Saucony Guide 9 review

Saucony is one of the most respected names in running shoes market. Saucony Guide 9 continues to develop through flexible, supportive, stable and lighter weight products to make every runner love their running experience more. Here is some detailed information about this model.

Saucony Guide 9 - Highlight features

Saucony Guide 9 is carefully engineered with many improved and updated features and technologies to provide the best flat racing shoes.

  • The best feature of the shoes is the Power Grid, which is the latest cushioning technology. This is light foam but still offers ultra-premium cushioning for a smoother ride with more rebound. Doing races with these shoes will make you feel that there is something pushing your feet to run more.
  • The Saucony’s EVERUN technology in the midsole is not only known to provide extra cushioning and a flexible ride but its energy-return properties also help runners get an energized running experience.
  • The SRC Impact Zone is also a highlight technical feature of Saucony Guide 9. This is placed in the mid-sole to assist in absorbing shock on impact and provide better transition.
  • The ComfortLite Sock Liner is designed to provide better pressure reduction and arch support. It also combines with the HydraMax Collar lining to reduce and prevent foot sweating.
  • Another noticeable feature is the XT-900 rubber outsole, which not only enhances durability of the shoes but delivers the needed traction on various surfaces as well.

Saucony Guide 9 Description


Little more seamless ones replaced the puffy mesh in Guide 7s and 8s. In other words, the upper is designed with patterned mesh and no-sew overlays, which contribute to provide a lightweight model. Saucony used FlexFilm - a smoother material to offer a more secure, flexible and breathable fit. The RUNDRY Collar Lining material secures the heel and provides an amazing moisture wicking properties bringing plush comfort to users. Finally, The ComfortLite Sock Liner decreases the force in the forefoot and gives a more secure and softer fit.


The whole outsole of Saucony Guide 9 is made from XT-900 which is very durable carbon rubber element providing enhanced durability and impressive traction. Plus, the outsole unit also features durable iBR+ midfoot outsole pods, which gives added cushioning and a more responsive ride. Lastly, the Flex Grooves technology provides more flexibility.


The sole unit is designed with a new Saucony’s technology called EVERUN, which replaces Power Grid technology in previous models. This technology adds one extra layer of cushioning into the shoes to distribute forces of impact when landing. Moreover, the SSL EVA technology is equipped in the midsole to maximize rebound while minimizing weight. Another feature in this part is The SRC Landing Zone that provides durable shock absorption as well as a smooth mid-foot transition.

Saucony Guide 9 review

Saucony Guide 9 running shoes

Heel to toe drop

The 8mm drop is not too large and makes the shoes just right, so you don't feel like your calves and Achilles' tendons are stretched out like some minimal shoes you might have. This also doesn’t affect the smooth ride that you can get from the shoes.


Like most new modern running shoes today, minimal break-in is required. First time wearing these, I just walked around in them for a couple of hours before running and I had no problem with these shoes being stiff or rubbing against any parts of my feet. Instead of these problems, the shoes give me exceptional fit and comfort. The 9th is improved compared to previous installments with a smooth, fast and comfortable ride. All materials used in the design of the shoes are very soft and always bring to me very cushy and comfortable feeling. The heel is also soft, like a gym mat. I can run for miles without plantar fasciitis pain. Overall, they are comfortable enough for me to wear all day long without any foot pain or blisters.


The toe is a little tight when I first put on but it stretched after a first few hours and worked out well. These offer a ton of room and plenty of spaces in the toe box so you will not have to order a size up. I wear a 10D, and these seem to fit exactly. They are very easy to order online in the size you want. I really like the fact that besides the standard medium width, Saucony’s shoes are often available in other widths to cater wider feet runners. They also have sizes for kids, teens and adults.


Saucony Guide 9 is said to provide neutral runners or those in need a little stability control with just enough support. They have good arch support and a mild over pronation foot control, which were helpful to me since I have high arches and my feet tend to over pronate (lean to the inside). Their cushioning and stability features help improve my foot movement without pain. Especially, they are the only ones that have ever helped with my shin splints and plantar fasciitis. Besides, these also feature slight wedges like traditional shoes for plenty of support.


