Nike Revolution 3 review

You will never believe that with a very cheap price, you can have good running shoes that can provide you with extra cushioning and support as well as great breathability for any of your workouts. But Nike Revolution 3 can do this unbelievable thing. Let’s discover these great shoes with me in the article below.

Nike Revolution 3 - Highlight features

  • Breathable mesh upper and breathable fabric lining are used in the construction for great breathability
  • Flex grooves for enhanced flexibility
  • Reinforced high wear areas
  • The cooling knit panels for fresh and cool environment inside the shoes.
  • Traction outsole with chunky sole unit and effective grip patterning
  • Deep horizontal and vertical flex grooves for enhanced flexibility as well as smoother stride

Nike Revolution Pros and Cons


  • Really comfortable with a nice fit
  • Deliver good breathability and high quality
  • Have good look with nice color combinations
  • The price can’t be beaten


  • The insole can't be removed
  • The cushioning is not the best

Nike Revolution 3 review

Nike Revolution 3


The shoes are great, extremely lightweight and very comfortable, especially under my feet. At first, the new protective padding on the ankle caused some discomfort to my feet. However, after a couple of uses, the shoes have molded well to my feet. This is designed with Single-layer mesh and minimal no-sew overlays as well as soft foam beneath the foot for significantly improved comfort. This is great to walk or run in and doesn't pinch my toes or cause any blisters. Generally, with the comfort these shoes provide, I am happy to wear them all day.


Before deciding to purchase these Nike’s shoes, I read a lot of reviews about it. Many reviews suggested ordering half size larger but I thought that is only for runners with wide feet or those who wear inserts. For those who have narrow feet like me, it is not necessary because after ordering my usual size, the shoes are not too tight or loose for me if I don’t want to say they fit my feet perfectly. The length is perfect, plenty of room for the toes to wiggle around. If you have wide feet, I wouldn’t recommend these because they seem to only accommodate narrow to medium feet. Overall, this version is improved to have better fit than previous models.


The cushioning of the shoes seems to be less than other cushioned shoes. However, they still give my feet the cushy feeling and enough support as well as shock absorption in each step to protect them from unwanted injuries caused by pressure and impact. Specifically, a full-length Phylon midsole offers lightweight cushioning and support to absorb many shocks. Its smooth lining and cushioning insole help you have smoother rides. Cushioned insole in Nike Revolution 3 design is great for those who are looking for a solution to their foot pain woes. Padded collar and tongue also add more cushioning to the shoes. However, if you feel that the cushioning the shoes deliver is not enough, you can use additional insoles to enhance it.

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I have bad heels and ankles but the support of these shoes is excellent. Whenever I train with them, I feel my ankles have been well supported thanks to the protective paddings of the ankle. Aside from this, it gives enough support so that I don’t end up hurting my knees. The soles might not work for runners with deep arches but they are like walking on pillow for my not-too-arched and flat feet. In other words, this model is seen as neutral to flatter sneakers; therefore, it has less arch support than other shoes. You can use orthotics to be sure you have more arch support you need. I want to suggest these for neutral to under pronators. Besides, these shoes also provide me with treatment support to deal with some regular problems of mine such as tendonitis in IT band or plantar fasciitis.


In terms of flexibility, it is considered to provide enough flexibility for users to perform their workouts in a natural way. Thanks to deep horizontal and vertical flex grooves featured in the outsole of Nike Revolution to provide a smoother stride for runner.


It stabilizes my walk and run even when having light weight and good flexibility. The shoe is very solid and works well in stabilizing runner’s feet in a place so that they don’t slide and shift around a lot.

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I like the breathable material and cooling knit panels used in the design of this version, which are nice as the temperatures is getting warmer. Plus, you can wash them in a washer and they will dry very quickly. But because of this feature, the shoes are not good in heavy rain or cold weather since that can make your feet cold, so you should wear thick socks to keep your feet warm in these weather conditions.

Quality and durability

This comes in the original package from Nike. The shoes are made of quality materials and very well constructed. It is built with synthetic leather that contributes to enhance durability. Aside from this, the outsole is made of a natural rubber - a highly durable material that is placed at important areas to prevent your shoes from being worn out quickly. My friend said she has used the shoes for a year and now they still look like new even though she goes to the gym 3-4 times a week, so their durability is reliable. What a huge upgrade from my old pair of Nike that was worn out! These are definitely worth every penny I paid for it.


