Nike Flex Experience Rn 6 Review

As one of the most innovative running shoes out there, Nike Flex Experience rn 6 is just meant for runners, especially when it comes up with a very budget-friendly price. Who does not want a functional shoe that appears more than just the price tag? Well, it seems that Nike knows how to categorize their own shoes based on the very great sort of run that every athlete loves to gain. In this article, we will help you make sense of the shoe’s technologies and how it fits your different runs and different stages.

  • plus
    According to some testers, the shoe is quite flexible and spacious spontaneously
  • plus
    The Nike Flex Experience Rn 6 model runs light as recommended by more than a few runners
  • plus
    Most of the user comments noticed that the running shoe is extremely durable
  • plus
    A large number of runners living in the hot-weather areas would value the outstanding breathability
  • plus
    A handful of users highly appreciate the lightness of the shoe
  • plus
    Another moderate majority of runners desired the beautiful colors of the new Flex Rn6
  • plus
    Many runners liked the stylish and creative appearance of the shoe
  • plus
    A lot of athletes have such a good time putting on the shoe out of the box
  • plus
    Despite being praised as very light and minimal at the same time, over a handful of runners would love to use it for different gym workouts
  • plus
    Plenty of people were claimed to be shocked at the grip of the shoe, even at the wet pavement
  • plus
    Multiple color options to select
  • plus
    For those who are in need of a functional, simple but efficient race-day sort of footwear with a sufficient cushioning for longer runs, then this is the best choice
  • plus
    Highly affordable price tag
Nike Flex Experience Rn 6

If you desire a pair of running shoes that are a lot more flexible, which can aid you in running and keeping you comfortable, then pick Nike Flex Experience Rn6. However, the shoe still owns some defects to be considered:

PROS & CONS of Reebok Runners


  • check
    A handful of athletes all gave a big thumb up to the Nike Flex Experience RN 6’s amazing comfort
  • check
    It’s very lightweight and seemingly lighter than the past mode
  • check
    Wide open mesh material ensures the excellent breathability
  • check
    Some athletes have gained amazing compliments related to the shoe’s appearance
  • check
    It’s so flexible during the long runs and races
  • check
    Surprisingly fantastic traction even on moisture pavements
  • check
    A large number of vivid and stylish color options for the 6th model of the Nike Flex Experience Rn
  • check
    The 2016 version of Flex Rn avails the Flywire cord as it’s the most vital development
  • check
    Stable enough to hold the foot down without using too many overlays
  • check
    Use the highly lightweight single-piece mesh material for greater breathability, support and security


  • check
    A large number of the comments mentioned that it’s a bit narrow
  • check
    The shoe fit is a little bit too tight for runners who have more than average foot dimensions
  • check
    Its outsole quite sucks little stones, depending on the comments of the testers
  • check
    A great number of athletes who favor the walk usually suffer irritation in the heels due to the back side of the Nike 2016 Flex Rn that is said to be too high

Nike Flex Experience Rn 6’s description


The shoe’s underfoot characteristics features the special siped outsole of Nike where the Tri-star configurations that are just scattered throughout. It offers the 2016 model of Nike Flex Rn a great majority of flexibility when the footwear pattern could form endless cuts all over the outsole. It’s the heel and segment beneath your big toe are blanketed with sturdy carbon rubber for greater durability while blown rubber could creates the rest of the outsole.

The shoe outsole knows how to grab the great attention from any road pounder so rightfully. Its tri-star outsole design is believed to bring both exceptional flexibility and high freedom of the runner’s movement. It’s properly not the best underfoot design of Nile, but it indeed comes so close, and even a peak point for a footwear that is seen below the radar.

 The shoe’s traction is not shabby too, but working as intended and even more than you can ever bargain for an 80 USD ride. Besides, another spectacular thing about the shoe is the grip that goes on almost all surfaces arrives at a cost - great durability. While it sticks nicely on the wet surfaces, the lifespan of the shoe would leave you something to be aspired.


The no-fuss feature of the midsole is overwhelmed by the Phylon foam patented by Nike with the purpose of building up the consistency in the cushioning, durability and responsiveness. As we see, the foam almost covers the whole midsole, there will be an increased motion via the gait cycle. Besides, the Nike Flex Experience Rn 6 won’t own the similar midsole pop as its Free Rn Distance, yet the responsiveness of the former that can take you to the finish line. Well, this would be enough to juice in our legs.

According to some testers, since they have not got their hands on the Flex 2015 Rn, so it’s impossible for them to give a direct comparison between 2 shoes. Looking into the online reviews, though, let us know that they’re able to run the similar, except the fact that the 2016 model might feel even more minimal and quick while the shoe’s aesthetics have definitely improved.

