Nike Lunar Tempo 2 Review

Inheriting the strengths of its predecessor the Nike Lunaracer, Nike Lunar Tempo 2 is a developed version which is more durable, comfortable and supports our feet more effectively. It’s a considerable choice for someone seeking for a lightweight training pair of shoes with plush cushioning. Nike conducted a big survey studying the favorite running shoes from the closets of the world’s fastest young runners and came up with the brilliant design of Nike Lunar Tempo.

Highlight Features & Technologies

  • Nike Lunar Tempo’s upper is made mostly of durable fabric with venting holes placed onto. It makes the shoes much lighter than others cushioning ones made of other materials.
  • The upper is quite breathable, brings about comfort and hygiene. You will never have to worry about sweat and smell because the mesh and venting holes will keep the air around and make your feet dry and cool during workouts.
  • The sole of Nike Lunar Tempo 2 is mostly made of Lunarlon foam, which is much lighter than the traditional foam used in shoe manufacturing. However, it makes the life of the shoes fairly shorter than that of those whose sole made of complete rubber.
  • The model comes with four color choices. To be honest, it’s not enough to make a fashionable choice. The style is appealing, though.
  • The soft material may make a false impression that Nike Lunar Tempo’s form is easy to collapse. But in fact, it’s quite flexible and stiff enough to hold form as long as you don’t press it under heavy things.
  • Nike Lunar Tempo’s outsole design contributes greatly to its traction and grip, allowing runners to work-out on a slippery, muddy or wet ground with much less slipping risk.
Nike Lunar Tempo 2

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  • Very lightweight compared to most cushioning shoes
  • Reflective material in the fly-wire and the heel providing more support and protection
  • Durable outer fabric with numerous venting holes making it breathable
  • Appealing style, awesome look on foot
  • The fly-wire cable system makes the shoes more tight fitting, snug and secure while running.
  • The Lunarlon foam underfoot gives runners great experiences, thanks to its light weight and responsiveness.
  • No problem ever reported about using Nike Lunar Tempo 2 as both running shoes and casual fashion items.
  • Great durability. Many runners said that their Tempo may last years – they hasn’t worn out since they were bought when first released.


  • Tight fitting toe box make Nike Lunar Tempo 2 feels a half size smaller compared to other Nikes of the same size
  • Fly-wire rubs against itself while walking, laces start to shred fly-wire strings after 150 miles
  • The mid-sole unit may be a bit stiff. Foam material also shortens the life of shoes.

Nike Lunar Tempo 2 Description

Midsole and Outsole

The sole, I’m talking about both the midsole and the outsole, is almost entirely foam with a few rubber patches added. The foam in the production is Lunarlon foam, which we could say is way better than the New Balance Fresh Foam in giving a cushioned ride while we are running. Being as resilient as the tradition Phylon foam, Lunarlon is 30% lighter, according to Nike.

My own experience with the new material is quite good, to be honest. The foam is so durable that is remained mostly undamaged over my 80 miles of test running.

The midsole features grooves running along the side which are not only for decoration but also help compress efficiently when there are forces affect the shoe. However, compared to other shoes of similar functions and design with rubber midsole, Nike Lunar Tempo’s life is fairly shorter because of the sole material.

The outsole of Nike Lunar Tempo 2 has 19 raised sections among which 12 are rubber and the rest is foam the other parts of the sole. You can rest assured while running on muddy or snowy terrains owing to those raised sections. However, if there is too much mud on the track, it can still get into your shoes through the upper.


The upper part of Nike Lunar Tempo 2 consists of mostly a single piece of woven fabric with numerous venting holes placed in a strategic way. Nike paints their logo directly on the fabric instead of overlaying any other material onto it.

Under the outer material, there is an internal mesh running from the toe to the heel-cup of the shoes and a separate strip of synthetic glued on to the mesh providing structural support and shape to the toe box.

Beneath the outer fabric on the upper is a more uniform internal mesh that runs the length of the shoe up to the heel-cup. Owing to the mesh and the venting holes on the outer fabric, I find the upper very breathable. However, due to a puff underlay under the toe-bumper, the toe box feels a bit small, making the shoes feels a half size smaller than its true size.

It should be noted that the Nike Lunar Tempo 2 is equipped with twice as much as the amount of fly-wire, making the shoes tight-fitting. When I walked in the shoes, I noticed that the fly-wire rubbed against itself and sent out a little unusual feeling. The fly-wire is made of reflective material that provides more support and protection.

Nike Lunar Tempo 2 Review

Style and Fashion

When I choose a pair of shoes, even running shoes, I can never ignore the appearance. A pair of shoes that can bring about support, protection and possesses durability is still not my choice if it is bad-looking. However, you can rest assured about Nike Lunar Tempo’s look.

Nike Lunar Tempo 2 comes in four colors: white, total orange, game royal, and black. Though it may seem simple at the first look, it matches pretty well with other sporty items in my closet. Besides using the shoes while running, I wear Nike Lunar Tempo 2 to the college and the pair proves itself as a versatile fashion item. Nike Lunar Tempo 2 has models for both men and women, coming along with suitable sizes and features for both genders.

Fit and Size

To be honest, Nike Lunar Tempo 2 makes me feel a bit uneasy at some first hours walking and running because of the size. There is an underlay puff in the toe box making it smaller than usual. The feeling faded away once I got used to the shoes, but I think we can count it as a minus point.

With the exception of the shallow toe-tip, rest of the upper scores high on fit quality. After the first five miles, the upper fit my feet perfectly. I was quite surprised with the spacious interior of the shoes. Different from other shoes of the same type, Nike Lunar Tempo 2 didn’t squish down on my foot at all. The comfortable and safe feelings stayed even when I ran and walks for hours.


