Reebok ZPrint 3d Review

How do you choose a running shoe? As the usual literature always says, it’s going to be whatever feels the best on your foot is what you must go with. So we spend hours reading our reviews from experts and users to get more insights into what the runners really think about this 3D-printed sole. It could react much better than expected when being claimed to be narrower than the “Nike” one, so it fits like a nice comfy glove.


  • It functions well when making the runners feel like wearing a good pair of socks, but prevents from foot irritation and restriction
  • Ensures the amazingly lightweight nature, making it a pleasant experience to keep your whole training on point.
  • Owns a vivid color scheme that make a positive impression on some runners at first sight.
  • All-mess looking shoe with the “ZPrint” logo that is woven on the forefoot and upper shoe.
  • “Comfortable” is what most of the runners would describe about the Reebok ZPrint 3D
  • Provides a perfect option for those who are still in need of further support for under foot
  • Great design with engineered mesh that wraps around the foot and keep it in place
  • High stability and good support for any muscle rehab, making them not being too bulky on the roads
  • The sole is made of the thick rubber material, which is claimed to be “dual density” but owns a “softer” material in the center

If you aspire a pair of trainers that feels so light, soft, and comfortable, then Reebok ZPrint 3D makes an ideal choice for the longer runs. Aside from being narrower than usual, it’s loved by not irritating the runners no matter if they wear or take off the shoe, which all thanks to the good heel pull-tab assistance.

Reebok ZPrint 3D running shoes

PROS & CONS of Reebok ZPrint 3D


  • Constructed to be ergonomically fit the runner’s foot to make the whole running experience more productive
  • Specially engineered with mesh, creating a difference when allowing the air into the shoe’s chamber
  • Brings out a good traction, which is the most essential for every powerful stride length in sprinters
  • Premium material in a visually attractive model that fits perfectly the shape of human’s foot
  • Dual-density foam contributes to the responsive cushioning feature that helps to reduce stress and pressure for everything underfoot
  • 3D-technology was intentionally designed to make the entire outsole more agreeable to the foot anatomy


  • A tester complains about the high narrowness of the shoe
  • Owns different pressure points after wearing them for a few weeks
  • The insole sole for the right leg is not even, making a bit hard for the run at times.
  • Unable to get the metatarsal area out of the hole due to the tongue that is sewn onto the insole.
  • The shoe is slightly small for the size of foot.
  • It feels a bit uncomfortable and tight for a 2 hours-run

Reebok ZPrint 3D Review


The outsole unit of the shoe is made of the heavy-duty rubber, which is a good element to cover all its midsole as well as guard it against the abrasive characteristics of the asphalt. Furthermore, the individual circular nodes are wisely designed in the outsole unit, offering an excellent traction on any sort of training surface. They’re able to make the entire platform more flexible through the practice. Thereby, the runners tend to feel more natural when making dynamic movements because of this construction.

Reebok ZPrint 3D Outsole

Plus, the Reebok produces the shoes by the use of 3D printing. This one, while about for nearly 2 decades, remains fledging in all consumer markets and households. Technically, this unique trait holds a particular potential for the whole product personalisation. And knowing the trend and preference spreading widely through the public nowadays, Reebok has placed its initial pair of 3D-technology on sale until now.

Owning a curved layout and a little bit narrowed mid-foot area, the Reebok ZPrint 3D understands how to take the natural shape of the runner’s underfoot. Coming to test out a pair, we’re happy that they come up in multiple trendy colors, from red, white, black, yellow to silver metallic. Apart from being used the “engineered 3D web texture with the highly dense zones in the specifically high-force areas, it’s also featured with less dense zones in the low-force sessions.


Thanks to it dual-density foam material onto the Reebok ZPrint 3D, it further gives the runners a reliable feeling as it comes to the underfoot cushioning feature. Also, it’s incapable of restricting your natural movements of the foot throughout the practice. In return, it permits attenuating the shock produced by landing and also allows the springy toe-offs during your stance phase of gait. This makes the shoe sturdier and more long-lasting, too.

Besides, its foam insole is said to own more cushioning to the underfoot, and we can freely replace it with a brand new one or merely remove it completely, based on your reference. Again, one of the most noticeable things about the 3D runners out of the box is how sexy they are as hell. How come? First of all, they’re highly lightweight. Two, they’re appealing in look. Three, they’re totally useless even in a rainstorm.

