Nike Lunaracer 3 Review

Recently, marathons have become really popular. Therefore, many shoes manufactures have tried to provide good running shoe lines to cater this purpose. Nike Lunaracer 3 is one of the most preferred shoes among marathoners. This is a really good option for those looking for a well-cushioned and fast ride.

  • The first important technology of the Nike Lunaracer is the Nike Zoom technology. This is a lightweight and responsive cushioning system. It is very thin and allows your feet to feel closer to the ground. And for enhanced cushioning, the shoes also use the Lunarlon cushioning system, which can give the durable support and soft shock absorption during running.
  • The Dynamic Flywire technology provides a glove-like fit through wrapping the mid-foot and arch of these shoes.
  • In the upper, you will find the No-Sew Overlays that protects your foot from irritation. The Dual Layer Mesh Tongue gets rid of the sweat built up inside the shoes.
  • Reflective materials are also equipped in these neutral shoes as a safe feature when you run in weak light places.
  • The BRS 1000 carbon rubber is put in high-wear areas to ensure durability.

Nike Lunaracer 3 Description


The outsoles of these neutral shoes are made of BRS 1000 carbon rubber material, which enhances durability of the shoes as well as gives a durable traction. Beside this, the Waffle outsole design is also used in the shoes for added cushioning and multi-surface traction. Especially, the outsole has deep cuts to increase flexibility.


The midsole unit of the shoes is created by Nike’s Lunarlon foam, which delivers plenty of cushioning but not lots of weight. With the support of this feature, you can experience a light and responsive ride and a smooth heel-to-toe transition. Another feature found in the midsole is the Molded Sipes. They cover the midsole and the outer sole of the shoes to provide more flexibility.


The upper is equipped with Nike’s Flywire technology. This combines with the seamless construction to provide users snug fit. The mesh used on the upper is very breathable and helps keep your feet cool during long wearing or running. The upper also uses a dual-layer mesh tongue as the additional breathability property. Besides, in order to add support as well as prevent irritation to the foot, Nike uses Flywire lacing system and no-sew overlays. You can also use Flywire cables system to adjust the fit of the shoes the way you want. Another aspect in the upper should be considered is reflectivity feature. This is like a safety component of the shoes to keep runners safe when running in dark places.

Nike Lunaracer 3 Review

Nike LunaRacer  3


Stability, cushioning and comfort are benefits you can get from Nike Lunaracer 3. They are very necessary to ensure a great run. When I first tried them, I was extremely amazed with the feel the shoes brought to my foot. They were flexible and springy at the same time. Lunarlon foam used in the midsole gives these shoes a very cushy feeling with a cloud-like ride. I have been able to run 12k run and half a marathon without fatigue or feet soreness. Besides, No-Sew Overlays in the upper helps reduce irritation caused by friction during running and also gives you a smooth and comfortable ride.


Nike Lunaracer 3 is able to accommodate medium-sized forefoot, mid-foot and heel. However, these shoes don’t have a big toe box like described in other models so if you have wide feet, they are not suitable for you. I was suggested getting a half size larger, and then the fit is perfect for me.


Nike LunaRacer 3 has a lot of cushioning for long miles but this doesn’t bring lots of weight to the shoes. Lunarlon foam is the main source of cushioning in these shoes. But beside this, there are other features that also add more cushioning to the shoes such as materials used in the outsole unit or in the upper. However, there is a small downside about the heights of the heel and forefoot cushioning. In comparison with other neutral shoes, these heights are a bit lower so the shoes can’t provide the same protection as other shoes on road running.


These are neutral running shoes designed to cater runners who have medium arches. In terms of pronation control, Nike LunaRacer 3 has enough cushioning and support to manage neutral pronation. Although the insole of the shoes is thin, it provides plenty of support. On the other hand, the heel to toe drop of Nike LunaRacer 3 is 7mm. This is an ideal ratio to promote runners to have more natural movements.


The breathable mesh on the upper keeps the foot cool but also makes the shoes a little cold in winters. Therefore, you should couple with warm socks to avoid this case. A dual-layer mesh tongue is also used in Nike Lunaracer 3 to allow air to help cool as well as wick sweat away from the foot.


The shoes are often used in races or marathons so flexibility is a very important factor. These shoes include some features that provide and enhance flexibility such as the Molded Sipes in the midsole and deep cuts in the outsole. These offer a more efficient and natural stride.


