Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 Review

A vintage look will be a strong impression when you look at Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 for the first time. But perhaps, you will be surely more impressed by wonderful running experience when you run in them. Comfort, balance, stability and durability are great benefits you can get from these shoes.

Saucony Shadow 6000 Highlight features and technologies

Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 shoes
  • The Saucony Shadow 6000s are breathable running shoes with a durable and robust upper made from a good combination of mesh, synthetic, and leather materials.
  • The synthetic lining has the ability to wick moisture away from your shoes and keeps your foot cool, dry, and comfortable through long running.
  • The shoes also use a durable rubber outsole with the Triangular Lugs design for enhanced durability, reliable traction and grip to avoid sliding off on wet surfaces.
  • A Padded Collar and Foot bed are featured to protect the underfoot by high levels of cushioning effect the shoes provide. These features combine with the EVA midsole to reduce impact during running.
  • Another highlight feature is distinctive aesthetic of the shoes. This combined with great cushioning effect make the shoes become a really excellent choice.

Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 Review


The outsole of Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 is made of the durable XT-600 rubber material to endure on high wear areas. Aside from this, the material at the same time offers good traction on road running. The outsole is also designed with triangular lugs for better grip on both dry and wet surfaces.


The midsole of Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 is featured with the Ionic Cushioning System, EVA midsole and a mixture of Polyurethane which not only offer cushioning and protection for the underfoot but also give a responsive ride. Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 is one of the last shoes with polyurethane midsole, which provides runners with the best level of shock absorption (not overly firm with good rebound) to reduce impact and pressure on their foot when landing or taking off.


A combination of mesh, synthetic, and leather materials are used to make the upper to provide good breathability and supportive fit. Besides, it also has a heel collar and padded tongue to add more comfort and snug fit.


Shadow 6000 is built with light and soft materials that always brings comfort to my feet whenever wearing them. The shoes actually give a roomy space for my feet and I never get blisters throughout my runs. Additionally, the upper is designed to ensure fresh environment inside the shoes and snug fit that also give an optimum comfort. Good cushioning and support system always make my feet feel cushy even in long distance runs without knee or foot pain. Moreover, the synthetic lining with a good moisture wicking property keeps my feet cool, dry and comfortable all day.


Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 fit

The shoes fit a just little bit narrower than other Saucony running shoes. They are awesome for small feet. I was advised to order a half size larger and they fit my feet very well. They are not too loose or tight.


I was looking for a sturdy pair of running shoes with ample cushion and these fit the bill. The cushioning system with molded triangular pillars found at the rear of the midsole offer more cushioning for the heel strike stage in every running stride. When it comes to heel cushioning, the shoes provide enough comfort and foot protection from debris on the road. They also help get rid of foot and leg pain from wearing worn out shoes.


They are some of the only running shoes that are well suitable for my high arches. The shoes offer good cushioning system and support needed to control pronation, especially for neutral pronators. The Shadow 6000 can also minimize pronation even on uneven grounds. While some runners can wear many types of running shoes, others only need a specific type. Therefore, it is essential to determine your pronation type and foot’s arch type in order not to waste your money at wrong pairs of shoes.


These are stiff shoes so they have more stability than other flexible ones. In other words, these running shoes have a very stable platform. I have plantar fasciitis and my feet often roll outward, Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 provides me with good stability and helps prevent that from occurring.


The XT-600 rubber material and the triangular lugs design in the outsole provide good traction and grip that allows the shoes to perform well on road terrain even on wet days. However, these features are still not enough for you to use on the trails because this type of terrain can break your shoes quickly and cause some unexpected injuries to your feet if you don’t wear suitable shoes to deal with it.


The upper of the shoes is made of a good combination of mesh, synthetic, and leather materials that provides you with a more robust and durable upper. In the midsole, polyurethane is used to provide cushioning and support for the foot while also contributing to enhance durability of the shoes. Another feature for durability is the high abrasion resistant properties of the outsole unit, which helps protect the shoes from the damage on running road.


