Reebok Quickchase Review

Reebok Quickchase is one of the best quality and the most highly appreciated shoes that customers, especially runners, want to have. The appearance and structure of this shoe can easily attract dynamic and energetic athletes. With the mesh on the upper part as well as the comfort and flexibility in the inner sole, it is no doubt that you shall obtain wonderful experience while running in the shoe.

The shoes offer two different colors including White/Blue and Black/Solar Yellow with two main materials like leather and textile. Therefore, you can feel almost nothing on your feet with these shoes. Follow the review below so that you can decide whether these Reebok incredible shoes can meet your requirements for good running shoes.

Reebok Quickchase – Highlight features and technologies

  • The shoes are facilitated with a lot of tiny mesh on the upper part thereby leaving them dry and cool all the time in spite of how long you practice and do heavy or light exercises. There is no way your feet get sweaty and sticky to the inner soles. What you may feel is the sense of comfort and relaxation.
  • These shoes are also made from leather and textile, which are excellent choices for you to consider depending on your main usage purposes. With leather shoes, you don’t need to worry too much about durability and flexibility as the leather material is really strong and flexible. The leather shoes can stretch to your feet shape while your feet don’t feel damaged or painful at all.
  • The textile material, on the other hand, is well resistant to water and lightweight. Furthermore, they are durable and good at supporting your feet.
  • The rubber sole is a plus to these shoes. It is firm and sturdy enough to withstand your body weight but does not cause any damage and discomfort to your feet. The rubber sole, moreover, is equipped with large and big grinds to enhance the shoe traction while you run on wet grounds and unbalanced surfaces.
  • The cushioning is also an advantage of these shoes as it helps reduce sudden shocks to your feet and protect you from injuries while moving and running. A shoe without a good responsiveness can make your foot uncomfortable. Your feet often end up hurting too much for days after running. With Reebok Quickchase, you can walk or run for a long time without pain.
Reebok Quickchase running shoes


  • The shoe’s toe box is roomy enough for your feet to spare
  • The midsole of the shoe is designed especially for gender purpose and shock absorbing
  • The shoes’ cushioning and responsiveness are enhanced
  • The arch part is high enough to protect your arches. You will be surprised as your feet fit right in place once you put on these shoes.
  • The design and structure of the shoes deliver a strong and energetic image for professional athletes and those who often run and do heavy workouts.
  • Suitable for various usage purposes such as running, walking, jogging and heavy activities.
  • The comfort and flexibility are obviously the best.
  • Available extra width for those with unique feet sizes.
  • The shoes are lightweight
  • Excellent breathability for foot dryness and comfort


  • The colors of the shoes are limited with two main choices
  • The shoe is considered an expensive product so far

Reebok Quickchase description


The rubber outsole provides super durable protection layer that enhances the shoes’ resistance to different surface nature. As a result, the outsole cannot easily peel off and may last long. Thanks to sturdy and strong rubber outsole, the shoes can maintain its functioning and responsiveness during massive races and multiple uses.

What is more, the outsole is facilitated with large grinds and grooves to prevent you from falling off the ground and to keep you remain your balance on slippery grounds. Such flex grooves are thick enough to allow your feet to move naturally. Therefore, potential injuries and pains can be reduced and limited.


The light midsole provides you with a light feel of your underfoot. The midsole is upgraded so that it might be bouncier, thereby leaving your feet more responsive and propulsive than you can expect. Furthermore, the midsole is light in weight so that you don’t need to drag your foot down. The cushioning EVA foam midsole helps boost up your feet.

During your moving up and down, the shoe can handle the shock and disperse the pressure of your body weight. For this reason, your feet feel comfortably and smoothly.


The upper part of the shoes is made from leather and textile materials with a stretch mesh for breathability and comfort. On the one side, the leather material is extremely good for your feet as it makes sure that your feet will not smell and prevents nasty odors in the toe box. On the other side, the leather enables you to clean the shoes easily and conveniently. Then, you can put your shoes in a dry and cool place for next uses.

If you prefer textile material, this Reebok Quickchase shoe can satisfy you. It helps reduce the weight of the shoes, thereby leaving your feet a good sense of relaxation. Textile material can stretch well to let your foot fixed in the right place without any damage and hurt.

The breathable upper mesh allows the air to come in and out of the shoes easily. As a result, your feet are kept dry all the time. Also, thanks to this such tiny mesh, the shoes are flexible and stretchable for your feet to spread inside the toe box.

The seamless upper construction can allow you to wear the shoes without wearing socks. Don’t worry that your toes and arches can get hurt as the toe box is soft and comfortable. By this way, your feet are protected from blisters and welts due to rubbing.

