Puma Faas 600 v3 Review

Some runners choose running shoes because they have necessary support for their runs while other pays too much attention to the look. Catching these trends, Puma has introduced to runners a new product that is both supportive and beautiful. It is Puma Faas 600 v3. Let’s look at some information about them.

Highlight features and technologies

  • The outsole is made from EverTrack+ rubber for high durability and good traction.
  • Flex grooves in the outsole provide additional flexibility for more natural foot movement.
  • FaasFoam Lite cushioning system offers plenty of cushioning to the shoes
  • FaasFoam Infinity ensures durability of midsole.
  • The EverFit 2.0 in the upper provides more secure fit to the foot.
  • The Ortholite Sock Liner keeps inside environment fresh.


The rubber used in the outsole of the shoes looks very durable and thick. It is placed on high-wear areas to ensure durability, protects the sole unit from unexpected damage caused by exposure or friction to road debris as well as provides good traction on asphalt. Besides, this unit also features flex grooves, lateral release grooves and a decoupled heel to provide a smoother and more flexible ride. Especially, flex grooves will bring more flexibility to the foot, this is very important during the gait cycle.


The midsole provides resilient and responsiveness run through the FaasFoam Lite cushioning system, which also gives protection and comfort to the foot. Besides, the FaasFoam Infinity (a mix of foam and rubber), a very resilient layer that keeps midsole work effectively even after many uses.


Puma Faas 600 v3 upper

The upper unit is designed with much less stitching in comparison with previous versions. It utilizes weave mesh panels to offer a glove-like fit and an engineered air mesh to bring high breathability. The upper is responsive and flexible like woven clothes and doesn’t limit or restrict the foot’s natural movement. Additionally, it features the EverFit 2.0, a mid-foot securing material. This feature combines with the lacing system to hug the foot snugly and hold it in place. The Ortholite Sock Liner put above the midsole with its antimicrobial function helps manage moisture to keep the interior environments clean and healthy.

Puma Faas 600 v3 Reviews

Puma Faas 600 v3


It felt really comfortable when I put them on for the first time. Each stride becomes comfortable thanks to the FaasFoam Lite cushioning system, which usually delivers full-length cushioning to my foot. The design of the upper unit always brings the foot fresh and breathable feeling. I really love the soft materials used to build up the shoes because they make me feel immediately comfortable whenever I put my feet on the 3rd version of Puma Faas 600 shoes.


Puma Faas 600 v3 seems to fit as advertised. When it comes to length, this version follows regular measurements. In terms of width, my feet are a little wider and I also have orthotics so it's hard to find shoes I can fit in comfortably, but these met my requirement. Besides, this version has some updated features in the upper to improve the fit. Generally, for several months in use, I have never had any blisters with these shoes.


The shoes provide a firmer responsive ride than I expected despite plenty of cushioning. FaasFoam Lite cushioning system is the main source of these Puma’s shoes. Additionally, the outsole as well as the Ortholite Sock Liner also adds more cushioning to the shoes. However, the amount of cushioning provided is enough for occasional runners, but can’t be used as daily trainers.

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The first support runners can receive from Puma Faas 600 v3 is lightweight. These also provide a smooth heel to toe transition and great stability for runners who require pronation support. Besides, the firm foam support helps keep you from miss-stepping in the gait transition.


Generally, materials used in construction of the shoes have good quality. Especially, EverTrack+ rubber placed on high-wear areas of the outsole keeps a very important role in maintaining durability of the shoes. Although this material is indeed durable, durability of this version doesn’t meet the standards to become daily high mileage training shoes. But at their price level, they don’t make me too disappointed.


Because of the firm responsive ride they provide, The Faas 600 v3 running shoes are suitable to use on hard surfaces. Besides, with good traction from rubber outsole, you can be confident to perform on roads, asphalt, dry or wet surfaces without worrying too much about being slipped.


I fell in love with the look of them at first sight. The Faas 600 v3 shoes have robust, modern and beautiful designs like their predecessor, which is the first thing I noticed about them. It looks like the type of shoes you bought not for running purposes, but only styling alone.


Beside the great comfort I felt when putting them on, a light weight also made me strongly impressed. In fact, the shoes are far lighter than they look. They were so light that I didn’t feel anything on my feet.


With all good and updated features, this version can be used for short and long distance runs. I also use them on treadmill almost daily without any problems. As I said, the look of Puma Faas 600 v3 is so beautiful I often use them for daily wearing. Moreover, thanks to their lightweight, runners can use them for speed works.

Puma Faas 600 v3 - Pros and Cons


  • High breathability thanks to the air mesh upper.
  • Weave mesh panels offer glove-like fit.
  • The EverTrack+ rubber outsole ensures high durability for the shoes.
  • Great comfort.
  • The price is affordable.


  • The tongue is not padded enough.
  • A few runners experienced blisters because the lining rubs against the skin.

Similar running shoes to Puma Faas 600

Saucony Cortana

The first similar shoe to Puma Faas 600 v3 that I want to mention is Saucony Cortana 4. These are relatively lightweight neutral shoes. It provides a comfortable ride and responsive cushioning thanks to PowerGrid technology. This technology can offer 20% more cushioning than other midsole foam units on the market. The shoes have durable outsole that uses XT-900 compound to give great durability as well as traction on the road.

New Balance 870

Secondly, I highly recommend New Balance 870 v4 to replace Puma Faas 600 v3. These also belong to the lightweight trainer category that are most suitable for short and long distances runs. The shoes provide neutral and slight over-pronators with the perfect arch support to reduce slight inward rolling of their foot. In short, it does greater job than expected at its price level.

New Balance Vazee Prism

Finally, New Balance Vazee Prism is another similar running shoe to Puma Faas 600 v3. Although this is a stability shoe, it is quite light. Especially, this lightweight stability trainer is blended with flexibility that other shoes rarely have. Besides, New Balance Vazee Prism also provides incredible breathability and superior comfort to replace great advantages runners often receive from Puma Faas shoes. The shoe is indeed one of the best replacements for Puma Faas 600 v3.

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Previous version of Puma Faas 600 v4

Puma Faas 600 v2

The Puma Faas 600 v2 is a great choice for everyday runners who are looking for lightweight cushioning shoes. The midsole of the shoes is made from pumas Faas foam. But these provide a firmer ride than expected that maybe because of the thicker rubber used in the outsole. When it comes to the outsole, I noticed that rubber is only used on the forefoot and heel, not the whole outsole but still offers good traction in dry and wet surfaces.

Additionally, the 2nd version of Puma Faas is also appreciated about the highly breathable feature. A foam material with very thin mesh overlay of the upper part created this great feature. Reflective material on the heel and over the toe helps increase safety when you run at night. In the upper, I am not satisfied with the odd tongue shape and lacing structure which made it hard to keep my heel in place and my foot secured in the shoes, especially when running downhill. However, I think that these few flaws can be improved.

In short, this version provides runners with an average running experience. They come with a good looking so you can use them not only for running or workout but also for daily wearing.

Conclusion, The Puma Faas 600 v3 provides a great combination of lightweight support and comfort. I highly recommend these good shoes for runners who need pronation support as well as those who want to own a pair of shoes that are supportive and at the same time have a nice look.

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