The shoe’s midsole is what Nike usually calls a Phylon foam for injection molded EVA rubber. It owns the decent responsiveness and durability, which are the two main theme of the shoe - very functional! Adding a bit more of the comfort and high cushioning in the footwear is a lean and removable insole that Nike can call the Fitsole.


People won’t stop talking about the Flex Rn 6’s engineered mesh material that is able to bring up the most exceptional breathability and perfect sock-like fit. Nike also utilizes the first time for its series the Flywire cords to assist with midfoot security and bring us the locked-down feel. Not just that, the shoe also gives us a great support and structure during the runs on the tough surface.

Thee shoe’s ankle collar and tongue are favored this time by its decent padding. Aside from this, a conventional lace-up closure sticks tightly to the fit of the Rn 2016 model. When all other Nike shoes go, its upper is a bit snug and wholly emphasizing the sock-like feel.  The height of the shoe toe box is also not enough for some since there is no stiffener or toe cap to offer more volume to the area.

 Its forefoot owns a decent chamber, so you won’t experience any toe crunching. Next to the skin feel that comes in the form of the plush and soft interior, let’s talk about its scant upper. According to some runners, the upper will hardly hold anyone who is in need of more support.

Nike Flex Experience Rn 6 Review


Nike Flex Experience Rn 6 shoe’s Phylon midsole owns 2 levels of cushioning for a smoother ride. Based on the guiding principle “every run has a purpose”, Nike knows some runners who desire to run at a leisurely pace and high mileage. It’s claimed as a shoe that owns a soft cushioning and great breathability.

The brand has successfully focused on how to deliver the easy run to all runners. It emphasizes on the gentle cushioning and premium uppers for a real shoe that is potential for high mileage and high cruise speed. By sticking to what works the best in a lightweight and productive shoe that can shine on any race day and up-tempo training, Nike is smart enough to keep the price meter down with a small increase in performance.

 Apart from a Phylon midsole, the shoes own a perfect structure of 2 layers of support. So if you’re searching for a maximalist sort of cushioning in one shoe, then the Flex Rn line-up is not meant for you. Besides, we firmly trust that the cushion does such a great job of absorbing high pressure as your foot can go through the gait process.


It’s all thanks to the engineered mesh material for the upper that provides us with a high stability and flexibility at the same time. In addition, there’s a removable insole that can enable more flexibility for the runners if they indeed prefer the insoles and savor the comfort of racing without any insole.

The overall sizing of the footwear is still too small based on the length, according to some users. They wouldn’t like to compare these ones to some amazing cushioned ones before, but they surely bring us an amazing feel due to the great balance of weight, flexibility, stability and natural feel.

 The performance is rated high with its extremely high comfort, not to mention when you’re standing, running, walking, or basically doing your medium distance races. Among the lightweight nature, breathability, the flexibility of this running shoe is just beyond the expectations due to the tri-star outsole pattern design.


A handful of runners who are living in the hot-weather areas truly valued its amazingly fantastic breathability. The engineered mesh (sometimes known as the Flymesh by Nike) is a light construction - as compared to the other classic mesh fabrics - this is more breathable, durable and flexible at the same time.

The material features more noticeable perforations than its conventional mesh. It’s wholly different from other previously mentioned shoes with engineered mesh that has a lower price-point. For its satisfactory degrees of cushion, the smoothness, flow, and breathability are just uncanny.

 We enjoy testing this running shoe and never think twice about suggesting these footwears to someone for multitude of uses. Generally, the Nike Flex Rn is not properly a line-up as famous as the Nike Pegasus yet it does not also take away from what the real shoe really is. Quite same like the 2015 version, the Flex 2016 here holds such a light upper along with a highly breathable mesh. It’s made of  foam and partially of mesh!


Nike Flex Experience Rn 6 trainers are just perfect for working out or casual wear, featuring a comfy knitted mesh upper. It’s just breathable and lightweight naturally together with a lace-up fastening, padded collar, tongue, cushioned insole, a thick foam midsole designed for cushioning. Its textured sole plus the grip pads for boosted traction. 

 The shoe features the extremely durable rubber traction design that is meant for delivering the unique road grip for stable acceleration. Its tri-star traction here also motivates our natural foot flex for more balanced grip when you decide to rack up the kilometers. Let’s fly through with your feather-light feet in this edition of Nike and surpass any condition during the run.


The single slice of Phylon of the footwear never fails to maintain your ride a little bit firm and responsive. It gives out the feel of getting as fast as you can no matter if you choose for the 5Ks of half of marathons. So now you can no longer worry about the piling up over 50 miles in such shoes and then sing on the road as the wind continues whipping the face.

 Every pressure disappears fast on your foot, especially when they’re so fast and amazingly responsive. The shoe shows up with no hassle, but the Spartan-like construction with the high speed, responsiveness, and resiliency. It’s simply the footwear that we should lace on at the starting line and the one we all want to pick up for the high pace.