Despite flex features being incorporated in the shoes, they still provide runners with enough stability support when running.


The Nike Lunaracer 3 can be used on roads, tracks and gravel terrains thanks to the multi-surface traction provided by the outsole of the shoes. This feature will help you avoid problems on any terrains. Aside from that, the shoes also offer durable traction to protect you from slipping off wet grounds.


The latest model of Nike Lunaracer is designed to getting rid of the excess you often get from other shoes to keep its weight as low as possible. They only come at 6.3 oz. for men’s version and 5.6 oz. for women’s, which are the wonderful condition for speed works.


Nike Lunaracer 3 looks very nice on my foot. These shoes are well known for their bright colors and great color combinations. They include volt yellow with lime green, bright red with white, electric blue with volt yellow, and neon orange.


As the name of the shoes, Nike LunaRacer is designed for serious racers. These are popular choices of many elite marathoners as well because the shoes are advertised to be ideal for 5K to marathon distances. However, everyday-runners often use them because of their combination of cushioning, flexibility and an amazingly low weight.

I got a pair of shoes at an affordable price compared to my old one. I bought them on Amazon and it is a bit cheaper than the price in my local shoe stores. I was so happy with my choice about both price and quality of the shoes.​

Nike LunaRacer - Pros and Cons


  • Well cushioned for optimum comfort even in long runs
  • Flexible and responsive in any types of run
  • Extremely light weight
  • Affordable price


  • Not much support
  • Don’t have durability as other high-mileage trainers
  • The height of heel and forefoot cushioning is low
  • The foot can be cold in winters

Similar running shoes to Nike Lunaracer

The Nike Lunaracer is really outstanding in terms of cushioning. Besides, comfort and stability are also advantages of these neutral shoes. In order to find out similar models to these, I depended on these features and realize New Balance MR1400 and Adidas Adizero Adios Boost are the most similar running shoes to Nike Lunaracer.

New Balance MR1400

New Balance MR1400 is a bit cheaper than Nike Lunaracer but they deliver great cushioning especially in the heel. They are designed as neutral shoes, which have enough cushioning and arch support to cater runners with medium to high arches. Aside from this, neutral pronators can also benefit from these shoes. Stability and flexibility are also enhanced in this model. The New Balance MR1400 is lightweight as The Nike Lunaracer, therefore, they are often chosen for normal training and speed works. However, their heel to toe drop is a bit high, runners have to be more careful when running with them.

Adidas Adizero Adios Boost

In comparison with the Nike Lunaracer and The New Balance MR1400, Adidas Adizero Adios Boost is the heaviest and most expensive model because they indeed offer great cushioning with impressive shock absorption. You can receive maximum comfort and responsiveness from these shoes. And like the Nike Lunaracer, they give great stability support while being very flexible that allows your feet to move freely without too much restriction. Although they seem to be heavier than other racers, you can still use them for races with long distances.​

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Previous version of Nike Lunaracer 3

Nike LunarRacer 2

Before releasing the Nike Lunaracer 3, Nike Lunar Racer 2 used to be the most versatile running shoes of the company. These neutral running shoes are built with neutral features suit for serious running and intensive speed work. In comparison with other marathon racers, this version of the Lunar Race is more cushioned and flexible. The full-length Lunarlon is the major cushioning material feature in the midsole unit. The significant difference from the previous Lunar Racers is their ability to offer more protection through the extra cushioning added into the shoes. The generous cushioning system in the Lunar Racer 2s makes them possibly suitable for any type of athletic activity.

Generally, users appreciated durability of the 2nd version. The shoes’ main durability feature is the BRS 1000 Carbon Rubber material placed at undersurface of the outsole. The rubber outsole with its waffle lugs provides good grip and multi-surface traction as well as a bit of cushioning to allow runners to work well on roads, gravels, tracks, trails and off-trails. It can withstand long distance training and any terrains in any types of weather condition. A thin material is used to make the upper mesh to keep runners’ feet always cool and dry. This feature combines with the Flywire technology and the complement of the engineered Microfiber Synthetic Overlays for a secure and snug fit without irritation. The Lunar Racer 2 is indeed designed for marathon-length and high mileage performance. The shoes also have the ability to control neutral pronation, which means they are suitable for neutral pronators or supinator.​


Nike LunaRacer 3 running shoes are really light and fast, while still providing needed cushioning for high mileage. What are you waiting for? Get a pair of them to enjoy wonderful running experience.

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