Saucony Echelon 5 Review

Are you looking for the flat and badass footer’s dream? It’s nothing else but the Saucony Echelon 5 which can do such an excellent job locking down your foot for a secure and reliable fít! They feel ultra soft and extremely pliable at the same time, meaning that they can’t cause any discomfort during the activities. No more worry if you have a low arch plus the wide foot since Saucony Echelon 5 is your ideal and new go-to!

  • The high underfoot comfort is praised by many reviewers and consumers
  • Runners are easily appealed to the shoe’s modern design and the appearance
  • Ideal for both casual and professional athletes.
  • Great for those having the wider feet who crave for a wider choice since it owns a more accommodating platform.
  • Each facet of the running shoe complements its ability to last long and stay firm after several uses
  • Plush cushioning was favored by those craving for more underfoot comfort
  • It’s an excellent neutral footwear owning the average platform with the drop of 8mm
  • Does not feel any clumsy or clunky at all but totally smooth for all rides
  • Powergrid midsole construction ensures a soft and efficient running via the landing impact absorption
  • Even distribution of pressure once the runner lands the foot on the ground
  • Specially designed to attenuate the shock from heel to toe
  • Decent upper for locking down the foot and offer it a secure fit
  • Feels extremely light, comfortable, and flexible
  • Available in different widths for men and women
Saucony Echelon 5

If you aspire a running companion that has flexibility, stability, and cushioning in one light package, then look no further than the modern Saucony Echelon 5. It can carry your foot everywhere through much longer activities and prepare it for a smoother ride from the heel to toe!

PROS & CONS of Saucony Echelon 5


  • Offer a wide supportive base right onto a neutral running platform
  • Version 5 displays the concepts that keep resonating with the athlete
  • A wide-open upper mesh plus a great support from the heel counter
  • hand-o-up
    Well-stitched overlays from your heel across the saddle and the toe, thanks to the Sauc-Fit feature of Saucony
  • hand-o-up
    Powergrid-layered midsole combines with the lateral heel of foam for a cushioned ride
  • hand-o-up
    The outsole is made of the blown rubber in forefoot, combining with the XT900 rubber compound of the Saucony from arch to heel
  • hand-o-up
    Provides a snug fit in both heel and midfoot with a lot of toe room
  • hand-o-up
    High cushioning that bend well with the foot and manage several miles
  • hand-o-up
    Comes in a lightweight structure, making a good option for logging more challenging runs
  • hand-o-up
    Offer sufficient responsiveness for harder and quicker attempts and exercises
  • hand-o-up
    Give you a hugging feeling around your foot’s arch


  • Some athletes complaint that the platform of the Saucony version was a bit wider for what they expected
  • Other runners felt bad about its lack of stability and supportive mechanics that will help their running stances
  • The shoe’s flexibility felt not too prominent, mostly due to its feature-filled unit
  • thumbs-o-down
    Slightly expensive
  • thumbs-o-down
    Owns too abundant overlays
  • thumbs-o-down
    Not shaped properly around the arch of the foot

Saucony Echelon 5 Description


Known as a compound material made from the high-quality carbon rubber, the XT-900 is now available in the outsole unit of the footwear. It helps to deliver a great traction over the trails and other flat surfaces. Besides, it has the ability to fight against any wear and tear after several uses.

Besides, the injection blow rubber of the IBR + here is just the ultimate choice of Saucony for improving more essential zones in the shoe outsole. Besides, it’s much lighter than other rubber units when it comes to the layers outside. Therefore, you have to see it in action

Greater than that, the IBR+ outsole zones can provide further cushioning and great responsiveness to the whole performance. Speaking of it, people are also satisfied with its durable compound as well. So now you can expect to have a more relaxing outsole that owns an awesome traction and great trip for any long adventure!

 Besides, once considering the outsole, you need to ensure it to flex more and wear more and notice that it’s also based on the tread pattern of the shoe you’ve decided to buy!


Unlike other previous models, the Saucony’s SSL EVA material stands out remarkably as one of the most stable midsole foams available on the market nowadays. Besides, it does not own the heavyweight structure, making it much lighter than before for a smoother motion from your heel to toe.

Its Super Life foam naturally provides us with the higher bounce to every step, giving a hand to even out all impact and unwanted shock during the movement. Aside from this, another bonus of the Saucony midsole here is its POWERGRID - a standard midsole unit that combines the Powerfoam with the GRID technology.

By offering the highly-cushioned and productive ride through the absorption of your landing impact and the pressure distribution, the midsole is best used for runners who suffer mild and moderate overpronation. How come? They own one firm post that can increase the arch side for per midsole - an area which is impacted the most by overpronation.