Reebok Quickchase Review

Comfort of Reebok Quickchase

In my opinion, the comfort is the most important feature that I want for a good shoe. The comfort depends on different factors. Some might find this shoe comfortable, but some don’t.Well, a shoe that delivers comfort to wearers shall provide good breathability, durability, and flexibility. Of course, the more comfortable the shoe is, the fewer blisters and pains you experience.

This Reebok Quickchase offers you the most comfort as the upper shoe can adapt to your feet for the customized fit. Furthermore, the midsole facilitated with good cushioning function can boost up your feet while you move and run. Consequently, you don’t feel painful when you do heavy jumping workouts or when you suddenly confront with shocks.

Furthermore, thanks to the good breathability in the upper and toe box parts, your feet feel cool and dry regardless of how much and how long you do workouts. Besides, it is the good airflow that prevents bad smells and odors inside the toe box, which might affect your feet.

Fit and size

The Reebok Quickchase might be true to your foot size. It is well designed for gender specific purpose. When it comes to the shoe length, men and women can be satisfied as they can find these shoes a perfect choice. They can choose the exact sizes to fit their feet. Furthermore, as the upper part is indeed stretchable and flexible to get adapted well to different types of feet and those with unique feet measurements, you are now confident that the Reebok Quickchase shoe is a preferred option.

On the other hand, the seamless upper part enables you to wear these shoes without socks. Your feet shall fit right in the toe box. Therefore, you might not experience the blisters due to rubbing. The high arch part prevents your arches from going out of the shoes. It, on the other side, locks your foot tightly inside the shoes.

Moreover, thanks to the lace-up closure, your foot is fixed in the toe box. Even if you run very fast or you jump up and down continuously, your shoes will not come off.


As the Reebok Quickchase shoes are specifically designed for runners and those who often have heavy workouts, the cushioning function is focused. Frequently hard exercises and activities often cause you injuries and damages in your feet. As a result, a shoe with excellent responsiveness can reduce risks of suffering such bad experience.

The Reebok Quickchase shoes are facilitated with the cushioning EVA foam midsole to help you stand strong before sudden shocks and slippery surfaces. When you do workouts heavily and fast, you face cramps. Careless motions and activities might cause unexpected pains in your feet bones. The Reebok Quickchase shoes provide you with a reliable cushioning EVA system for free actions and reduction in injuries.


The Reebok Quickchase shoes offer overall support to your feet. The rubber outsoles are equipped with large grinds and flex grooves for better traction. For this reason, the shoes limit risks of you falling off the ground while running and doing heavy exercises. The lace-up closure, furthermore, locks your feet in the toe box even when you do not tighten the shoelaces properly.

The curved strip on the shoe’s back heel lies right in the place between your heel and your ankle joint. This, consequently, enhances the natural form of your feet from heel to toe.

Stability and flexibility

As I have mentioned earlier, this shoe is stable thanks to its sturdy and firm rubber outsoles. Once you put the shoes on, your feet feel comfortable inside the toe box. You step on wet and slippery grounds and are afraid of falling over? With Reebok Quickchase shoes, this situation is limited. The cushioning function works properly and stably so that you can truly depend on it to run and move fast.

Besides, the stretchable upper mesh allows your feet more room to spread. The rubber soles are also flexible for your toes to bend when you land your feet and walk.

Weight and Look

Overall the construction of the shoes shows you a high quality and highly reliable product that satisfies you a lot. The shoes are lightweight (about 10 ounces). As a matter of fact, you can own a shoe with lightweight comfort, flexibility, and stability in one package. The appearance, on the other hand, is a success as it delivers a sporty and energetic image for those who wear the shoes.

Grip and traction

The Reebok Quickchase shoes are facilitated with large grinds and grooves in the outsoles which increase the traction of the shoes. Besides, they enhance your feet stability and balance on slippery grounds. Even when you run on hard and sharp surfaces, the grips protect your feet from being injured. The capability to withstand the body weight and heavy equipment during workouts is improved.

Thanks to good traction, you are now confident that you can run and move at your best without worrying much about falling off or getting hurt.


The Reebok Quickchase shoes are designed for both women and men. With their excellent multiple functions and construction, the shoes are best for use in running, heavy fitness and hitting workouts. Furthermore, you can wear the shoes in different activities such as normal and light exercises. This is due to the shoes’ stability and comfort.

Similar running shoes to Reebok Quickchase shoes

Apart from these Reebok Quickchase shoes, I can introduce more good choices of running shoes so that you can have a better understanding of available athletic shoes in the market.

Reebok Zquick Soul GP Running Shoe

Reebok offers a variety of running shoes for your reference. The Reebok Zquick Soul shoes are a good choice to consider. The shoe's weight around 3 pounds and easily attract us thanks to their excellent and outstanding appearance and design. The upper sole is made from fabric and synthetic materials. You should know that synthetic material is really good at water resistance.