Nike Lunar Tempo 2 is much of a lightweight model compared to other from the Nike family. Owing to the sole material – Lunarlon foam – which is 30% lighter than the traditional foam, the shoes are very light and add mostly no pressure on your feet while you are running. To be precise, the weight of Nike Lunar Tempo 2 is 212 gms/7.5 Oz for a half pair of US11/UK 10/EUR 45/CM 29. You can compare the figure with those of other shoes to see the improvement.


Never in your life should you buy footwear that brings about discomfort, even they are not for training purposes. Your feet’s feelings are so important to not only your training, but your circulation system, too. Nike Lunar Tempo 2 gives its owners awesome comfort owing to its high-quality material and ventilation. The light weight contributes greatly to the comfort, too.


Remember Nike's marketing pitch when Nike Lunar Tempo 2 is first released: Ultralight cushioning for high-speed miles? They did a good job to make the quality meet the pitch. The shoes have firmer cushioning than that of Lunaracer 3, the Zante, Adidas Adios, and Boston.

A cushioning pair of shoes is not necessarily a tough, heavy-looking pairs. Nike Lunar Tempo 2 is lightweight, but it gave me the awesome cushion and support from the first time I tried it on. Its midsole is smart-designed, lightweight and sturdy so it can provide a moderate level of support and comfort over numerous types of sneakers on the market.

Nike Lunar Tempo 2 is cushioning, but not soft. So don’t let your prejudices make you miss such a fabulous model.


Designed to be an adequate choice for long race runners, Nike Lunar Tempo 2 has great ventilation. Running for a long period will make your feet full of sweat, generating smells and other hygienic problems. Owing to its material and strategic design, Nike Lunar Tempo 2 allows air to move around when you are running, keeps sweat and smell out of your shoes, rescues you from said problems and extend the life of your footwear. The mesh inside and the fabric outer turn out to be great contribution to the awesome ventilation. Those venting holes are placed smartly, making them not only look stylish, but also help eliminate foot sweat.


Responsiveness maybe not a big deal while you are choosing a fashion pair of shoes, but in the case of training shoes, you should attach great importance to it. While you are running or jumping, especially on rough surfaces, there is pressure and shock putting on your feet which can cause injuries, bone fractures or even bone breaking. A responsive pair of shoes will help reduce the force, protect your feet and ensure the length of your running routine.

A key feature making the responsiveness is a thick rubber tip at the top of the shoe. Many trainees trying Nike Lunar Tempo 2 say that the sensation of the rubber tip crunching or scraping the synthetic track surface before the foot takes off feels so nice and safe for their feet.

Traction and grip

Traction and grip are some other things you should mind while choosing a pair of running shoes. Not all people prefer running on a synthetic track, some of us want to try running on all kinds of terrains: wet, muddy, slippery, etc. and it will be such a shame if your shoes cannot support you, make your posture remain solid while working out.

It should be noticed that the additional outsole rubber on the Tempo constitutes a full U-shaped tip and a couple of lateral rubber lugs. So you when you’re speeding fast on tracks, the tip of outsole mimics a fraction of what you experience on track spikes, which means they provide last moment grip before those explosive push-offs. You will hardly have to worry about slipping when you are wearing a pair of Nike Lunar Tempo.

Some similar shoes

Adidas Climacool Fresh Bounce

Some people said that the racer and tempo feel almost the same: both of them are lightweight, responsive and cushioning. Many runners were impressed with the eye-catching look and style of the Adidas Climacool Fresh Bounce, suitable for both training and casual walking. Adidas Climacool Fresh Bounce is also very snug and secure while running because, like Lunar Tempo, it has a system of fly-wire cables holding our feet closely. Many runners choose this shoe and Lunar Tempo for their Boston race. However, some said that rubber pads on the outsole have started to wear out after a feel months.

Nike Flex RN

Nike Flex is a fashionable choice with a very affordable price for everyone. It comes with great flexibility, durability, and breathability. Nike Frex RN is also very lightweight and its grips on slippery tracks should be appreciated. Many customers said that they love the stylish appearance and color choices of Nike Frex. Nevertheless, it seems not a good option for people who have large feet. Nike Frex is reported too tight by a number of customers, leading to uneasy feelings and discomfort. The back part of Nike Frex 2016 is also a bit high, leading to unnecessary irritation.

Brooks Hyperion

Brooks Hyperion possesses such an appealing vibrant color schemes that have impressed many shoe gurus. In terms of size and fit, it wraps around the foot like a sock, doesn’t cause any irritation, and it is true-to-size compared to Lunar Tempo and Brooks Hyperion. The shoes are also great in terms of durability and breathability. Brooks Hyperion brings about such responsive and springy experiences that runners treasure and it’s not a surprise that it always stands in the top choices list of Brook lovers from the day it was released. The only minus point reported is that when it comes to all-day use, the underfoot platform doesn’t work well and effectively.

Final word

With the price of below $100 per pair, I think Nike Lunar Tempo 2 is worthy considering all the pros it can bring about. Lightweight, durable, breathable and having great grip, Nike Lunar Tempo 2 satisfy all amateur runners and a lot of professional ones. Nike did a very good job in combining the responsiveness, flexibility and cushioning in a product. Its style is also appreciated by many runners. However, the color choices are so limited.

The fly-wire cable system equipped in Nike Lunar Tempo 2 gains it some fans who wanted to feel more snug and secure while running. When you are walking, the fly-wire may rub against themselves and send out a bit uneasy feeling for people who are not acquainted fly-wire shoes.

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