Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX Review

The Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX can be seen as one of the best and also latest products from Salomon. It provides the users with excellent cushioning and comfort. On the global scale, Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX usually belongs to the group of top ten best-selling running shoes. Considering the brand itself, Salomon has been placed at the 7th position among the world’s popular ones.

Highlight features & technologies

  • The Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX is believed to have an indestructible design. It provides prodigious comfort, cushioning, and efficient running support to maximize your performance.
  • The outsole is specifically designed to enhance the shoe durability. It works for wearing in spite of long distance or multiple uses.
  • The manufacturer introduced the newest technologies, SensiFit and GORE-TEX, to maximize the fitting of your feet. Along with the 3D chassis, this shoe provides comprehensive support from your heel to every part of your feet.
  • The manufacturer has made significant improvements, firstly on the shoe’s color. Now you are free to choose from a variety of colors, such as Black/Dark Cloud or Dark Titanium. Durability and grip also witness some of the latest improvements.
  • You can purchase this product for various purposes, whether you use it for hiking or trail running or climbing. This shoe is truly a great item for you to enjoy most outdoor activities.
Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX

Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX Description


Overall, the upper of the Salomon XA Pro 3D does not experience significant differences from its 3D Ultra model. In its structure, we can find many well-constructed overlays, and the manufacturer calls it SensiFit. This is such a great feature because it provides a proper fit of midfoot and snug heel. Also, your toes can enjoy wiggle room. Meanwhile, the light breathable mesh is used to make the rest of its upper.

This material enables the shoe to be dry very fast, no matter how terrible the weather is. Furthermore, you can find the shoe’s waterproof quality very useful, especially when it rains or you have to go through mud or puddles. Even though trail running was the first reason for the design of this shoe, it is extremely lightweight, especially if you compare it with other types of hiking shoes.

So, you can use it for many outdoor sports. The shoe can also withstand beating thanks to the rugged upper material. The XA Pro also maintains the same feature as other Salomon’s products – “gusseted” tongue. It serves to keep debris from going into the shoe when we are riding or hiking. Besides, its speed-lace system enables you to either put on or take off the shoes very easily and quickly.

The 3D chassis is equipped additionally and can be found around the shoe’s back. This addition has positive effects on the shoe’s advantages of support, stability and cushioning.


Durability seemed to be the sole concern of the manufacturer when they designed this shoe’s new outsole. Most users do not report any case of wear even when they have used it for over 150 miles. In fact, this shoe’s sole unit is very durable even when it has experienced long distances as well as numerous uses.


Overall, this shoe’s midsole is excellent and can meet the demand of most users. Even though the heel drop can be considered as a little too high, the shoe’s stability is a greater advantage that we should focus on. The existence of 3D chassis makes it torsionally rigid. You will feel ridged rock protection that is widespread from your heel to your midfoot.

On the other hand, the forefoot is not covered yet, but the manufacturer also equipped the dual density EVA to supply more push through protection. It comes in oval shape. Though, I think that this feature can be improved by using more robust things. But overall, I was impressed by this technology.

For those who prefer more structure that will help prevent fatigue in the feet, the XA Pro 3D might be one of the best choices. Its structure is perfect and does not cause you to suffer from stiffness or even constricting. Also, it provides great support for our arch and heel. Its platform is well balanced, which received a lot of positive comments from users.

Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX Review


Comfort is one of the most important features that users look for in every shoe. No matter how beautiful the shoe looks on you, never choose it if you are not comfortable. Otherwise, you waste money and time on a product that does not deserve your running time.

The underfoot protection provided by this shoe is unprecedented, and it seems to come from inflexible and solid midsole rock plate. There are many multi-layered synthetic types of leathers in the shoe’s upper, so it is a great addition to the comfort you have with this shoe. In other words, hardly can you find the same comfort in other products on the current market.


It is such a good thing to know that cushioning is maximized in this model. This aims to enhance the efficiency of the shoe when it comes to harnessing forward propulsion. You can notice angled and deep lugs that support you in the case of grip or wet mud.


Regarding stability, this shoe is also highly appreciated, or I should probably admit that it is one of the best. Stability control is equipped in its midsole and users can feel this capability as additional arch support. This prevents your feet from over-pronating.

Also, cinch lacing mechanism is such a great feature that it helps tighten our shoe very comfortably, both over our foot’s top and sides. Thus, your feet will be kept in place for the whole journey.


Regarding breathability, Salomon seems to take a big step forwards by introducing its latest technologies in the XA Pro 3D GTX. The impression on this shoe’s drying capability is significant. This characteristic seems to be unnecessary for many people, but if you use the shoe for the trail, it is a crucial thing. With breathable mesh that makes up the upper, this shoe provides you with an easier way to go through harsh conditions, such as raining or storm, without much concern.