With a 3D-technology midsoles, the whole sneakers appear to be constructed of mostly air - undoubtedly a considerate element in maintaining the trainers so lightweight and pleasant. For now, this sort of technology is not affordable enough the shoe-purchasing public, so the price tag under $200 for men is absolutely a nod to it. It naturally gives the shoes a vivid life and a reminder of its prohibitive feature.


Being unexpected lightweight and solid at the same time, the engineered mesh foam of the upper is confident enough to provide the runners with a full coverage to their feet. It’s impressive when being breathable, allowing the air to amazingly enter the foot-chamber for the ventilation maintenance. Another great strength of its upper is the stitched overlays that are meant to support its fabrics.

Reebok ZPrint 3D upper

By wrapping around the foot safely, it possibly adapts to both tightening and loosening traits of the lacing system. There’s a pull-tab put in the Reebok ZPrint 3D’s heel zone - it’s claimed to aid the runners in wearing and taking the shoes off easily. According to the brand, the upper releases a supportive feel to the shoe that might flex and move with the foot. This feature gives a unique style for various preferences together with a striking point of difference that anyone desires.

The light and breathable mesh of the trainer is strongly believed to strategically put the flex grooves and inserts in the sole unit for more spontaneous foot movement. Due to this, both grip and fraction are enhanced as well, making it a flawless option for every fast-paced fun outdoor activity! If you desire a web structure of dual or tri-density and a 3D-mapped platform that make up the rest of the shoe, then don’t miss Reebok ZPrint 3D model ever. As the brand claims, they can help us avoid any gluing and stitching as well as boost the greater elasticity plus support in the physical activities.


This technology also enables us to increase a naturally efficient performance because of the hybrid of stability and high cushioning. After setting specific requirements for the weight, it’s tailored specially to the cushioning needs of any individual’s foot before running the design based on an algorithm to launch thousands of alternatives.

As compared to the hard midsoles, this cushioning creates a good anatomical heel structure, regardless of the sports being played. Try it out if you prefer the stability to the hard midsoles for the athletic gear. Among various innovations and technologies, the cushioning shoe like this one is always the top choice to support all runners during the most intense workouts.

The generative structure of the lattice design for a solid and secure heel platform with the suitable factors of cushioning are said to be central to the future of creating things. It usually results quite well in most of the complex and high-performing workouts that we’ve never expected that to happen.


Now, let’s address to the next chapter that relates to Reebok ZPrint 3D’s stability and flexibility. Known as a daily trainer that never gives a bulky feel yet decent during the long runs, it’s given with the extra stability feature and an excellent engineered mesh toe box for a highly structured fit. Due to this, the shoe design is equally ideal for the heavy training, such as weightlifting or CrossFit exercises.

Also, it’s a good news that the product is appropriate for all ages and abilities after being claimed to help better up the strength and stability of your foot. Invest such a pair of shoes to optimize your running form with the maximum cushioning feature and standard stability in the midsole, then you won’t ever regret to have them! Foot support is obviously the ultimate emphasis of the Reebok stability shoes. It’s installed to bring people the increased stabilization in the stance and a boost in their performance.

By successfully retaining the flexibility at various levels, the shoe itself becomes a badass candidate for a free range of motion. It gives every step a great support with high cushion and ease of motion. Additionally, the unique perimeter contributes remarkably to the product’s stable grip for the fleet feet that everyone will love. So don’t miss it, if you truly like any shoe having the material that is both flexible and soft as well as not irritating your toes!


Reebok ZPrint 3D shoe’s maximum comfort would come from its great breathability. The inner breathable system and upper can ensure for the superior pleasure of your running experience. With a good breathing network promoted in this model, it creates and distributes space between the foot and upper, allowing the moisture - the foe of our comfort - to fast escape in all conditions.

The shoe breathes and lets us gain the sensorial experience at every step as well as guarantees the high comfort all day. Such a great feature enables the runners to reach the considerable levels of performance, even at the highest temperature. Your feet will be protected all over to ensure you to perform at your best. So why wait? Let’s have one for an incredibly comfortable and very dynamic “moving” activities.


Trust us, you’ll get to quickly change the direction without the fear of rolling your ankle, especially experiencing the heel grip lining paired up with a highly supportive sole. Understanding the challenge of stepping on the slippery surfaces, Reebok ZPrint 3D knows how to please us with a synthetic rubber sole - this can hold tight to all kinds of outdoor (or indoor) surfaces. So now you can say goodbye to the possibility of slipping on your run.

