Puma Tazon 6 Fm Review

Are you now searching for a sleek fitness shoe that can prevent all foot-related injuries with its highly comfortable midfoot saddle? Puma Tazon 6 Fm is definitely your best choice! It naturally sets itself apart from the rest of other competitors with a stylish sneaker sports form that can give the runners the maximum breathability throughout the hot run! Pick it up right away and build up your own confidence from start to finish!

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    Following some athletes, they loved the Puma Tazon 6 Fm due to its high comfort throughout the runs.
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    A few runners prefer the mesh material in the shoes’ upper since it provided them with a nicely breathable coverage during the sports performance
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    As stated by some users, they comment that the trainers were able to deliver the sufficient cushioning, especially the heel section.
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    Most wearers said that they feel happy and very confident about wearing the shoe’s stylish look and available color options.
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    Numerous customers are contented with the premium construction and structure of the Tazon 6 Fm shoe
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    According to a few testers, they claim to possibly utilize the footwear in a great variety of outdoor and indoor activities, from gym exercises to casual walks.
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    It was sold at an affordable price, as stated by a few users
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    The pair of sneakers were praised to be super comfy and very good looking, perfectly fit for putting on every chance
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    Features the high-quality dual mesh upper material with synthetic overlays for the highest breathability and for a smooth running experience
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    EVA midsole foam is meant to bring massive cushioning system for the runners while they’re running on the road
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    The ideal footwear to offer the trustworthy underfoot support on any surface
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    Made of the lightweight material that provides the extra stability for the arch

Amazingly made to give the more protection to feet than other regular running shoes, Puma Tazon 6 Fm is promised to be the best shoes which you can roll your feet in whenever you run. Put it on to help to fix your overpronation - usually occurs when rolling foot so far to the inside and supination - happens when we roll foot outward during the run.

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

PROS & CONS of Puma Tazon 6 Fm


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    Depending on different customer reviews, the Puma Tazon 6 Fm is a great footwear owns a stylish and striking design
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    Runners and testers were both happy to explore that the look of the shoe actually allows itself to be widely used for any occasion and activities other than fitness performance
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    All of the testers get the feeling that the Tazon 6 this time is well-made of premium material and help them stay strong and confident from start to end
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    Many wearers commented on how comfortable the running shoe really felt whenever using it for walking or running
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    The shoe’s insoles were another greatly satisfying addition to the entire cushioning system, following some reviewers
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    Testers feel so pleasant with the abundant and eye-catching color schemes
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    They all appear delighted at how effective the shoe really is as a cross trainer
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    As noted in user comments, the shoe does such a great job in offering enough cushioning while giving our feet a highly breathable coverage during the run


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    By following a majority of testers and runners, the shoe felt a bit too tiny and narrow, making it harder to run and causing the tester to return his order
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    A few reviewers claimed that the shoe was slightly uncomfortable when wearing the first time. Clearly enough, it needs them one week to actually fit in and that was a bit too long for them
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    Many testers complained that their feet became so hot easily when wearing them
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    In another user’s opinion, he emphasized the true level of comfort the shoe brings from the inside: He supposed that the in-shoe feel feels not comfy enough for a long run or a half of a marathon
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    The shoe’s sole was also said to be thin slightly and one of the testers experienced the sole itself coming off right after he started to run on rough terrain

Puma Tazon 6 Fms Description


The Puma Tazon 6 Fm is highly appreciated with its premium dual-mesh upper material together with the synthetic overlays. Because of that, the runners get to experience the maximum breathability for a well-ventilated feeling throughout the runs no matter how rough the road was. For such a well-cushioned ride, the footwear of Puma is built with the EVA midsole foam that ensures a comfy and reliable underfoot experience.

It’s intentionally designed to guarantee things to be enjoyed to the fullest, especially while we’re running on the road. This extra addition to the heel is a great and efficient EVA heel pod that is meant for both extra cushioning function and shock absorption. Another great bonus of the shoe is the shank made of TPU, available strategically to offer us the great underfoot assistance.

