Saucony Hurricane 17 Review

You are having trouble with your running shoes that often make you feel uncomfortable and lack of support for your foot conditions? Let take a look at Saucony Hurricane 17. These shoes may meet your requirements with maximum stability, cushioning and support. This article is the summary of all reviews I have ever read about these shoes as well as my personal idea based on experience with them.

Saucony Hurricane 17 - Noticeable features and technologies

Saucony Hurricane 17
  • Power Grid is the best technology of the Saucony Hurricane 17 integrated into the midsole foam to work as both stabilizer and shock disperser.
  • The other cushioning technology in The Saucony Hurricane is Impact Interface, which offers cushioning on the midsole as a protection to prevent the foot from being damaged by road debris. Moreover, it is also very helpful for heel strikers in isolating heel impact.
  • SRC Impact Zone provides good shock absorption during running and a smoother transition from heel to toe.
  • An outrigger under the big toe is an outstanding feature of the shoes. Although the Hurricane 17 has highly curved forefoot, they are still very stable in that area thanks to this feature.
  • An ISOFIT saddle in the upper stabilizes the foot through supporting the arch.
  • The Heel Support Frame is designed to lock the heel in place and keep the foot in the shoe.
  • A high-elasticity sock liner put above the main mid-sole unit not only adds more cushioning to the shoes but also maintains natural flexibility of runners.

Saucony Hurricane 17 review


Two distinct materials are used in construction of the outsole. They are Saucony’s XT900 carbon rubber found in the heel area for durability and the iBR+ blown rubber placed in the forefoot for cushioning. The most innovative design component in this newest version of Saucony Hurricane perhaps is the outrigger put under the big toe that offers more support to fight against over-pronation.


The midsole of the shoes is made of Dual Density EVA. This material ensures rebound and comfort properties in order to have a responsive toe-off. The POWRGRID+ is the most important technology of the midsole and the shoes because it delivers a large amount of cushioning. It’s very responsive and comfortable that could support the foot to move in a natural way. Besides, this technology also helps attenuate shock and gives a mild springiness in every step. Another design in the midsole is the Extended SRC Impact Zone - the main shock and impact absorption in the shoes to protect the foot from injuries caused by too much impact and leads the foot towards a more efficient stride.


Saucony is using ISOFIT design to replace their old Arch-Lock mid foot in the upper. An ISOFIT saddle is responsible for stabilizing the foot. The upper fabric system is made from a very responsive and breathable material to conform to the shape of wearer’s foot easily as well as make the shoes breathable while running. A seamless construction with these supportive designs of the upper makes each run become more comfortable. Plus, the upper also has the Support Frame which helps reduce irritation and improve stability of the shoes.

Heel to toe drop

The Hurricane 17 is constructed with an 8-mm heel to toe drop that brings closer contact between the heel and ground and adds more stability.


The Hurricane 17 is supportive, and so much more comfortable than any of my old sneakers from Brooks, Mizuno, and Ascics. The interior of the Hurricane 17 is made with some very finely knit fabrics that create very comfortable feel for the foot and make me feel like walking on clouds. I can walk, run and do some practices in the gym with them comfortably without any discomfort as I had before. 8-mm heel to toe drop offset helps keep your body stay in a more comfortable and balanced position in every foot strike. Moreover, when I remove the inner liner of the shoes to put in the orthotic and they are still very comfortable.


The fit of the shoes is not remarkable but also not necessarily bad. They come in a wide size and roomy toe-box, which are great for my wide and flat feet. The special thing is that they run true to size. I also really love the stretchy and smooth laces Saucony uses that allow me to adjust the fit of the shoes. People who have slender foot will love these because they don’t have to order a smaller size or waste time to adjust the shoes to fit their small feet.


Cushioning is neither overly soft nor too firm. The great cushioned support of the shoes makes them become a good treatment for plantar fasciitis, knee pain and other foot problems.


I have very flat feet and a problem with ankle stability. These have helped tremendously with excellent ankle and arch support. Moreover, these stability shoes are highly recommended for over-pronator because of large amount of cushioning and medial posts found in the mid foot of the shoes. Medial posts provide arch support and help reduce over pronation while the cushioning system provide essential support on the sides and pronate as well as absorb the impact during landing.


I felt that the heavy use of thick synthetics in the upper perhaps had some bad effects to the breathability of the shoes. Especially, this would make the shoes hotter in summers. However, the shoes are still very breathable. They allow air to circulate and cool my cranky feet. The HydraMAX Collar Lining and The Comfortlite Sockliner, aside from protecting the heel and reducing pressure, can wick unwanted moisture to keep the feet cool and dry all day.


Although these are stability shoes, they still provide runners with enough flexibility during running. When it comes to flexibility, Saucony Hurricane features Flex Grooves to improve overall flexibility of the shoes. Additionally, The IBR+ placed in the forefoot of the outsole is also flexible and durable material that enhances flexibility for the forefoot area.


I think I can’t find any shoes that provide great stability as The Hurricane 17 has done for me, especially for my over-pronation. Saucony specially uses many technologies and features to enhance stability in this version such as Power Grid technology, an ISOFIT saddle and an outrigger under the big toe. Stability is also improved by outsole to perform well on various conditions

Quality and durability

The Hurricane 17 is so well made with premium materials from inside to outside. The open mesh covering the upper body is resilient enough to be stretched without being destroyed. Insole materials are also durable enough to protect the foot for a long time. And especially, the outsole is built with high wear resistance materials. In short, quality and durability of The Hurricane 17 allow you to deal with tough terrains, unpredicted weather conditions and work well on different tasks without worrying too much about the shoes being broken down or getting unwanted pain as in other cheap shoes.