 And the SRC Impact Zone appearing from your heel to midfoot part was specially designed to reduce shock as well as prepare your foot for a more efficient and gentler motion.


One of the best things about Saucony Echelon 5 here must be the soft and breathable open mesh material that can deliver a comfy and well-ventilated coverage for the entire foot. Not only that, the upper also help to maintain your foot in place and a relaxing environment for your skin.

Thanks to its RUNDRY collar lining, it will keep your feet locked down in the shoe perfectly. Also, it owns one moisture-wicking ability, which is known to easily prevent any bacteria from growing up or the wet feeling inside. Apart from that, the Foundation Platform was made from the unique shape that can accommodate any runner having the wider feet.

Having the ability to hug your foot snugly, the upper is also trusted to offer us the whole comfortable experience for various types of runners and several shapes of the foot.

 Just look at its Sock Liner that is about 6mm thick, which can help to boost the cushioning function of the underfoot platform. Such a complement that bring the foot well through many activities.

Saucony Echelon 5 Review


Everyone desires a cushy ride, so that’s why all of the plushly cushioned trainers nowadays have become the most popular amongst other footwears. Most of them arrive at a light weight and are much loved after being maximally cushioned. Saucony Echelon 5 is not the exception, especially when its cushy midsoles get optimized massively to fit various runners’ demands.

So the essence of any Saucony Echelon shoe is definitely the midsole cushioning which features the EVA foam material pairing up so well with the heel’s Powergrid foam. This is indeed one of the lightest and softest EVAs you can find on the market. Just come to achieve this lightness while it still keeps a good amount of cushioning for your satisfying ride.

 Personally, it’s quite lively and cushioning feels awesome as well. Saucony knows how to use the suitable arrangement of the high-quality carbon rubber around your toe and heel of the footwear. Its high-cushioning blown rubber covers perfectly the sole’s midsection. When landing on the forefoot, you don’t feel any shock anymore.


Have you ever found that the Saucony ride feels much more comfortable since it has more stability and flexibility? First of all, stable here does mean being stiff. Saucony Echelon 5 is designed with the most strategic stability zones that can deliver the best support while keeping both cushioning and flexibility at the same time.

The Saucony Echelon 5 works best for every runner than any other shoe in the line. It’s made to bring you the light but effective stability, ideal for all mild overpronators and neutral athletes who only need just a little bit support. So now whenever you have to go across dirt, mud, and other off-road obstacles, you only need to rely on this footwear’s stability.

 Not only that, all field runners also find it extremely helpful when it comes to the flexibility and motion-control. Such designs can act up the best arch support as the outsole of the Saucony is dedicated to enhancing the ground contact and flexibility as a whole. Are you ready for a smoother and more flexible feel than the last installment yet?


The Saucony Echelon 5 model this time has the most breathable coverage ever with the support from the layered overlays. Well, breathing is great, no matter if you’re a human being or a piece of gear. The shoe is made in a special way to remove moisture away from the runner’s skin. This could keep you running more comfortably.

With the air mesh upper construction, the shoe finds no difficulty in offering the highest ventilation when things start to heat up. Both the foam insole and cushioning work well together to increase comfort and offer a more efficient stride. Despite the lightweight feature, the trainers can last long with a durable shoe outsole.

 Praised by numerous athletes and reviewers, the Saucony Echelon 5 is built wisely with the minimal supportive synthetic overlays. This technology will provide the cushion in our midfoot by featuring the breathable mesh upper - This will benefit considerably from your heel to toe.


Made of the stable rubber, the Saucony Echelon 5 outsoles help to raise up the force dispersion on a bigger surface area while offering the optimal flexibility and traction. It’s just ideal for any outdoor adventure whereby you probably need all grip and traction at your disposal, especially on the slippery surfaces.

Besides, the overall benefit of shoes with the built-in traction like this would prepare you well for any slick road and you don’t need to waste time with any pull-on tool. Saucony Echelon 5 this time can work great on the pavements or dry and rocky trails.

 You will certainly love these shoes when they can give you the best grip after being proven how durable they are, even as you must be on the epic mountain runs and rocks. But don’t wear these ones on the slick ice since the grip and traction of this shoe can’t be replaced with the ice spikes at all.


The shoes’ cushioning is quite responsive, which means that it offers you a good feel on the road. However, it also means that the footwear can stay out of the way and enables the foot to respond well to the trails.

This also allows the runner to go fast through the gait cycle. Saucony Echelon 5 has a high responsiveness, which can be defined as a good reaction to the stimulus.

 In other words, once the foot hits the ground, your running shoes will enable the ground to hit back slightly, making your foot push off efficiently. First of all, you need to know that cushioning is all about the impact, raising it means lowering the shoe’s responsiveness.


