Saucony Omni 15 Review

Being is the greatest and latest in this special shoe line, Saucony omni 15 is assessed as a unique product. It owns the dedicated attributes of the mid-level shoe with high stability. Actually, significant improvements and additions were added to these shoe in comparison to its precedent last year. Many runners tried and are really happy with the way it handled.

Highlight features and technologies

The shoe was well equipped with plenty of amazing features and technologies as follows:

  • The newTri-Flex outsole can deliver more contact on the ground as well as the optimal flexibility right at your toe-off.
  • Saucony omni 15 owns the FlexFilm in its upper to offer a flexible and lightweight fit without reducing the ability to support your feet.
  • The EVERUN construction of top sole was updated in order to provide smoother landings and moving in your heel along with reduced the pressure in your forefoot.
  • Besides, it has the fluid, smooth ride, exceptional support, enhanced cushioning, and the flexibility.
  • The new cushioning from EVERUN brand treat the feet comfortably with the amazingly buoyant and smooth ride.
  • The SAUC-FIT system was equipped to offer the wonderful medial support to the arch and mid-foot.

Saucony omni 15 - Pros and Cons


  • The RUNDRY lining helps to moisture a comfortable and dry run.
  • A unique and model design with the most Updated technology intact.
  • FLEXFIM enhances your fit without overlays sew or adding weight
  • The room for toe box is flexible and abundant.
  • Top-sole construction named EVERUN encourages the continuous cushioning and energy return.
  • The SAUC-FIT can support your arch and mid-foot.
  • The outsole is designed with TRI-FLEX in order to deliver additional ground contact as well as the optimal flexibility right at your toe-off.
  • The SRC Landing Zone is able to extend impact into mid-foot and absorbs for the smooth transition.
  • Both XT 900 carbon and iBR+ blown rubber Offer durability and exceptional traffic


  • It has the inconsistent Lacing.
  • The shoes’ Responsiveness is not high when you want to go downhill.

Saucony omni 15 description

From my point of view, Saucony puts more focus and interest into marketing it's omni 15 product. The major difference between 15th iteration of Saucony omni and its previous version is the midsoles. Saucony Omni 15 is added the EVERUN midsoles. Basically, this shoe was fitted perfectly with the recent technology of this brand line. Frankly, I was really impressed with how they utilize its upper material for a super convenient racing shoe. Its overabundance room also makes me feel surprised with the flexibility. Hence, all runners can expect the solid ride by wearing them.


The upper owns a completely modern overhaul, just like the sole while keeps all of its foundation. At first, I want to mention to its Flexfilm material which replaces the plush mesh of previous models as well as provides the more breathable and seamless feel. As a matter of fact, it is the very first time Saucony introduced Flexfilm in their racing line. Up to now, this type of material has been implementing across various kinds of their product lines.

Such specially designed upper makes your shoe look definitely sleeker. This appearance helps trainers much in doing their tasks. In addition, the seamless and soft material is considered more breathable as well as adapts to the foot giving the great feel in overall. We also cannot deny the huge improvements in its toe box with the incredible space. Your flexibility and unparalleled movement are assisted with the material under Flex Film brand.

Saucony Omni 15 review


For the mid-foot striking of the Saucony Omni 15, my ride turns out to be mostly fluid. In fact, I was able to attack hills easily as well as keep my race longer in the double digit time without too much effort. Tri-Flex and Everrun work together in order to give me the shock absorption while returning and landing. The moderate drop of 8mm will surely push all runners forward a bit more than the normal limit.

Yet, going downhill may give you some tiny issues. From my own experience, I sometimes feel of losing control as I was going further forward for this shoe type. After the testing, I decided to put some soreness in my own calves. Then, I could adapt to these shoes and still use it now.


The most remarkable feature we should discuss the outsole of the Saucony omni 15 is the complete overhaul. This element is created to fit totally well with the Everrun system which was newly adopted. Everrun adds one extra cushioning layer directly below your sock liner. Being paired with the plush, such design reinforced the heel pad to give the enhanced cushioning. So, you can push off and land in the most convenient way.

