Nike Dual Fusion x2 Review

Nike is one of the most famous brands, whenever you think about buying shoes for sports. And in the field of running shoes, Nike seems to belong to the group of dominating players. With the introduction of Nike Dual Fusion x2, Nike one more time proves that it is one of the best competitors to provide runners with the best shoes. Nike Dual Fusion x2 seems to satisfy even the pickiest customer with its great support, lightweight nature and amazing durability over time.

Highlight features & technologies

  • Nike Dual Fusion x2 witnesses some significant transformations from the manufacturer, especially in the upper. Scree-like midfoot materials are now gone. Instead, Nike applies engineered mesh in the entire area, which has great impacts on the shoe’s flexibility and structure.
  • Thanks to this new mesh, Nike can also make use of printed overlays which replace synthetic support. Thick toe box as well as some heel parts are removed as well to reduce the weight of the shoes and provide more space for your forefoot. As a result, blisters are less likely to happen.
  • The tongue is redesigned to become better molded. It helps to fit the runner’s feet more and provide them with the ultimate comfort in the long term.
Nike Dual Fusion x2


  • Its comfort has been praised by many users
  • The price is reasonable, which permits a larger number of customers to afford this shoe
  • It’s very lightweight, not causing any problems when you run
  • The breathability of the upper is good, so you can stay away from many health problems due to stuck air flow
  • Soft cushioning, along with responsiveness, provides users with the ultimate experience.
  • The shoe is suitable for other types of exercises too


  • Some users demanded that the toe box should contain more space
  • Poor quality is a common complaint about this product

Nike Dual Fusion x2 Description


In the forefoot of this shoe, you will notice the appearance of flex grooves which are very deep. This makes the forefoot quite flat, which in fact enhances the flexibility of the shoes. Furthermore, another characteristic lies in its heel. There, you will find thick carbon rubber that is responsible for this product’s great durability. On the other hand, blown rubber which is present in its forefoot takes the responsibility of providing traction when you use the shoes on different terrains and surfaces.


Nike has been well-known in the footwear industry, partly because of its variety of reliable technologies. And dual-density Phylon foam is one of them. Nike has applied this latest technology into the product Nike Dual Fusion x2. This provides customers with utmost firmness for every type of activities. Cushioned ride is another benefit of this technology. In other words, your shoes now get better durability as well as responsiveness. The whole midsole is completely covered by the Phylon foam; therefore, when you go through gait cycles, the transition will be smoother than ever.


The upper now consists of light engineered mesh which aims at giving super breathability. We all know that during intense physical activities, sweating and stinking are always irritating problems. With breathable mesh, they will be gone. In addition, the appearance of Flywire cables you can find on both sides of Nike Dual Fusion x2 will enable the shoes to fit you personally.

Around the shoe, reflective materials are responsible for enhancing the safety, even when you have to go in low-light conditions. With molded tongue as well as nicely-padded ankle collar, you will enjoy more comfort when wearing this shoe.

Nike Dual Fusion x2 Review


Comfort is what I care most about buying a pair of shoes and you should do so too. Without the sense of comfort, shoes have no significance in our life any more. Thus, I always put this factor at the top of the list. Not only does it help save your money, but it also makes you truly enjoy every running moment.

Nike Dual Fusion x2 is excellent at providing comfort for runners, I must admit. Nike seems to care about every part of this shoe with the sole purpose of upgrading comfort for experience. Its efforts are shown in a series of improvements on the shoes, from molded tongue to nicely-padded collar. Moreover, you can count on its durability and flexibility over a long period of time.


Overall, Nike Dual Fusion x2 brings amazing support for all runners thanks to its fitting and comfort. The Phylon foam technology implemented by Nike receives many positive comments around the world and there is no doubt that even professionals also rely on this shoe for their experience.

Size and Fit

Size and fit play a crucial role in the use of shoes. Regardless of attractiveness, a shoe that does not fit you will cause you only troubles and pain. It would be a non-sense investment.

Considering the fit of Nike Dual Fusion x2, we assess it as average, extending from your heel to your forefoot. Soft engineered mesh in the upper offers better support as well as security. Flywire cables wrap the midfoot very well. Therefore, this shoe is suitable for many runners who possess diverse foot dimensions. While many other Nike products receive negative comments on the actual sizing, Nike Dual Fusion x2 is evaluated as true fit to most users.


Nike Dual Fusion x2 is the next Nike product that will make you more confident to go to gym. The brand is undeniably famous; this product is well cushioned to fit personal features. Its mesh is highly breathable, along with synthetic materials. You cannot ignore all of these outstanding points, let alone its amazing durability and support.