The shoe is lightweight, quite lower to the ground and also flexible. More than that, the Flex Experience Rn6 is not as cut and dry as some other running shoes. We think that they’re flexible enough for multiple uses no matter if it’s speed workout or long-distance running, based on how serious you are about these ones.

Obviously, there are a lot of better specialized running shoes for both categories, but we still think that the Nike Flex version can do both and just somewhere else in the middle. In term of weight, there are not many other cheaper-end shoes that can sit at 8 ounces or become less buy yet do such a good job at high levels.

 It’s lightweight that flexes and responds well to our feet pretty well. Not just that, the shoe’s arch support as compared to other Nike shoes, with an offset from heel to toe as low as 8mm, these ones enables you to run in a natural and nice motion. The weight for men is 8.8oz and 6.75oz for women.


the Nike Flex Rn6 is no-nonsense running shoe at all, especially when it’s extremely lightweight but owns a decent cushioning function to tackle every daily training. By owning the adequate arch support, superb breathability, amazing comfort and beautiful looks, the shoe looks more than just its price tag. Who just can’t help but loving it? The model of Nike this time is sold at an affordable price but still offering the high performance for your different runs and different stages.

Previous Versions OF Nike Flex Experience RN6

Nike Flex Experience 5

The overall response to the Nike Flex Experience 5 here was quite positive because most runners seem to welcome it due to the shoe’s comfort, modernity, and cohesiveness. They commented that despite the fact that the shoe lacks a lot of systems, it still manages well to be efficient for the runs. Moreover, the affordable price of this shoe also earned a lot of praises. Not just that, some buyers also stated that it’s the durability and efficacy of Flex Experience 5 that makes the shoe itself a lot to be desired.

Nike Flex Experience 4

By mixing it up all the minimalist approach with a few classic features, the Nike Flex Experience 4 offers a handful of natural moves while both of its support and cushioning are just great enough. Aside from that, the highly flexible nature of the footwear is trusted to work best for anyone with enough support in his or her arch.

Nike Flex Experience 3

The Nike shoe model in this version is such a great fit with the good breathable mesh materials especially for someone who has the narrow feet. Its padding here is slightly different, seeming like they just reinforced your foot at points of contact, adding more cushion under the arch. The shoe is cute though. Even if you’ve got flat feet, the shoe still works best for you.

Nike Flex Experience 2

Youthful and extremely flexible are the best words to describe this road shoe. For the upper, it has a simple pattern and the decreased layering that boosts the flexibility so well. Besides, its inner sleeve pattern here gives us such a great lockdown, with a midsole that gives a lightweight ride in a great transition.

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The most similar running shoes to the Nike Flex Experience Rn6 would be comprised of Adidas Element Refine Foot, Nike Free Rn Flyknit 2017, New Balance 790 v6, Nike Flex 2016 Rn Shield.

Adidas Element Refine Foot

The shoe model is also a neutral running footwear that has a lightweight structure, ideally made for runners who love the minimal construction and a sock-like fit for their comfortable feet. Its durable materials and other great comfort guarantee a highly responsive ride for all the runners. Now Adidas Element Refine Foot is available in different color options, so it can satisfy any fashion urge without a doubt.

Nike Free Rn Flyknit 2017

The Free Flyknit 2017 is just another shoe model of Nike that does such an excellent job in giving us a great feel of being so close to the running ground. Quite like the predecessor, its main target is to make the athletes feel a clearer sense of freedom when going for a run. To a certain degree, the footwear here has gained this goal with its flexible pattern. Basically, the shoe fits the best for runners who feel as if it’s a part of their feet.

New Balance 790 v6

The New Balance 790 version 6 here impresses us with a neutral road running shoe that shows off a more refined structure than its predecessor. Due to its revamps, the footwear appears to perform much better, yet is more lightweight. Such improvements have made this such a budget-friendly choice to consider whenever you tend to look for a loyal companion for casual wear or for your light workout.

Nike Flex 2016 Rn Shield

Nike arrives up with its new model that push all boundaries between lifestyle and sports. In this Rn Shield, Nike has brought out a lightweight footwear that can provide us with trustworthy performance with a sort of nice looks. This one is often associated with several of its costly and famous shoes. Besides, the shoe’s upper has a water-resistant feature going along with a comfy and satisfactory ride. For those who love an affordable but nice-looking shoe with sufficient performance, then don’t just miss it!


You don’t need to check its price tag since the Nike Flex Experience Rn 6 is an ideal footwear for those who want the minimal shoe design. The shoe promotes such a natural range of motion in every sense of the word. With a decent room, you won’t experience any toe crunching, but only an excellent skin feel that comes from the soft and nearly plush interior.

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