 This superb lightweight material will be able to add more stability for the entire arch. Particularly, this TPU is abrasion resistant, very elastic, powerful and even grease or oil-proof. People love the idea of its semi-solid structure right in the middle part of the shoe’s outsole, too, especially when this can help to increase the efficacy of the general propulsion throughout the running session.


The midsole of the Puma Tazon 6 Fm is covered for more comfort, ensuring the users to run in the best mood most of the time. Not just that, it also knows how to offer them a much smoother ride and a gentler landing no matter what type of surface is. Though the whole cushioning is not that plush, it remains sufficient to offer our foot average comfort and protection.

Right inside the sock liner, this extra insert also plays a vital part in keeping the surrounding environment within the footwear when it can absorb the foot sweat and helps to neutralize perfectly the bacteria - one of the main reasons causing your foot odor. Also, the shoe’s unique structure is said to be more environmentally friendly due to its great formulation that is highly bio-based.

 With the presence of the EVA foam in the midsole, it makes every runner feel the optimized comfort and so reliable protection for the underfoot support. Its EVA heel pod design also serves a great role in bettering up the shock absorption and extra heel cushioning system. The saddle in the midfoot makes itself present so that the wearers are given the optimized fit and increased comfort.


The shoes’ upper is built of the synthetic leather that has the attractive graphic texture on the quarter panel. This type of material helps to add more to the general durability of the footwear and offers the dorsal component of the foot with the minimal assistance when running or walking. On the lateral sides of them would be the Puma strips that do not just serve as advertised on the shoe but also plays as the structures that are meant to assist the sides of your foot.

The strips of the shoes sitting on the top of the synthetic leather upper, therefore, adding higher durability to the entire running experience. Perforations can be explored on the toe box, close to the general lacing system and right on the edge of the collar. Such little holes enable your foot to breathe since they can freely let the air completely pass through, making the runners feel easier to reach the goals.

 Right in the forefoot segment is the T-toe texture, which is made of the leather sitting on top of the primary upper material. This offers our toes a few more supports. Apart from that, it helps to further increase the durability of the section where it’s lying. Furthermore, the lacing closure of the Puma Tazon 6 Fm is recognized to link to a quarter panel - known to give the runners a secure fit when all laces are well-tightened to prevent any foot slippage.

Puma Tazon 6 Fm Review


Let’s forget temporarily about how narrow the pair of running shoes might annoy you according to some users. Puma Tazon 6 this time is so efficient when having a secure impact-absorbing texture with the highly breathable EVA cushioning system. Undeniably, the insoles are properly the best part that needs to be repeated several times when offering a pleasant addition to the cushioning.

Since featuring the highly-durable synthetic leather overlays for greater stability that helps to lock our midfoot, the shoe is also able to impress us with the full-length foam that turns the cushioned landings into such an amazingly explosive takeoffs. Owning these strategically positioned rubber traction, your running shoes never fail to blanket the high-impact zone for better durability, of course, with less weight. 

 For fresh runners, the Puma Tazon 6 Fm shoes are built in with the protective cushioning that can keep anyone feel so motivated and highly psyched when it comes to pavement pounding. Besides, its removable sock liner that can accommodate the orthotics and the cushioned system with several mesh weave underlays as well as the beautiful side logos for the perfect performance.


The running shoe of Puma in this version features the solid and long-lasting leather overlays for greater stability that can help to lock in the wearers’ midfoot. Besides, its full-length EVA sock liner here delivers a great support and guarantee us a custom fit. Such sneakers also have the EVA foam that naturally turns the cushioned landings into the massive takeoffs.