The Tri Flex technology was also used in the outsole to provide a firm, yet plush feel. In adverse weather, these shoes can show its’ the superior traction. However, its’ medial post did not change much. Many existing users claimed that it was rather large as well as easy to come off like cumbersome. Although this was somewhat cosmetic, I have not yet observed any flexibility issues so far.

Saucony omni 15 Review


When talking about the comfort of Saucony omni 15, we should describe a little bit about the way cushioning was distributed at first. The even division of cushioning in the forefoot and heel in shoes by using the 8mm offset. By this way, the position of your own body is more comfortable and balanced with all foot strike. Even though I used to tie them tight, I can get its’ right fit to rip its’ laces out of my shoe.


Similar to previous models, the Saucony omni 15 owns the Sauc Fit system to lock your mid-foot into the right place. But the way your laces going into your shoe has the slight difference. With The intention to lock your mid-foot more, this product is somehow successful. In the case you tie your shoe too loose or too tight, you may find some difficulties without any added material.


For the new overhaul of the stability stalwart, these shoes have added a layer with the thick of 3mm for the new and bouncy cushioning material. Now the cushioning is just below your sock liner. The rubber material is more cushioned and lighter compared to other previous models. Besides, The feel of your underfoot and the impact protection caused by such compressing materials can be compensated between the running surface and your own feet.


It is easy to see that the pronation control level was built into these shoes. Of which, pronation is known as the inward ankle rolling through a gait cycle. The Saucony omni 15 finishes off with the Support Frame right at its’ back to keep the heel in correct place. Such new Support Frame can run higher as well as wrap your heel better. Frankly, the level of support which got at two sides of your heel is considered the same. The runners, of course, will be locked into their shoes with such support frame. It compensates well for the additional room in the front of the shoe.


Many experts and runners prefer the Saucony Omni 15 as a nice and gentle update of its previous model. It owns the increased and huge amount of assistance and support in the midsole and the upper. In addition, you can enjoy a completely softer ride and race when using these shoes. Plus, you are able to keep your own feet irritation-free and dry with the moisture-wicking function of the liner.


Regarding the stability, they tweaked their soft foam wedge well in your heel. This action made it larger in order to better dampen or create moisture for heavy heel strikes. The height difference between the thickness of the shoe heel and forefoot can be seen obviously. The Saucony Omni 15 has the preceding link and the stitched-on overlays put on two upper sides. These overlays truly form a wonderful triangular shape which you are strapped in. In addition, the spectrum end is stiff enough to be handled well by all heavier runners. Such stiffness also helps me to keep the stable running shoes.


This product upper was also melded with the lightweight and strong material. By using fewer layers of the shoe, you can own a flexible and seamless feel. It Increases the force dispersion in the great surface of your area as well as delivers the optimal traction and flexibility. Furthermore, the increased level of outsole segmentation definitely helps you have the flex grooves and shock absorption. According to the lab tests for running shoes, it is indeed a wonderful choice for women.

Terrain and traction

On the medial midsole side, the firmer foam piece was changed to provide the proper pronation control in order to stop the foot from moving or rolling too far. These running shoes also have the crash pad which was put under your heel to basically soften your own landings. Such crash pad is able to assist both your mid-foot and forefoot while wearing running shoes. Thanks to this help, you can enjoy the smooth transition easily from toe to heel.


With the unchanged medial post’s length, this version of Saucony running shoes has the elevated section which is exactly under your arch. Therefore, this section increases the level of support for each runner. Furthermore, the outsole provides plenty of ground contact as well as has the different layout and configuration with additional flex grooves attached to the forefoot. The forefoot also provides optimal flexibility and IBR+ so these shoes have the optimal durability.


We have to affirm that these shoes have the positive First impressions with the Color wise. Even it was a bit conservative and some people do not like the black, the popped-out function gives it a completely modern look. It also provides the softer foam layer which was put under its’ sock-liner. Yet, the Saucony Omni 15 has a cushy and forefoot. This contradiction brings us the efficient balance which will be created between the heel and forefoot cushioning provided.