I am very satisfied with the tread, grips and traction that the shoes provide. A natural rubber outsole provides not only excellent support and durability but also very good traction even on rough terrains. I don't have to worry about rocks or gravels getting lodged in the tread, which can be very annoying.


The shoes are designed for cross training and physical activities. In fact, I often wear them for casual everyday wear, gym as well as short or long walks without any complaints. They are also highly recommended for those who have to work on their feet all day because of their light weight and comfort. The Nike Revolution is also commended for its super grip and traction on slippery grounds, making it become a top choice for moody weather and wet environments.

I was so surprised it comes with a great price. The shoes have a nice look with many good and supportive features and the price can’t be any lower. Maybe due to this price, Nike Revolution 3 has become one of the best selling shoes on the market. I’m very happy with my purchase not only because of a good product in cheap price but also the place where I purchased this Nike trainer - Amazon.com, this is a really reliable address for online shopping.​


Like the 2nd version, this one also comes with an average weight compared to other shoes on the market that makes me feel like I’m not wearing anything, yet cushioned with good arch support. The weight is an advantage for users to wear these all day without tired feet.


This is the most beautiful and sleek athletic shoes I have ever seen. It has a minimal design that doesn’t make your feet feel larger when wearing. The color is an exact match to the image displayed. I bought a pair in black and white so they match with pretty much anything I wear. I get a lot of compliments on the shoes because of the color combination. They are not only great for my running but also look cute with all my gym outfits! I will buy another pair of this type in different color.

Previous versions of Nike Revolution 3

Nike Revolution 2

Nike Revolution 2 is designed with good features and technologies like the old Nike’s models while has some improvements and updates to enhance quality. Compared to the 3rd version, this old one seems to have narrower fit; therefore, you have to order half a size up to get perfect fit. If you are familiar with European sizes, keep in mind that the size chart is not correct here! (40 in European size is 9.5, not 8.5!). You will certainly love the way they hug your feet. The shoes are really light in weight but still offer fair amount of cushioning and support for workouts. Padded foot-bed and Phylon midsole take responsibility in providing the comfort and support to this model. In these, a full-length Phylon midsole is also used to provide lightweight cushioning and good shock absorption during running.

Nike Revolution 2 running shoes

In terms of support, Nike Revolution 2 delivers great heel and arch support as well as treatment support to alleviate your normal foot pain, if you have any. These are also designed with a combination of mesh for the ultimate breathability and synthetic leather for durability that allow your feet to stay dry and comfortable even in the toughest workouts. Breathability is really one of the best features that make these shoes preferable. The great tread and traction provided by the rubber outsole allow you to deal with many different rough terrains such as rocks and gravel. They come with an unbeatable price that is ideal for budget conscious people. There is a wide range of color combination. Like the 3rd version, Nike Revolution 2 is also ideal for cross training, physical activities as well as casual wear.

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Similar running shoes to Nike Revolution

There are many running shoes that have the similar features like Nike Revolution. However, it is difficult to find out ones that have both similar features and cheap price. In my opinion, The Nike Downshifter and Nike Air Relentless are the closest similar shoes to the Nike Revolution because of some following reasons.

Nike Downshifter

Firstly, The Nike Downshifter comes with a bit higher price than Nike Revolution but this price is still cheap compared to many other shoes. It also belongs to the neutral category. With the great combination of cushioning, stability and breathability, the shoes are certainly reliable trainer for beginners and advanced runners who have neutral pronation to improve their natural running movement.

Nike Air Relentless

Next, Nike Air Relentless is another similar running shoes to Nike Revolution. This is a little expensive alternative but offers great support, cushioning and flexibility. It is designed for daily training and performance workouts so these neutral shoes also feature a supportive midsole, breathable upper and wear- resistant outsole, which are very necessary for you to perform workouts efficiently. Some highlight features and technologies used in this model are the Reslon midsole, rubber waffle outsole, Air unit, Flex Grooves, mesh upper and synthetic leather overlays.​


I am very satisfied with the great support and overall construction of the shoes at a price that you really can't beat! And also because of this reason, Nike Revolution is always the top priority of runners, even the pickiest ones.

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Alana - September 30, 2016

I’m so happy with this shoes. I wanted a wide width shoe that was still a reasonable price and Very cushioned for running

Louie - February 17, 2017

They are the bestest shoes in my collections

Kante - April 2, 2017

Very comfortable shoe. They are the perfect fit and love the colors. Great for walking or jogging


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