Thanks to the solid bonded design cradles and assist our foot very well to boost the general running performance of the runners. The risk of ankle tripping is said to go low due to the shoe’s flexibility. Owning this flexible pair, you’ll be able to become more comfortable and productive the entire day. Aside from this, with the laces of for custom fit and tender lining for extra comfort, the Tazon 6 Fm deserves a try for those who want to increase efficiency.

 The shoe’s professional performance is just not like any other non-flexible and bulky shoe that some runners might often wear to the gym. This version will bring us a comfy low-cut model that can boost the running performance considerably. Not to mention how both leather and textile fabrics used to make the shoe are more solid and reliable than other ones, the pair is just super light and ensuring us to have an enjoyable fitness time.


Not just minimizing the load on our feet while running, walking and hiking, the Puma Tazon 6 Fm is trusted to bring the high level of comfort and breathability at the same time. The shoe’s heel pod that is made of EVA foam material that seems gentle and tender enough to deliver the proper amount of cushioning, but remains highly sturdy as well as responsible for the sufficient shock absorption with your every stride.

Each of the shoes owning durable and unique design that is built of high-quality textile and leather that are so light and breathable. There’s no need to worry more about any feet overheating problem or how they become so sweaty due to the low ventilation. The shoes’ soles along with its anatomic footbed are good enough to cradle every foot so well for the highest stability, comfort, and breathability.

 The mode is popular among men and women in term of indoor and outdoor workouts. But greater than that, the mesh fabric is lightweight and so breathable, that can support the ankles so well without impairing the runners’ motion. Whilst exercising thereby, you need to move freely and then own a productive time in general. Another noticeable feature is properly the ability to help the athletes to male multi-directional movements.


With a nice combination of impressively appointed outsole tread and the anti-debris mesh material, the shoe ensures the strong grip on any running surface both in wet and sloppy conditions. For such an undeniable integration of comfort, the shoe no wonder steals the hearts of so many users nowadays, aside from its wider contact surface, which is said to be so stable.

Its heel is really wide across the sole section to form a more trustworthy contact surface. Moreover, the shoe’s weight is considerably reduced, but going with a bigger traction. Basically, this sporty shoe style is made to be just fast enough so it can let you catch up with your own pace. However, what makes the shoe highly favored by so many users is properly its grip and traction.

 The general material is specifically availed in the shoe’s outsole to guard it against the damage triggered by continuous usage. The moderate grip won’t make the shoe utterly slip on specific surfaces. The outsole of the Tazon 6 Fm avails such a durable rubber compound, which is intentionally positioned in the sole unit to add high protection to the high-wear sections.


Owning an extremely responsive ground feel and a highly-cushioned but not too gentle ride, the Puma Tazon 6 Fm running shoe is made to log every mile. Apart from the mesh upper, the footwear owns a boost midsole that can turn your fast, light but strong energy to your own steps. Perfectly, the shoe has the molded TPU to enhance the stability around your heel.

The EVA heel pod is an extremely durable foam material that is gentle enough to give us the right amount of cushioning, but still solid and responsive to provide every runner with enough shock absorption with the runner’s all strides. So pick it up for the innovative and responsive midsole cushioning which will provide us with a good energy return on all steps.

 The improved construction with a more responsive foam cushioning system that blends nicely with the performance and shoe’s comfort, making the pair a solid option for all runs of any specific length. Let’s make you become more visible to others on the trails. It potentially boosts the running stability and traction, particularly when cornering. And sure enough, you’ll be satisfied with how great it is to conform to your foot’s motion without increasing your lower limb strain.


The Tazon 6 Fm’s average weight for men and women are both around 312 - 367g. With a highly trustworthy underfoot cushioning while walking and working out on the trails, the shoe is designed for not just for shock absorption but also added stability for the arch. Besides, the TPU shank of the footwear is also available to deliver the reliable underfoot assistance. Such a lightweight material is the main element adding stability to your arch.