In fact, a typical running shoe normally has the weight in parallel with its size. Hence, the weight your running shoe may differ from mine, even we choose the same shoe model. The Saucony Omni 15 version for women weighs about 255 grams or 9.0 oz. while the version for men weighs approximately 301 grams or 10.6 oz. With those figures, these shoes belong to the lightweight running shoe line, especially with the FlexFilm throughout your upper.


The Saucony Omni 15 owns a special wide forefoot as well as a narrow heel. By pulling its heel tight along with wearing thicker running socks, I have to tie or lace my shoes carefully. So far I still consider them as the good choice when choosing the adequate running shoes. I ordered the shoe with the size a half higher than the one for my normal street shoe. Then, it turned out they are barely long and wide enough with my thick socks. After that, I used these shoes to walk daily as well as run around 12 miles for one week without any additional trouble.

Previous models of Saucony omni 15

Saucony omni 14

The Saucony Omni 14 also has the light overlays on your toe box with no-sew in order to provide protection and comfort, just like the Saucony Omni 15. But the overlays of this previous version is sturdier and can pull back to open up your forefoot more. On the medial shoe side, the overlays were stitched on its lateral side. In addition, its uppers are very supportive and make you feel comfortable with the good level of forefoot cushioning. These shoes provide the average level of heel cushioning for both women and men, while it owns a cushy forefoot. However, you can go with the Saucony Omni 14 if you want to find a lightweight and stability shoe for running.

Saucony omni 13

As a matter of fact, the Omni, in general, is the rare breed. Among other versions, the Saucony Omni 13 delivers the stability in the lightweight package with only 10.4 oz. Hence, Saucony actually took the full support up for this notable update. Its platform is considered wider than the previous model, Saucony Omni 12. By this design, these shoes give you the proper foam which was definitely controlled by motions under the pronating foot. Besides, its forefoot overlays can be now welded simply on without the stitched actions. Hence, this action reduced significantly the probability and chance of the hot spots or irritation.

Saucony omni 12

In the past, Saucony successfully merged its attributes and combination of the lowered midsole and its medial correction which is required by most of the runners needed stability. The Saucony Omni 12 offers a good combination of features when it still keeps the acceptable price. For this Saucony shoe version, the full-length Power Grid can help you much in reducing your shoe’s weight by using the new upper. Thus, it is relatively light and comfortable for this shoe class. The straight underfoot of your own is echoed and remained in the upper fit where I did find the mid-size toe box and the roomy mid-foot fitted heel.

Similar shoes to Saucony omni 15

There are some main competitors of Saucony omni 15 we should mention with many similar features. They are Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 Review, Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8, and Nike Flyknit Racer.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS

Just like tradition, The Adrenaline GTS 16 provides us the wide platform and good support. The most similar thing with the Saucony omni 15 is its promise if stability. Its offers the comfort for people having the flat feet for running during a long period. In addition, you still can feel of the breathability without any sock even though its upper fit owns the narrow mid-foot and the large heel. Therefore, these shoes offer the stability right at the shoes’ front as well as it is perfectly fit with the low arch.

Adidas Supernova Glide Boost

The Supernova Glide Boost 8 was launched by Adidas with the best technologies ever from bottom to top. The performance and quality of these shoes truly worked for runners. That is the reason why they were considered very responsive in term of assisting the movements. Many runners pointed out that the shoe is highly recommended for the neutral road. You can try it to have the exciting running experience for long distance. At last, the platform of this shoe foam allowed your foot to take well-paced and smooth steps. This characteristic is quite similar to the Saucony omni 15.

Nike Flyknit Racer

A part of choosing the Saucony omni 15, many neutral runners chose to wear the Nike Flyknit Racer. Because it could deliver the style, comfort, and security. Some even concluded that they used it for daily activities without feeling any short change. As a matter of fact, this is considered one of the most popular shoes even though being claimed of the upper durability of some experienced users. The most highlighted features of these shoes are the wrapped Flyknit fabric around your foot. By this way, you can feel like wearing a sock which does not cause irritation.




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