The shoes are ideal to run on tracks, roads, gravel terrains and other hard surfaces thanks to their cushioned and durable outsole. Besides, The Hurricane 17’s outsole also gives excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces.


They do feel light on my feet despite the noticeable bulk on their midsole. The Saucony Hurricane 17 shoes for men weigh 11.2 oz., while the weight of women’s version is 9 oz.


The Hurricane 17 shoes have great looking. They are truly eye-catching shoes with outstanding color combination. However, I could not find the colors I liked at local stores but I did and bought them online on Amazon! I often wear them with my nice pants and not look like I'm going to the gym.


This stability model is designed to improve performance in both training and speed work thanks to the lightweight as well as huge stability support incorporated in the shoes. I often use these for gym, Zumba, cross training or even wearing all day long.

They are a bit pricey but I will pay any price for comfortable sneakers. Moreover, these running shoes are worth my investment because of many great features the shoes use, especially significant improvements I have received from them.​

Saucony Hurricane - pros and Cons


  • Soft and lightweight materials create great feeling on the foot
  • Has great cushioning without affecting good road feel
  • Can be used for speed work
  • Maximum stability and support for over-pronation


  • The shoes are a bit pricey
  • Some complained about the interior sleeve which seems to rub against their heel

Previous versions of Saucony Hurricane 17

Saucony Hurricane 16

Before the presence of Hurricane 17, the 16th was the best option for people who expect plush comfort and optimum support. Despite a little snug feel across the top of the mid-foot, the fit of the shoes is still generous with great fit in the toe-box and heel. People who liked the Hurricane 15 will continue to love this version because they are largely unaltered from the previous version such as the weight, stability and support. The 16th version is also a great blend of a stable ride and soft cushioning. Due to this, Saucony Hurricane 16 is surely a solid platform for heavier and injury-prone runners. This version improves some feature to enhance quality and support. Saucony Hurricane 16 is successful in improving shock absorption and cushioning system. Especially, they deliver better support and stability for mild to moderate pronators or those who have semi-low to low arches.

Saucony Hurricane 16 shoes

Although these shoes seem to have the bulky look, the Saucony Hurricane 16th still provides more flexibility than other stability shoes on the market. Flexibility of the whole foot-bed is very impressive while Flex Grooves also helps improve flexibility in the forefoot, which allows over pronator to have a more natural running movement. Their almost flat undersurface, great shock absorption and cushion properties with grip and traction provided by the outsole make the shoes best used on roads, gravels, and track terrains or on hard and even surfaces. However, the heavy weight of the Hurricane 16 is not suitable for racing or speed work. These shoes are constructed to work well with recovery runs, daily training and high mileage running.

Saucony Hurricane 15

Firstly, I realized a change, but not clearly, in the upper of this version. The upper is still very well ventilated and flexible with overlays, which were designed like before, but the saddle outline has a small change to give a better-formed heel counter. The Saucony Hurricane 15 has a slightly narrower toe box than previous version, but this is not readily seen and doesn’t affect the fit of the shoes much. The Saucony Hurricane 15 is really ideal for over-pronators because of their right amount of cushioning and stability updates without affecting the weight. Additionally, the type of wedge system in the midsole combined with crash pad enhances stability and support to reduce over-pronation.

These shoes are not only great for over-pronator but also an ideal choice for those who are looking for stability shoes with responsiveness; and with the 8mm drop from heel to toe, they are good for midfoot strikers as well. Saucony Hurricane 15 comes in vibrant colors and expensive price. Because of this price, many people expect to have better quality and durability. However, these shoes seem to not meet their expectations. Generally, in my opinion, maximum support and performance improvement in cross training or long running runners can get from these, Saucony Hurricane 15 is worth their investment.​

Saucony Hurricane 14

The overall reduction in bulk of the shoes is the first noticeable thing. This was done by changing to the Sauc fit system and reduction in the midsole. Saucony Hurricane 14 features defined dual insert and a big medial post to improve stability controls, which might not be found in traditional stability shoes. Dual density open mesh covering the whole upper is made of a very breathable and lightweight fabric to ensure great comfort and fit for the shoes. Aside from this, the new Sauc Fit used to replace the arch lock system in previous version also provides a snug fit and excellent lock down.

In terms of flexibility, these shoes have greater flexibility than the 13th due to the addition of IBR+ rubber in the forefoot of outsole. XT 900 carbon rubber found in the outsole is very durable and gives excellent traction that allows the shoes to deal with various terrains and surfaces. An 8-mm offset is also a difference from traditional stability trainers. The shoes are a super combination of plush cushioning and high-end stability, which are very necessary for many types of runners, especially over-pronators.​

Similar running shoes to Saucony Hurricane

The Saucony PowerGrid Mirage and Saucony PowerGrid Omni are considered to be similar running shoes to Saucony Hurricane because all three running shoes of Saucony use PowerGrid technology and are recommended for over-pronation. However, their similarities don’t stop there.

Specifically, The Saucony PowerGrid Mirage also has an open mesh upper which is made from breathable and flexible materials to keep runners’ feet always cool and dry. An EVA+ midsole and the XT-900 outsole are other same features as of the Hurricane. The small difference is that Saucony PowerGrid Mirage is a bit lighter than the Hurricane.​

Saucony PowerGrid Omni is also a stability shoe like Saucony PowerGrid Mirage. The Omni shoes are often known for their highly cushioned but very supportive stability. The weight and price of these are also similar to the Hurricane’s. In terms of style, resilience, stability and comfort, they are really heavy competitor to each other.​


Saucony Hurricane 17 is indeed a great update of Saucony. I would recommend these to my friends who have the same foot conditions. I hope they will also have a chance to improve their running performance as I have done

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