Are you ready for the first or more mud run? It’s merely made for these events. Despite the fact that the shoe is unable to keep both mud and water out, the extra support from your ankle sleeve is surely the key for you to travel over the uneven terrains. Such a great feature will help the runners to easily grip steep and slick hills for real!

Not only widely recognized for its high support for standing and walking all day, Reebok ZPrint 3D also gains a good traction on even the wettest of the training surfaces. Its sole is well-treated for traction while the insole is very light to offer lots of cushioning. Packed with 3D technology, the trainers of Reebok that are available for men and women, do a great job in preventing the foot from twisting, and hopefully dodging the injuries from impulsive moves.


Among so many trainers of several brands in the fitness market nowadays, Reebok ZPrint 3D is a great start to the fast and responsive daily performance. The shoe’s energy-efficient outsole going together with stylish-looking upper will make itself a decent choice for both amateurs and experienced runners. Are you one of those who is looking for the neutral trainer with an efficient platform?

They emphasize mostly the speed, lightweight, and responsive qualities that not many trainers would do. And if you’re actually willing to trade off the responsiveness for cushioning, then don’t miss a chance to test out this shoe by Reebok.

Following some testers, it’s the upper foam layer that makes the entire shoes feel quite solid to other cushioned ones. However, it helps us run in “responsive” mode and feel the running surface better than other high-cushioned shoes. The transition feels pretty smooth and even seamless due to this high responsiveness and the midsole material - we can’t refuse such a thing, which is soft with a springy feedback!


Can you feel the outstanding speed of light with such a superb lightweight Reebok Zprint yet? Technically made for flexibility and comfort, the shoe does a better job in supporting all strides with high cushion and appropriate weights for men and women. It weighs 6.4 ounces for women and 9.2 oz for men.

This could be lighter than expected and make you feel not heavy at all, making itself a great training shoe for longer runs. Half of the upper is made of a breathable webbed material for added air circulation. Meanwhile, the upper’s bottom has a rubber coating that helps to block water from entering the shoe.


It obviously looks sporty with the all-mesh upper and comes up with different vibrant color options, such as blue, yellow, white, black, matte silver, red, peach, etc. However, what impresses the users at first sight is its all-mesh coverage with the “ZPrint” logo that is woven on the forefoot and upper of the shoe. They look really nice with amazing graphic colors when being used indoor and outdoor activities.

And it’s so true to know that how trainers have fast become the pair of shoes that everyone will ever need in their evolving fashion lives. When it comes to sport and style, Reebok ZPrint 3D simply brings out the cool runners to help update your casual wearing. They’re available in gorgeous finishes plus a glossy material, ideal to wear with your favorite skinny jeans and miniskirts in the summer season.

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Another awesome waterproof membrane that is said to protect the shoe, together with the outsole that can perform well to keep the runners on their feet. Its internal support mechanism is engineered suitably to brings you the great arch support and also fit the natural contours of your foot. Not only that, the low-cut design of the shoe also offers us an ideal option when the slip-resistance is necessary.

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Nike Zoom Flyknit Streak

With the Phylon midsole foam material spread in the whole midsole, it offers us a reliable feeling when making moves in all directions. It works ideally with the Zoom Air factor that brings the extra flexibility and a more responsive ride. The shoe’s upper finish features both Flyknit and Flywire materials, which are usually availed to reach the maximum breathability and a more comfortable fit.

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When considering the Air Zoom Elite 9 here, we’re impressed by its shiny look in the use for longer runs at distance from 5 kilometres to full marathons. Another good thing about this runners is its great arch support and smooth transitions without taking too much effort. The midsole is also updated that aims for a lightweight cushioning. You can feel it in the whole midsole or through your resilient ride.


Reebok ZPrint 3D is a worth-to-try product for all fitness buffs in term of the unique foot-mapped bottom, engineered-mesh upper, multi-density cushioning, independent nodes, and a 3D-technology outsole that potentially scan your foot. There’s something undeniable about this shoe is how comfortable it feels for all workouts and gym sessions. If you plan to buy a pair of running shoes for hill sprints, then they’re the greatest ones so far.

They’re recommended for a casual wearing, too because of its multiple colors and stylish patterns - Make sure to browse through a wide selection of Reebok ZPrint 3D options today to find the styles of your favorite!

And here’s our favorite part: the solid heel. We can’t miss this great feature when it comes to weightlifting. They’re just flexible to run in and good enough to stop you from changing to another pair of shoes no matter if it’s on the rack or the treadmill at the gym. So it’s your turn to test all types of runs with this shoes, no matter how long or short the training is, you’ll see how they react better than expected.

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