Saucony Guide 9 provides plenty of cushioning on my feet for long runs especially in the heel area thanks to cushioning features equipped in the midsole as well as other technologies of the shoes. The rubber added in the forefoot area also provides right cushioning and responsiveness in this area. I am really satisfied with the way they absorb impacts.


The 9th edition is middle range stability shoe of Saucony. Instead of giving stable ride concentrated on one part of the foot like other models, they give a more stability throughout the foot. These shoes also have some stability characteristics, which are very useful for over-pronation, especially my running on the treadmill and racquetball.


The new material called flexfilm used to make the upper is not only more breathable than previous models but also very flexible. Moreover, flexibility feature of the shoes is also enhanced thanks to The Flex Grooves technology of the outsole unit. With the flexibility of the Saucony Guide 9, runners can run in a much more effective way.


Although the Saucony Guide 9 shoes are built with lightweight materials, they are still very durable from the upper, mid-sole, to outer sole. In other words, quality and construction of the shoes are excellent. The Strobel Last and Strobel Board used to make the upper are very durable with their stitched design. In the mid-foot part of the shoes, the SSL EVA feature not only provides cushioning and pronation control but also adds quality and durability to the shoes. Additionally, The XT-900 and the IBR+ used to make the outsole are durable materials that can endure long lasting wear.

Traction and terrains

These shoes also provide great traction and balance to assist runners on various terrains and wet surface as well. Specifically, like other running shoes, the traction of these also comes from their outsole, which is made from smart-wearing XT-900 compound. This allows the shoes to be on tracks or even surfaces without any issues.


The shoes have been completely redone and are lighter than ever but can still offer more cushion and support. The weight of these is 8.6 oz. for women’s version and 9.7 oz. for men’s. These are typical weights of flat racing shoes.


Saucony Guide 9 shoes have a good looking. The color combination is awesome. These are not just suitable for training but also for casual wear. I do like their classic design with harmony color combination and I’m waiting for a sale off event on Amazon to buy another pair in different color.


These are great shoes for normal training, running as well as playing sports. With all the advanced features, technologies, and design being employed in the construction of these shoes, you can hope that long distance running on tracks, or even surfaces, will never be difficult anymore.

Although the price of these shoes is considered to be a bit expensive for training shoes, it still seems to be very reasonable in comparison with other competitors because it is worth the high quality.​

Saucony Guide 9 Pros and Cons


  • Saucony replaces the heavy overlays by sleek looking ones for not only light weight but light and sleek look as well
  • The new sole unit tech offers incredible smooth ride
  • New technology used in the midsole adds more cushioning and responsiveness to the shoes
  • Stability feature is appreciated by many runners
  • Lighter weight compared to previous versions


  • Some complained about the stiffness of the shoes
  • The price is a bit expensive

Similar running shoes to Saucony Guide 9

The Mizuno Wave Inspire, Brooks Adrenaline GTS and the Asics GT-2000 are reviewed as three similar running shoes to The Saucony Guide 9 among many others on the market.

Mizuno Wave Inspire

Firstly, The Mizuno Wave Inspire is also a lightweight model but still provides great cushioning and needed support. The amount of cushioning of these two running shoes is similar to each other. The Mizuno Wave Inspire is a stability running shoe and like the Saucony Guide 9, it offers good support and stability for over-pronators. The shoes come with a little bit cheaper price than Saucony.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS

Brooks Adrenaline GTS is one of the similar running shoes to the Saucony Guide 9 because they are also a great combination of cushioning, stability and support. Brooks Adrenaline GTS provides needed support and cushioning for moderate to severe over-pronators to control their pronation. While delivering high stability, they still don’t affect its flexibility. The weight of them is a bit heavier compared to the Saucony Guide but light and perfect for running routines.

Asics GT-2000

Another similar running shoes to Saucony Guide 9 is the Asics GT-2000. These shoes feature Gel pods in the mid-sole to offer springy feeling for a responsive and bouncy ride. They are also lightweight shoes yet providing enough support and stability to cater the needs of moderate over-pronators. At the same price, Asics GT-2000 is indeed a great replacement for Saucony Guide 9 to help you continue enjoying wonderful running experience.