Grip and Traction

Contagrip rubber is used to make up this shoe’s outsole, and in the past, Salomon also used this material for its Speedcross 4 model. However, there is something different between these two products.

The Speedcross 4 consists of single rubber pieces as well as large lugs. Meanwhile, in the XA Pro 3D, the pieces are much smaller, and lugs are more closely spaced. As a result, its stickiness is greatly improved when on a rock. Even though you can rely on the softness of Contagrip, the claim is that shorter lugs do not bring much efficiency when the shoe is used in case of mud or snow.

Quality and Construction

The design of this shoe is rated as exceptional when most additional features are equipped but remain very lightweight. The manufacturer used less material for this shoe and applied some of the latest technologies for its upper. As a result, weight is minimized, but breathability is maximized. You still receive enough support for the upper foot. Improvements are also witnessed even in the shoe laces as they become stronger and more durable. All materials have great quality, in spite of being lightweight and trim.


This Salomon’s product has been well-known for its versatile applications. Even though the manufacturer aims at trail running, it does not reduce the possibility that you can use it for other uses. In fact, the Salmon XA Pro 3D GTX is suitable for almost all types of outdoor sports. The lightweight and cushioned design make it perfect to save your energy and maximize physical performance.


We have mentioned the weight of the Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX many times above in this review, but it needs to be mentioned again that this shoe is particularly lightweight. Especially when you have to compare other trail running shoes on the market, you will find out that only a small number of shoes provide such great qualities with a medium weight.


The look does not have significant effects on the real functioning of the shoe. Nevertheless, it is one of the most important criteria to make a shoe best-selling or not. And undeniably, you will feel better and perhaps more confident with lovely shoes. In the model of XA Pro 3D GTX, Salomon introduced several new colors that are unique and make you look outstanding. My favorite one is Process Blue. What’s yours? Among Seaweed Green/Granny Green or even Radian Red.

Pros and Cons


  • Some additional features found in its upper allow runners to maximize their efficiency on the adventures
  • Its protective capabilities are significantly improved thanks to anti-debris mechanics
  • Crafted mid-sole provides more consistent and reliable underfoot comfort
  • The outsole unit’s anti-abrasion capability is one of the favorite features, as the shoe can be used more comfortably for harsh surfaces
  • You will notice comfortable foot wrap because of its GORE-TEX upper membrane. Also, it is waterproof as well
  • This shoe is good for maintaining balance as well as your feet’s appropriate positioning


  • With its outstanding capabilities, this shoe comes at a very high cost. As a result, not everyone can afford it
  • Men’s version is reported to be heavier than women’s one
  • Some complained that the shoe is too narrow

Similar Running Shoes to Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX

Amazed at the excellent features of the Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX? But a lot of people are not able to afford this expensive shoe. Worry no more! There are several good alternatives for this one.

Merrell Chameleon Wrap Slam Shoes

If you are interested in versatile uses of the Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX, you should know that you can expect the same thing from the Merrell Chameleon Wrap Slam. It has an athletic construction, which may make you look like a professional runner. It is also equipped with great support and comfort. Other advantages include light weight and breathability, which is more versatile under different weather conditions.

North Face Hedgehog 3 GTX XCR Shoes

Undeniably, the North Face has been a big brand in the footwear industry for a long period. And many times in the history, it has shown superb hiking shoes that attract customers’ interests immediately. If you are looking for something to replace the Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX, then the North Face Hedgehog 3 GTX XCR is such a great choice.

This product also applies the GORE-TEX technology which you can see in Salomon’s model. It is also waterproof and consists of breathable fabric. Its very lightweight quality is suitable to help either professional or amateur users use over and over. You can make use of this one for a variety of outdoor sports activities, just as versatile as the Salomon XA Pro 3D.

Salomon XA Pro Shoes

Not a different name! To be exact, it is another product from the same brand, Salomon. But considering its price and its quality, this shoe is worth a chance to be introduced in this review. This Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra provides some special advantages, but the manufacturer decides not to raise the price anymore so that you can enjoy durable, comfortable and light shoes with a reasonable cost. It also gives you some features that help correct the stance. Thus, your running or walking efficiency is boosted.

Final world

Nowadays, most customers, like me, seem to be more into running shoes that are not only efficient but also lovely and versatile. Getting this well-fitting, comfortable and stylish shoe, you will enjoy more and more outdoor activities, and it is an enhancement of your health. Put them on and experience all types of grips and terrains yourself.

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