Running Shoe Parts – The Only Guide You Have To Know

Eyestay.Eyelet. Vamp. Countless terms of running shoe parts can disturb you as much as choosing the right shoes.

Though, it is quite necessary for you to learn some running shoe parts before deciding. It would be helpful for your option.


Its name has already said its location – the “upper” part. This covers the top, and it aims to keep your shoes in place. You will see a lot of smaller parts in the upper.

shoes upper

Normally, the manufacturer uses leather or fabric to produce this part with the purpose of encasing your feet. Especially, when it comes to serving athletes, breathable mesh fabric is commonly used.

The upper and the midsole are glued or sewn. In the latest models on the market, you will find them molded to prevent irritations.


It is just a strip of material with the main function to keep your shoes thin and smooth. Tongue serves to pad your feet’s top. Also, it will protect your shoes from dirt or any other foreign substances.

You might see padded tongue which aims at more comfort. However, it can also be extremely thin, especially in minimalist shoes.


Eyelet refers to holes that you use to lace up your shoes. It can even extend to reach the heel collar, and you will find it more flexible to use lacing techniques. Of course, lacing system enables you to fit the shoes better, even when they are a little bigger or smaller.


You will find eye stay around your shoe’s lace opening or its throat. Eyestay usually features eyelets or webbing.

Heel collar

It can be characterized as the back which covers the top of your heel and also Achilles tendon. The main function of heel collar is to keep your shoe in place. Commonly, the collar is padded to offer better comfort for users.

Heel counter

It is a rigid part you can find inside your shoe’s rear. You can see it encased in the upper’s back. Regarding functionality, it helps to surround your heel with stiff enhancement.

Toe box

This is the front part which you can see as the space surrounding your toes.


The midsole is the part between the outsole and upper part. It offers protection and bounces for our feet. In most running shoes, people use EVA or polyurethane foam to produce the midsole. They are common materials to make shoes for athletes as well.

Sometimes, air or gel is included between foam to improve support and durability. These are special cushioning elements in the midsole.


shoes outsoles

It is the part which usually has to contact the ground, and it provides traction. The outsole is very important because it is responsible for the shoe structure. Thus, carbon rubber or blown rubber is usually used, or in many cases, the producer combines both of them together. The stiffness and durability of carbon rubber are better and suitable for high-wear areas. Meanwhile, blown rubber is softer.

Quarter Panel

It refers to your shoe’s sides. Normally, you can notice New Balance N or Nike Swoosh on their quarter panel.


It is an insert which you can remove. It can be found below the feet. The manufacturer uses it to make the shoes fit our feet better and more easily. Interestingly, many shoes offer removable sock liner, and you are free to change or replace it if you wish.

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