors can be found on the market, so you have a plenty of choices. It is a good choice to go to the gym every day with style and comforts.

Ironically, this shoe poses an opposite problem to Nike Dual Fusion 3. It is sometimes larger than its actual size, so people with big feet might be more satisfied with it. But overall, it is a good investment if you are concerned about running.

Brooks Defyance 9

Last but not least, Brooks Defyance 9 is my recommendation to help you replace Nike Dual Fusion Run 3. Its arch support is impressive, and a smooth transition is also available in this product. Omega Flex Grooves in this shoe enables you to use it for various uses, which means it has great flexibility. Despite its high price, the shoe will last for a long period, and you can count on its durability, comfort as well as breathability. It is versatile, and especially suitable for those who are searching for something with their road running experience.

Final Word

Considering the cost you usually pay for Nike Dual Fusion Run 3, it is a bargain. It is the devotion of Nike for most runners, with excellent technologies and features. Some of you might struggle with it because of your arches, but it is undoubted that it is still one of the best choices for all. With all vibrant colors, you can find on the market; your expectation can be fully met. It makes you outstanding, whether in streets or on trails.

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