The overall weight of the Saucony Echelon 5 is about 11.7 oz, which is supposed to be heavier than the last versions. But it’s because of the Super Life foams that can add a little bit of bounce to every stride, helping you to even out both impact and shock perfectly.

It gives a highly efficient ride through the impact absorption and pressure distribution when you start to land the foot on the road. The shock can be attenuated and get your foot ready for a smoother ride. The average weight of the shoe for men is 332g while it’s only 283g for women.

 If you’re one of those moderate overpronators, then go with Saucony Echelon 5 since it’s very supportive and durable in all strides you go. The upper is just light and breathable though the tongue feels slightly bigger. Run in this pair of shoes, otherwise, you’re unable to perform well with the lighter assistance.


Coming to the Saucony Echelon 5, you will experience the Foundation Platform accommodating anyone who has the wider feet. In other words, it’s not a type of normal running shoe, but specially designed for those who actually need more support and room orthotics. They show up as the roomy footwear with additional support and cushioning, but might not be as clunky as other cushy running shoes.

Well, Saucony Echelon 5 makes a great choice for us to make. Use it for any longer run and with its roominess, you won’t suffer any problem with rubbing motion. As compared to other previous models, this one is one of the most versatile ones of the bunch. Feel free to run in it for a while and see the difference.

What people love the most about it might be how supportive and durable the shoe really is.

 Both uppers and soles are well-constructed, not to mention how its breathable mesh fabrics perform well so that your foot can be provided with a well-ventilated coverage. Besides, the shoe also owns the moisture-wicking ability, which keeps the bacteria from building up.

Previous versions of saucony echelon 5

Saucony Echelon 4

Another reasonably-priced running shoe you can’t miss here, that is Saucony Echelon 4. It provides us with a great mixture of fit, high support, and cushioning. The footwear is also perfect for brief distance runs and daily workout. Apart from that, the shoe owns a few updates, such as the PowerGrid system for the shock absorption and more responsive rides.

Saucony Echelon 3

When you crave for the running shoes that are ideally fit for anyone who likes to have a shoe to support your low or flat-arched foot, then Saucony Echelon 3 would make the best option. This also has the stable and durable platform and great instruction without using any stability feature. It avails the special Arch lock system for a more snug and secure fit to your foot.

Saucony Echelon 2

As known the big guy amongst many other cushioned shoes out there, Saucony Echelon 2 comes with a secure and snug interior. This is designed for the aim of accommodating your insoles. Moreover, it owns the extra layer of cushioning so that your heel could be placed much higher off the floor than your forefoot.

 Besides, the entire structure will shift the weight of a runner to the forefoot fast, making you feel like being propelled forward.

Other Saucony shoes

Similar running shoes to saucony echelon 5

Saucony Triumph ISO 3

It’s such a big success, following the feedback from different runners who have used it. The Triumph ISO 3 can offer a smoother and more comfortable ride, which is just perfect for neutral runners. Besides, the responsiveness also gained some praises, but it does not fit well for some people. Pick it for long miles and recovery runs from slow to moderate pace.

Nike Zoom All Out Low

There are plenty of neutral runners who really loved the Nike Zoom All Out Low and the way it functions on the road. They welcomed such a highly comfortable and endearing upper texture as well as the cushioned midsole. According to the wearers, there were some good and bad comments for this running shoe. It’s not just flexible but also soft and breathable.

Nike Air Max Dynasty 2

All the feedback for Nike Air Max Dynasty 2 was so positive, and a lot of people who just love its attractive design. Not to mention how sleek it looks, but the midsole feels so comfortable as well, ensuring you to enjoy an active lifestyle. On the other hand, we’ve heard someone who had some complaints about its components and its air cushioning unit.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

New Balance 1080 is favored by its color schemes and highly responsive underfoot platform as well as its whole performance. While there were the runners who commented this neutral shoe positively, we also heard others who complained about its sizing and grip, or the general durability of the sole. The upper of the shoe was improved a bit from the previous models, but still caused some rubbing problems.

Nike Air Max Excellerate

By gaining the high favor of a majority of people out there who have used it, the Nike Air Max Excellerate 5 is one of the best running shoes you can’t look away for any outdoor activity. Its design plus the outer look also received a lot of good recognition from the neutral runners. However, there were a few others who didn’t feel satisfied with the air unit in the midsole.


Only great reviews about the Saucony Echelon 5 that will become the strongest testaments to the great cushioning, amazing durability and reliable upper wrapping function. With a standard running shoe length, the shoe makes a solid choice for any athlete who owns a medium - sized foot.

 Besides, your heel, forefoot and midfoot will be all accommodated pretty well once you decide to wear it for active activities. Its width feels much wider than the last version, making it a unique choice that every runner would love to use for a customized underfoot platform.
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