Previous versions of Saucony Guide 9

Saucony Guide 8

Although, there are some complaints about the stiffness of the 8th version, Saucony proved that stiffness feature in this version is an advantage of the shoes in providing responsiveness and immediate feedback. The Guide 8 is a great trainer that offers flexibility and stability combination in a lightweight package. PowerGrid technology used in the construction of these shoes provides responsive cushioning at both the heel and forefoot area; this is also the main source of the shoes’ comfort. The cushioning feature is complemented by the XT900 rubber material technology in the outsole. Runners can base on this good cushioning of the Saucony Guide 8 to reduce their mild over-pronation.

A more toe spring is a noticeable feature, which helps runners feel toe-offs more efficient. With these shoes, runners will have firm, stable and supportive rides, but not limiting natural foot motion too much. According to the Running Magazine, Saucony Guide 8 was reviewed to offer the best stability. This stability mixed with traction gives the shoes ability to perform well on various terrains - even or not. Despite the improvements, this version still appears with sleeker look and lighter weight compared to previous models. They are tested to hold up well after long distances runs. Moreover, Saucony Guide 8 is also ideal for marathons, recreational activities and even for gym. If I make a comparison between the 8th version and previous ones, this newer edition is definitely more strengthened and enhanced to improve runners’ performance on any terrains.

Saucony Guide 7

This version is designed with some updated and improved features while maintaining good characteristics of the old version to enhance performance of the shoes. In the Guide 7 and 8, they have added some additional covering to the mesh just above the connection with the sole which prevents the mesh netting from getting a tear near the sole after times of usage. The Power Grid system designed in the midsole is not just for comfort and cushioning, but also stability and flexibility. Additionally, the dual density mid-sole of Saucony called Super Lite EVA tends to offer a more optimized propulsion and rebound. In comparison with previous version, Saucony Guide 7 also has great amount of cushioning from heel to toe, but is a little softer. The toe spring is improved for a smoother ride. Flex grooves are designed to be deeper to enhance flexibility as well as provide needed responsiveness for runners.

Another highlight feature in this version is an adjusted toe box. The cramped and narrow toe box in previous versions now is replaced with a wider one that allows runners’ toes to have more breathing space. With the Super Lite EVA and XT-900 carbon rubber technology, you can completely use these to conquer roads, tracks and gravel terrains without any damage to your shoes. These shoes are specially designed for neutral pronators or even supinator because they have a minimal midsole which both provides flexibility, natural range dynamics on the road and enhances a minimalist running experience. Thanks to a supportive platform with combination of comfort and cushioning, they are great for daily running, cross training and even long distances running. The look of them is also nice for casual wear.​

Saucony Guide 6

This model uses aggressive groove outsole patterns instead of tame outsole which spreads out across the underfoot like in previous models. This replacement increases the grip and traction of the shoes on any surfaces such as grass or trails. But it is better to use them on roads, plains and tracks to avoid some materials being stuck into the grooves. The upper is the next improved part with a fantastic blend of gray mesh and stitched black overlays. This gray mesh works with the ComfortLite sockliner to make each run more comfortable without foot sore or pain. Several more overlays also appear on the upper area to offer snugger fit topside while still ensure breathable and dry running.

The midsole ProGrid foam system is continuously employed in this version to provide the right amount of cushioning and responsiveness and allow runners to have safe and soft rides. The fantastic foam systems and midsole support are ideal for runners with high arches. Additionally, they feature a re-engineered crash pad to offer smoother heel to toe transition. The change in flex grooves enhanced flexibility of the shoes, especially the forefoot, which is good for toe off movement. The 6th version is designed for slight to moderate over-pronators. However, Neutral runners can also use these as recovery day running shoes. Stability of the shoes will support a bit in controlling natural pronation process of this runner type as well as healing their tired knees and feet.​


I highly recommended Saucony Guide 9 shoes for those who are looking for the best shoes for their running with great cushioning, flexibility, stability and especially good support for high arches and over-pronation. In short, I am perfectly satisfied with the shoes from the look to quality.

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