Nike Lunarglide 7

Heavy running shoes always cause discomfort for your feet despite their good stability and cushioning. In order to help you solve this problem, Nike introduces Nike Lunarglide 7 as a lighter replacement for your heavy shoes but still provides a reliable combination of cushioning and stability to assist in reducing over-pronation.

Nike Lunarglide 7 - Highlight features and technologies

This latest model is designed with more features in order to improve runners’ performance in running. Further, these shoes are equipped with great technologies that ensure you can run without any problems.

  • The Lunarlon foam material created by a softer inner core is wrapped by a stronger outer layer gives a lighter weight model but still offers reliable performance and stability.
  • Flywire construction is used in the midsole to give more protection and support. This feature also gives more flexibility to the forefoot without sacrificing the fit of the shoes.
  • The heel section is also protected by Heel Cup (an External TPU Heel Counter) feature that hugs and keeps the heel stable during running.
  • Bottomless Carrier is placed at impact areas combines with cushioning system to provide maximum protection for the heel and forefoot from shock and impact.
  • Dynamic Support Platform is a very important feature of the shoes since it brings to you softness and support, especially, pronation support.
  • The robust outsole unit provides excellent traction, protection and flexibility.

Nike Lunarglide 7 - Pros and Cons


  • New upper design ensures a secure & comfortable fit
  • Good balance of cushioning and stability
  • Can be used as lightweight racer or trainer


  • The price is slightly increased compared to previous models
  • Some complained about narrow fit in forefoot area

Nike Lunarglide 7 Description


At first look, you can easily realize major enhancements made in the upper. An engineered mesh and Flyknit material are used to replace the synthetic overlays that give a comfortable sock-like fit and provide a much more breathability.


The superior cushioning of midsole provides runners with soft rides and smooth transitions. The shoes have a denser medial midsole through combined Lunarlon foam core and Phylon carrier that provides more cushioning and better shock absorption. The Dynamic Support is featured in the midsole to help decrease over-pronation. Another feature at the bottom of the heel is a gender-specific and decoupled crash pad. This crash pad also helps treat over-pronation and reduce shock during landing.


The outsole of the shoes is made of BRS 1000 carbon rubber like in the Lunarglide 6. This outsole plays an important role in providing dependable grip and traction to the shoes. Beside this, the Lunarglide 7 is also made of a pressure-mapped outsole that assists in promoting a natural range of motion. The outsole has Flex Grooves, which helps enhance flexibility as well as the efficiency of your heel to toe transition.

Nike Lunarglide 7 Reiew

nike lunarglide 7


NikeLunarglide are the shoes I can wear all day long without pain. At the first run in them, I immediately felt how the upper made my feet secure and comfortable from heel to toes. I didn’t experience any problems with breaking them in. The perfect fit also makes me feel very confident on the road running without being tightened or sliding inside the shoes. The midsole material also gives me a comfortable and responsive ride. Generally, the cushioning system is a great combination of comfort and support.


The new design of the upper combines with Lunarlon midsole foam to offer a personalized and secure fit. The toe-box of the 7th has slightly more room than the 6th. These shoes surely give great fit for people with medium-sized forefoot, mid-foot and heel. With Nike Lunarglide 7 shoes, you just need to get your actual size, not bigger or smaller because these shoes are designed following standard running shoes length.


Nike Lunarglide 7 continues offering a soft and smooth heel-to-toe transition with plenty of responsiveness thanks to great amount of cushioning equipped in the shoes. The sole feels a little bit softer than the 6th while still maintaining very good support. The heel and forefoot cushioning are high enough to protect foot form shock, impact and debris on roads. Additionally, I no longer feel any tightness in my back. It feels amazing due to the cushioning.


I often stand on concrete during my work hours, and these help my feet tremendously. My feet hardly feel sore after 8 hours. The Dynamic Support provides support as well as extra stability for runners, especially for over-pronators or those who have medium to high arches. These shoes offer great support for me since I’m flat footed as well. If you need running shoes that can provide great amount of support, these are the best option for you.


The change in materials and design of the upper offers improved breathability compared to the old versions. I can run or work in them for a long time without hot feet or sweating.


Nike Lunarglide 7s are stability running shoes but still offer great flexibility for you to move your feet without too much restriction. Flywire construction in the midsole and Flex Grooves in the outsole are used to provide enough flexibility for more natural movements.


Considered as stability running shoes, these shoes are lightweight and flexible but surprisingly stable. There is no question with stability these shoes can offer. A firmer material wedge inside the midsole, a sturdy plastic external heel wrap and the thick Lunarlon foam make the shoes more stable than their lightweight suggests.


These stability shoes have many features that can improve and enhance their durability. The new design and materials of the upper as well as the carbon rubber used to make the outsole contribute to provide great durability for any purposes or challenges.


A carbon rubber material used in the outsole offers an excellent grip and traction that allow runners to run well on tracks, gravels and roads or slippery surfaces. Moreover, this durable outsole combines with the great cushioning to offer good foot protection from the damages you can get on these terrains.


Compared to other stability running shoes on the market, Nike Lunarglide 7 is really lightweight. These shoes have no problem with heaviness caused by the cushioning systems used in their construction to provide support and comfort. This lightweight is an advantage in range of use of the shoes. It widens and allows you to try many types of activity or trainings that you couldn’t do with other heavy shoes.


