Reebok Runner Running Shoes Review

We’re working on a backlog of reviews on shoes, but we’ll discuss more about Reebok Runner this time after getting them tested lately. First, let’s agree that Reebok Runner with each colored zone owns a completely different level of cushioning, which is said to be enough for the athletes to handle long runs. If you’re looking for a great mixture of high comfort, modern style, and agility, consider Reebok’s brand new sneakers - try the Reebok Runner, which definitely satisfies all of your demand.


  • Keep feet as cool and comfortable as possible on the run, making you feel like walking on cotton.
  • Provides many testers and athletes with a reliable fit, especially the shoes remain the comfy throughout the whole experience.
  • Looks perfectly lightweight, giving to some of its fans a full-customized underfoot activities.
  • Reebok runners also do quite well, following those who have already tried them
  • Makes a huge impression on the users through its design - efficiency - competitive price
  • Makes a perfect option for those who are in need of extra support underfoot on the run.
  • An adaptive cushioning masterpiece for outstanding foot-tracking stability on all strides
  • Ideal stability and great support for any muscle rehab, making them not being too heavy
Reebok Runner Running Shoes


  • Well-cushioned, thanks to the foam layer through the midsole and several air-pods from the outsole.
  • Reliable fit for long runs and sprint and make the whole running experience more efficient
  • Offer a strong traction, which is the most vital for every running practice.
  • Protect the feet from sharp items and easily drain water away from your feet
  • Its flexed grooves on the forefoot of the outsole increase the flexibility and natural movement.
  • Highly soft allowing the toes to breathe and dodge your foot blistering or reddening


  • Not ideal for wearers playing sports or basically doing anything other than running
  • Lack of balance in a fast-paced game like Basketball and Tennis.
  • Its size feels like being one size bigger than what they should be, according to an user.
  • The finger loop on the top of Reebok Runner was said to be hard to adjust since a finger is unable to fit inside that loop.
  • The shoe’s Memory Foam wore down fast, following a feedback of some reviewers

Reebok Runner’s description


Reebok Runner outsole

Reebok Runner’s outsole is made of high abrasion rubber material, which is anti-slip and extremely sturdy to keep every stride safe and stable. This becomes highly efficient for many uses, especially when it’s provided with great traction - a vital element for all running sessions.

In the forefoot area of the outsole, you’ll see how it applies a carbon rubber compound plus the flex grooves for extra traction and high flexibility while running on any unsteady surface. In other words, Reebok Runner’s platform more flexible, therefore allowing more freedom and natural movement of the foot.


Reebok Runner midsole

In term of the underfoot platform of the Reebok Runner this time, it makes the fans excited when owning the foam technology that can offer all the trainees a comfy running experience. If you desire to wear something enabling your feet to be safe and secure in front of the impact forces, then Reebok Runner won’t get you disappointed.

It features the Compression Molded EVA foam unit, which is quite springy, so there’s nothing to stop the wearers from making the smoothest movements on their own feet. Besides, this platform can guard you against being badly affected by the ground and let the runners feel as if the Reebok Runner is the one dragging them down. All of these are all thanks to its lightweight and cushioning disposition.


Reebok Runner upper


The breathable mesh material is mainly on this “upper” platform of the Reebok Runner. By covering the whole foot and maintain it as secure and reliable fit as it does. More than expected, the fabric allows more air to get in the shoe so that your foot can be kept cool and dry in long hours throughout the run. These synthetic overlays are wisely stitched onto this fabric unit, not only to wrap around your foot but also make the entire coverage as safe as possible. Due to the material’s strong nature, you no longer worry about whether it easily tears apart or not. Therefore, if you wish to put on a shoe that offers a well-ventilated running experience, Reebok Runner would be a smart choice.

Besides, looking closely at the counter which is stitched on heel, the runners can feel secure when their rear part of the foot is kept in place. Such an advantage prevents them from suffering any removal or unimportant movement.

Reebok Runner Review


Reebok Runner’s Cushioning property is one of the most noticeable things to make itself a sweet running shoe. It indeed owns great cushion, but it’s not too soft or fluffy, which might be the obstacles to stabilize your knees. For the long runs, it’s necessary to have the extra support without leaving your ankle or knees any soreness.

Once putting the shoes on, they feel good on the feet instead of the heavy and bulky weights tied on them.


Reebok Runner remains light, slow, and flexible for real, and you can see how it does on most of the surfaces. By having this pair of shoes, you can freely enjoy a smoother and more flexible ride from different strides. Now go to keep sweating and spoiling your run thanks to its moisture-wicking ability.

On top of that, it’s the shoes which are geared towards the greater stability and higher comfort, all without being so heavy. You can feel that in its toebox, which feels much more roomy than any version. Also, a lot of neutral athletes find it to be the best choice to make for the hard roads, thanks to its unbelievable stability and effective performance.


In this Reebok Runner’s review, we’d like to talk about the perfect vamp for its breathability. When running, there’s no way to avoid from sweating a lot and once it really happens, this breathable factor can help to dry out the feet very quickly. In most of the situations, the shoe’s breathability provides every runner with an ideal moisture escape - Well, it’s all thanks to the added air vents on Reebok Runner this time. So why wait? Let’s go fit for the streets with style, practicality, and high performance!