Therefore, when you wear these Reebok Zquick running shoes in wet conditions, your feet feel lighter. Furthermore, it is very convenient for you to clean the shoes up. Your shoes will be long lasting. Several runners said that these shoes delivered a sense of fit and comfort. This is partially due to the seamless upper sole which allows you to wear the shoes without wearing socks. Reebok uses Fusion Fit technology in the upper part to offer you better relaxation of your feet.

The rubber outsole is facilitated with CRTek high-abrasion technology to make the shoe more responsive and stable while running and moving hard. Besides, the lace-up closure enables your feet to fit right in the toe box without tightening the shoelaces properly. Some comment that even when they put on the shoes for a whole day, they still feel comfortable.

The price is affordable that you can expect. Now that you already know another shoe with awesome comfort, stability and cushioning.

Adidas Energy Cloud Running Shoe

Another running shoes from Adidas can impress you a lot. Adidas Energy Cloud shoes offer you a wide range of colors and sizes. Even though they are mainly designed and constructed for running, you can wear them in different conditions regardless of types of exercises and workouts. There are two main materials including textile and synthetics. The mesh upper allows better breathability, thereby letting the air flow in and out of the shoes easily.

For this reason, the toe box is always dry and cool. No bad smell and odors can affect your feet. The rubber sole with a lot of grinds and flex grooves enhances the shoe traction. Consequently, you can run and move on slippery and rough grounds without worrying much about your balance maintenance. The shoes, besides, are lightweight at around 10.7 ounces.

One more impressive feature of Adidas Energy Cloud Running Shoes lies in foam midsole for comfort and best cushioning. The superior cushioning allows the excellent responsiveness and boosting up against sudden shocks. When you practice and do exercises heavily and fast, you face the risks of painful muscles and cramps. Now that with EVA cushioning system, the shoe help restricts such unexpected experience.

The price is various but still affordable for your reference. The lace-up closure locks your feet properly in the toe box. You shall feel a sense of comfort and relaxation even when you don’t tighten the shoelaces well.

New Balance 541v1 Running Shoe

Have you heard of New Balance 541 Version 1? I can make sure that these shoes are a good option in your list of running shoes. The shoe's weight about 8 ounces and come out in three colors including Grey, Black, and Dark Grey. One point that I love the most about this New Balance shoe is its removable insole. You can replace the inner soles for your preference. When the inner sole doesn’t make you feel comfortable, you can choose other ones to fit your feet better.

The upper sole is made from textile and synthetics which make the shoes more resistant to water and wet conditions. Besides, you can easily clean your shoes up when they get dirty. By this way, your shoes always look new and get ready for many uses. The rubber outsoles with plenty of grinds and grooves can enhance the shoe stability and balance maintenance.

Imagine that you often run in the morning, and today it is raining. With this New Balance 541 V1, you can be more confident in every step you take without worrying about falling off. Even if you suddenly confront with shocks due to rough grounds, the shoes are still a good and reliable partner. If you want the shoes, the price is affordable, and sizes are always available for both men and women.

ASICS GEL Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe

Asics is also famous for its running shoe products of which Asics Gel Venture 5 shoes impress me the most. The main color is black and gray which combine with each other to create a wide variety of color mixtures for customers to choose. The upper sole is made from synthetic material. For this reason, the shoes are good for water resistance and easy to clean up. The design and construction of the shoes successfully deliver a sporty and energetic image to active and healthy runners.

With the mesh over the upper part of the shoes, the air can flow in and out of the toe box easily, thereby leaving your feet dry and cool for a whole day regardless of how much and how long you do exercises. The rubber sole with a lot of large grinds and flex grooves improve the shoe traction. The AHAR outsole system supports high wear areas. For this reason, you can stand strong and maintain your balance well in spite of how much slippery the grounds are.

What is more, the Rearfoot GEL cushioning technology enhances the shoe responsiveness to sudden shocks. Your feet, therefore, are protected, and injuries are limited. The inner sole is removable which helps prevent bad odors from the toe box. If you wonder about the shoe price? Well, it is affordable for a shoe of comfort, good breathability and cushioning.

Final words

The Reebok Quickchase shoes are worthy of your money as the shoes are the combination of features that the best shoes should have. The shoes are comfortable, flexible and durable which make them a reliable partner for runners. Reebok dedicates these shoes to highly active and energetic runners who always look for great and awesome pairs of shoes.

Excellent cushioning and stretchable upper sole are the two most outstanding features that I see in these Reebok Quickchase shoes. Available in two vibrant colors, the shoes can go beyond your expectations in different aspects. What are you waiting for? Let’s go to the shoe store and get your suitable Reebok Quickchase shoes.

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These shoes are pretty cool and comfortable & the gel insoles feel good


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