Given that the price of Nike Dual Fusion x2 is reasonable, hardly can you find such durability in other products on the market. Its materials are made to last over a long period of time, so with a small amount of money, you can still get a pair of shoes for years. It is still true even when you often use them on tough terrains or surfaces.


Even though Nike Dual Fusion x2 might be made to improve running experience, its use is not necessarily limited to that. It is claimed that Nike Dual Fusion x2 can fit other kinds of sports activities as well. Thanks to its lightweight nature, you can easily use this shoe for other purposes, not only high-mileage running but also up-tempo trainings, for example.


Nike Dual Fusion x2 has received a lot of praises concerning its breathability. The main reason is the equipment of breathable mesh in the upper as well as modern foam technology. This aims to protect you from various problems which might result from excessive sweating and stinking during intense activities.


Lightweight is another outstanding feature of this shoe that anyone can be blown away. It provides customers with the best movement when they are running. This feature enables runners to reach their maximum speed of running and finish the race with the best performance. It is undeniable that the shoes are a perfect choice for both professional and new runners.


Although there is no close association between look and the real functionality of shoes, it is still a vital factor to consider. Customers pay more attention to appealing shoes and I think Nike Dual Fusion x2 can fulfill this mission perfectly. In fact, more women are concerned about this pair of shoes, which somehow proves its aesthetic beauty. This model is sold in diverse colors, so you have plenty of choices, depending on your preferences. If you are a dynamic woman who wants something outstanding, I strong suggest you go for Hyper Pink/White.

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Similar Running Shoes to Nike Dual Fusion x2

Asics Gel Impression 8

Asics is also one of the most reputable brands in this industry around the world. Just in case you want something to replace Nike Dual Fusion x2, I strongly recommend Asics Gel Impression 8 as an alternative.

Compared to Asics’s previous products, Asics Gel Impression 8 has undergone several minimal changes to improve some aspects. For example, lighter mesh is introduced in hope of improving the breathability of the shoes. The shoe now becomes more lightweight as well. Stability is also highly appreciated.

However, the price for Asics Gel Impression 8 seems to be quite high, which creates difficulties for everyone to afford it. In addition, you might not be satisfied with its style as much as Nike Dual Fusion x2.

Brooks Launch

The second alternative option I would like to address is Brooks Launch. It is extremely comfortable and versatile, especially if you have intention to run. Its weight has reduced by one ounce when you compare it with its previous model. Flex grooves are also used in this shoe to offer customers with a variety of users as well as amazing toe off. In terms of responsiveness, security and breathability, Brooks Launch has got tons of positive reviews.

What I don’t like about it? The size seems to be smaller than expected, so you might struggle a bit with fitting. Besides, the transition seems not to be really smooth among different areas.

Nike Downshifter

If you still fall in love with Nike, but are not really interested in Nike Dual Fusion x2, there are other options. One of the best, I think, is Nike Downshifter. Less overlays and stitching are used so that the shoes can provide greater movement and breathability. The cushioning system in Nike Downshifter is considered as flexible, durable and soft. As a result, your feet can enjoy comfort and support all the time. You do not worry about tearing or wearing either because the manufacture used durable rubber to produce everything. It is such a good protection for your feet to deal with any type of ground.

Nevertheless, it does not surpass Nike Dual Fusion x2, especially when its tongue probably leads to skin irritations.

Adidas Solar RNR

What do I like about Adidas? It is such a strong competitor of Nike in this industry and this relationship urges both companies to keep pace with each other constantly. Adidas Solar RNR is a model which I think can compete with Nike Dual Fusion x2 for various reasons. It is lightweight, durable, affordable, stable and extremely versatile. Its breathable mesh in the upper makes it an ideal option, even when the weather is hot.

Nonetheless, if you use the shoes on wet ground, there might not be enough traction. So many users report that they would love to see better traction as an improvement in the next model.

Mizuno Wave Sayonara

If you are searching for shoes for fast running, Mizuno Wave Sayonara might not let you down. Its main concentration is responsive, light and fast ride. Therefore, it is suitable for superior trainers, in fact. The X10 technology in this shoe plays an essential role in the great durability of the shoes. In addition, its transition from heel to toe is considered as good. Like Nike, you can choose any color you want. Stiffness, on the other hand, is something that this brand should fix.

Final Words

Nike Dual Fusion x2 can be purchased at a very reasonable price, and you will be surprised that this bargain brings you a lot of benefits. The fitting is now no longer a problem in this product while you enjoy its great cushioning, support, flexibility and durability. It is no longer a shoe for running only. You are free to use shoes to explore any type of sports.

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