Reebok Runner provides such a fantastic surface area contact and an increased traction as well as a high grip on every climb. Its material is very resilient, easily bringing the midsole much closer to every surface during your running session. At the same time, the shoe also offers us enough cushion to help us go through several long runs.


Reebok’s strong return has stirred the fans to go wild when it comes to its exceptionally light and bouncy texture. On the road, it delivers an incredible energy running after successfully being translated into a more responsive and well-cushioned ride that just wants you to run faster and faster.


Once pulling the Reebok Runner out of the box, you will be attracted immediately by its nice design and vivid colors as well as incredible scheme. With such a badass look, this edition arrives proudly to the stage with its low-cut texture - totally friendly to every natural stride of a runner. The weight for men’s size is around 8.2 - 9 oz (233 - 255g) while the for women, the weight would be around 7 oz (198g). Therefore, it gives a lot of runners a cushiony smooth feel than any standard trainer.


You couldn’t ask for more, especially with such a nice-looking running shoe at such an amazing price. Not to mention how super-light they are, the Reebok Runner also impresses the wearers with its sharp yet not dumpy at all like any other budget “80s” types. They’re not actually designed to make any fashion statement, but made to prove how running is totally painless no matter how long you tend to run - Basically, it’s a joy of the happy feet!


The most similar running shoes to the Reebok Runner would be comprised of Brook Revel, Scott Supertrac RC, Inov-Trailroc 285, ASICS Road Haww FF, 361 USA KGM2, Topo Flilyte 2.

Brooks Revel

It’s a brand new fresher to the famous Brooks’ neutral cushioning product series, and also a great daily trainer for those who want a quality performance at a lower price. This is a perfect choice for every day’s street style with the horizontal grooves in the outsole for extra flexibility and stability. It appears highly durable, so there’s no wonder if wearing it, you can hold up pretty well over time and get a lot of mileage.

Scott Supertrac RC

The power won’t be nothing without high traction, and so Scott Supertrac RC is. It offers a 360-degree traction that can satisfy any athlete’s need. If you want to be the fastest runner on the road or in the unsteady surfaces like mountains, it’s best to pick something so powerful like this running shoe. On the top of that, what takes over all of these things will be nothing than the tight control over the challenging terrains at high speed.

Inov-Trailroc 285

Trailroc 285 has been redesigned and now getting back with a big bang this season. For added protection and comfort, you now can take advantage of its greater energy and a massive grip. There’s nothing to worry about its performance on any trail, since it’s better equipped to handle all hard-packed surfaces around the world. If you’re searching for something ideal for running long miles, then the Trailroc 285 is the right one for you, from the high comfort to greater protection over the rocky terrains. However, the best part of it could be its heel support and cushioned midsole for more stability upper and ultimate training.

ASICS Road Haww FF

It helps you to enter every fast race and get all ready for soaring with Road Haww FF running shoe, especially ideal for men’s running shoe. Pick it as your daily favorite for neutral pronation property. Not only lightweight, but the shoe is highly responsive thanks all to its foam midsole, that is using the groundbreaking foam technology. As compared to other standard running shoes, ASICS Road Haww FF is much lighter, especially its organic fibres material for a perfect cushioning right from the beginning of the run. See more Asics running shoes

361 USA KGM2

Lightweight - Flexible - Shiny are what you’ve got about 361 USA KGM2 at the first glance. The product is also provided with a perfect heel cushioning platforma an amazing touch of stability from its contoured midsole. According to male testers who have already tried it, they both agree that it offers a high comfort thanks to its breathable mesh upper. With 361 Degrees KGM2, you’re able to take on any faser day, from the uptempo running trails to the interval programs. Its sufficient cushioning ability also allows every runner to take on longer and harder efforts for maximized results.

Topo Flilyte 2

Get Topo Flilyte 2 for your most fascinating adventures now! By owning an extremely soft and responsive structure, the shoe is a reliable fit for a wider range of distances and every speed. Not just that, its friendly shape enables your toes to easily spread out and splay. What makes it slightly different from other competitors would be properly how softer and more flexible it becomes than its original. Besides, the cushioned midsole of Topo is specially designed to motivate the natural loading and overall foot motion during the run. It’s made of the full-length EVA material, which helps to provide us with a much smoother ride while still maintaining a high protection for our daily workout.


The Reebok Runner is ridiculously solid and comfortable choice for every runner’s daily workout. Based on several wearers and advanced athletes, the running shoe looks so neat and appealing, especially it makes them feel so lightweight when going through the hard and rocky trails. Sure enough, you can’t expect more than that, from the trainer that is not just light and grippy but also flexible and durable at the same time. Its memory foam would be the most amazing because it makes you feel like walking on the real pillows, yet, it will never slow you down on the long runs.

Grab a pair of Reebok Runner which can take you to a couple miles in the sprints, and long walks whenever you want. Never hurt your feet - that’s what we love the most about it! Go hurried to own one since it’s available now at the more reasonable price as compared with the Nike shoe.

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