Although the heel of the shoes seems to be bulky, they have great overall look. From designing to choosing materials, the shoes bring very elegant feeling for wearers. Especially the color combination is very harmony and attractive. I often use them for my daily wear, not just for training.


You can run and use them for everything else in the gym or just casual wear. Nike Lunarglide 7 really improves your performance in running as well as offer necessary support for normal training. However, you have to consider carefully if you plan to find running shoes for speed works, these might not be suitable for this purpose.

The price of Nike Lunarglide 7 is affordable in comparison with other shoes that offer similar features and benefits.​

Previous versions Nike LunarGlide 7

Nike LunarGlide 6

In the upper, Nike LunarGlide 6 uses open mesh, Dynamic Flywire technology and Strobel Last for secure fit and lightweight support. The Lunarlon cushioning system in the 5th version is still present in the 6th to provide ample cushionng. Thanks to this cushioning feature, you will have a chance to enjoy comfortable and responsive ride in stability shoes. But the cushioning of these is much softer and gives a more comfortable ride for long distance running.

The cushioning in the midsole supports flat footed runners by preventing the foot from rolling inward. Despite the cushioned construction, the shoes are pretty light compared to other stability options on the market. Additionally, this 6th version allows a quick and smoother transition from heel to toes.

Aside from improving the original features such as the Dynamic Support material, gender- specific crash pad, flex grooves of outsole and so on, Nike LunarGlide 6 also uses new features to improve its performance. Anatomical Outsole is designed in to promote natural motion. This combines with BRS 1000 carbon rubber outsole to allow you to run well on various terrains.

These stability running shoes have an ample medial support to reduce and correct over pronation. This feature is also helpful in supporting runners with semi-low to low arches. Like Nike LunarGlide 5, these shoes provide durable traction and good shock absorption properties to deal with tracks, gravels and road terrains. Moreover, they also give better balance and reliable grip to allow runners to work on wet and slippery surfaces without falling or sliding. The Nike LunarGlide 6 is designed to help runners improve their performance running. Further, they are good for normal cross training or casual activities, but not speed tasks.​

Nike LunarGlide 5

In this version, Nike focused on improving flexibility and cushioning system to enhance overall comfort and performance of runners. An open mesh in the upper makes sure great breathability of the shoes. This keeps your feet dry and cool during your run. The midsole component is overhauled to be softer and more flexible that offers more comfortable underfoot feeling.

The Lunarlon Cushioning used in these shoes as top cushioning system to provide great shock absorption as well as foot protection to runners. Flywire construction in this version is also improved to give more support and protection while enhancing flexibility in forefoot area without affecting the fit of the shoes. This feature is efficient support for long distance runs. The Heel Cup is designed to hug and keep the heel section stable. Combine with the cushioning system; the Bottomless Carrier system found in the highly impacted areas gives more shock absorption, heel and forefoot protection during landing.

LunarGlide 5 is really ideal for long running not only because of plenty of cushioning but also The Dynamic Support Platform provides softness and support for a more comfortable ride. Stability and cushioning provided by the LunarGlide 5 are ideal for runners with medium to high arches.

Besides, the shoes have the ability to correct and reduce moderate over-pronation. These stability running shoes also encourage a more natural motion through their Anatomical Outsole Material and Flex Grooves for enhanced flexibility. The carbon rubber material outsole gives grip and durable traction for the shoes to work well on tracks, gravels, road terrains and slippery or wet surfaces.

However, they couldn’t be used for trail running because of lacking of some necessary features. They will be a great choice to improve your performance for every day, normal training and even long runs. Nike LunarGlide 5 is always one of the best stability running shoes out there.​

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Similar running shoes to Nike Lunarglide

There are many stability running shoes on the market. However, the ones provide similar amount of stability, flexibility and cushioning like Nike LunarGlide 7 are the New Balance 870, the Adidas Adistar Boost and the Nike Zoom Vomero.

New Balance 870

The New Balance 870 has a little lighter weight than Nike LunarGlide 7 but still provides great cushioning in the heel and forefoot. These stability running shoes are designed for moderate overpronators. Moreover, they also provide needed support for people with medium to high arches. And like Nike LunarGlide 7, New Balance 870 offers great flexibility to allow runners’ feet to move inside the shoes without restrictions.

Adidas Adistar Boost

The Adidas Adistar Boost is the second similar model to Nike LunarGlide 7. This is a great combination of stability and cushioning looked for by many runners. The shoes offer medium arch support as well as pronation control for runners who have mild to moderate over pronation. With flexibility and well-cushioned performance, these shoes will surely provide significant improvement in your long distance runs.

Nike Zoom Vomero

Lastly, the Nike Zoom Vomero is another similar running shoes to Nike LunarGlide 7. Despite being designed as a neutral model, these shoes offer great flexibility, stability and cushioning for your daily training. Although they are a bit heavier than Nike LunarGlide 7, they have a better support and stability for the heel section while running and walking.


I can confirm that Nike LunarGlide 7 is one of the most comfortable and responsive stability shoes I have ever worn. I would like to recommend these shoes for neutral runners who are looking for a lightweight daily racer or trainer and those who need stability to assist with over-pronation.

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