 Are you struggling with the weight loss and looking to stay dynamic in your leisure time? Though any cardiovascular workout such as weightlifting and running works so well, take cross training into account. The shoe gives us such a fun and fulfilling kind of workout that most women really appreciate. It owns a highly lightweight synthetic body with durable fabric overlays that can absorbs shock so well, making your performance productive all day.


Though looking like a shoe that was made for fashion and casual wearing occasions, the Puma Tazon 6 Fm’s functionality can’t be ignored as it comes to the usefulness. It’s so good-looking as a neutral road shoe, and worth being a highly effective running and gym companion of every runner. Now come in style and confidence with the Puma logo, and let these running shoes bring you the best running experience from start to end!

 Its durable synthetic leather material built in the upper as well as the signature Puma strip at the shoe’s outer side ensures the wearers’ optimum fit and comfort. Lace up the Tazon 6 and then stay as much comfortable as possible with these badass running sneaker’ technology, you will know that this version of Puma actuallt offers high value for money.


Puma Tazon 5

Running is definitely a fantastic workout and if you’re one of them who addicts to running several miles a day, then don’t miss Puma Tazon 5 cross-training shoe. It keeps you running with the high motivation so that you can accomplish the task fast and effectively. This is molded to your foot and ensures the high level of comfort for the runs.

Puma Tazon 4

Puma Tazon 4 model is famous for its smooth and stable ride, which all thanks to the well-cushioned midsole area and highly supportive synthetic leather material in the upper. The shoe’s also favored by its great durability and traction on a wide variety of surfaces, so perfect for your running of any level. Well, Tazon 4 is just that sort of sneaker you need!

Puma Tazon 3

Another excellent update of Puma but with a design that is pretty much inspired by the Cell Therid II. Its clean and awesome vamp and all stitch details throughout the footwear would be an extra bonus that makes you want to get it home right away. The upper design of the shoe is nicely combined with its EVA cushioned heel, which is now available at a great price.


Puma Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s Fm Cross-Trainer Shoe

What makes this model of Puma slightly different here is properly its sturdy structure depending on the thickness of the runner’s feet. More impressively, the pair is also ideal for long hikes and intense cross-training as compared to the original Puma.

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The most similar running shoes to the Puma Tazon 6Fm are Mizuno Wave Ultima 8, Adidas PowerBlaze and Mizuno Wave Creation 18.

Mizuno Wave Ultima 8

The shoe can totally deliver a high-quality and sturdy performance to anyone who has taken it for a spin. Obviously, there are different comments about its great parts and high functionality, and most of them are so positive. It has gained the favor of those who have seen it as the most reliable trail running footwear and for those owning the neutral gaits.

Adidas PowerBlaze

Owning the maximized cushioning system and the fantastic traction as well as the great breathability, Adidas Powerblaze has easily gained so many fans in the today market right from the date of its launch. The pair is just perfect for those neutral road runners who are actually searching for the progressive gripping features and high breathability in a fitness shoe.

Mizuno Wave Creation 18

With the certainly high performance and premium service to any neutral runner who is in need of a trustworthy running companion for the most active lifestyles. Some of the users even praised a lot about its versatility since they’re capable of using it for different sorts of road activities. Besides, there are some who do not seem perfectly satisfied with it, especially its unresponsive underfoot support or cushioning system.


There are a significant number of runners and testers are claimed to really admire the unique design and establishment of the Puma Tazon 6 Fm shoe. Highly satisfied with the shoe’s high durability, breathability, comfort and cushioning, the users are said to see it a valuable investment for their whole fitness routine. Its cushioning system brings us the great ride in every step, thanks to the EVA midsole foam and reliable underfoot support while you’re running on the trail of different surfaces.

 The shoe also enhances the overall durability and stability due to the lacing system and secure coverage. Not just that, the Tazon 6 Fm of Puma own a great pad that can maintain your running motion as gender as possible regardless of the way your own foot would strike the ground. Above all, it’s still a great buy with the good colors and styles you will love!
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