The weight of Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 is too heavy for speed works. I agree with this idea. I used to try these for sprint and they let me down. The weight of men’ version is 12.9 oz. while the women’s is 10.8 oz. They are only suitable for normal training.


Coming with a vintage look and light color combination, Saucony Originals Shadow 6000s are always attractive and makes people love them at the first sight. I am no exception. I really love the look and design of these shoes.


These Saucony 6000 is designed for normal trainings and improving running performance. But in fact, I have run several triathlons, a couple half-marathons, tons of miles with the Shadow 6000, and have hiked in them as well. Generally, they have not disappointed me. But perhaps being used for many purposes, my shoes have worn out more quickly than expected.

The best doesn't need to be expensive, and expensive isn't always the best. I have also used the "top" expensive models from Nike, Asics, and New Balance. Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 also has high quality without costing too much. This big advantage makes the shoes become more popular and will be chosen among others. You should keep in mind that the price is different at different stores so you should pick the most reliable one in order to save money. I always chose Amazon as a reliable address for all of my running shoes. Although I couldn’t try the shoes directly and have to wait some days for shipping, they still ensure the best product quality as well as the very quick shipping.​

Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 Pros and Cons


  • Designed with durable materials from upper to outsole
  • Have great cushioning and stability support for high arches and neutral pronators
  • Breathable and have good moisture wicking property to ensure dry, cool and comfortable environment inside the shoes.
  • The shoes have an affordable price


  • 12-mm Heel-to-toe drop is difficult for runners to make great strides.
  • The weight is heavy
  • Some felt the shoes are too stiff for their feet


these Saucony 6000s are not light, but are very comfortable, good heel cushioning, very durable, stable and dependable. They indeed an ideal choice for high arches runners and neutral pronators.

Similar running shoes to Saucony Originals Shadow 6000

Mizuno Wave Inspire is also the good shoe for road running. They come with an excellent cushioning system. The redesigned U4icX technology in the midsole provides a well cushioned underfoot feel and efficient shock absorption while the Dynamotion Fit offers optimal fit. These stability running shoes are good for people who have moderate over-pronation. Although they are very stable, they still have good flexibility in high-flex areas thanks to the brand’s Flex Controller technology.

Another similar running shoe to the Saucony 6000s is the Asics GT 1000 GTX. They are road running shoes that have appealing looks, great quality and reliable durability. You can use these road running shoes in any weather thanks to the waterproofing and optimal traction capabilities they provide. They also provide runners with enough cushioning, stability and support to prevent over-pronation of the foot and improve running performance of runners.​

Other versions of Saucony Originals Shadow

Saucony Originals Shadow 5000

Saucony Originals Shadow 5000s are very comfy and run a bit large compared to other models. You should order a half or even full size smaller to have perfect fit. The upper is made from the combination of synthetic leather and mesh panels, which offer a great breathability for the shoes. Shadow 5000s are great for long walking, running or everyday wear with cushioned collar and foot-bed that give a lasting comfort. The durable outsole with excellent grip and traction allows them to perform well on roads, tracks and gravel terrains or even on wet surfaces. These Saucony’s shoes also provide runners with great support for high arches. The heel is really padded, great for exercise. These shoes have vibrant colors and attractive appearance that always make people love them. Moreover, the price of Saucony Originals Shadow 5000 is also very ideal for budget-conscious people. The small downside is that the weight of the shoes is 12 oz., which is a bit heavier than other road running shoes so you can’t use these for speed tasks.

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Saucony Originals Shadow Original

The combination of nylon, mesh and suede overlays in the upper design contribute to long-lasting durability of the shoes. Padded collar and tongue not only deliver added cushioning but also a comfy fit. Aside from that, traditional lace up front in these shoes also gives an optimum fit. The same size that is comfortable in the 6000 is a bit tighter in the Original. Therefore, you should be careful when getting the size. In terms of comfort, the Shadow Original has a cushioned EVA sock liner and comfortable fabric lining to keep your feet comfortable throughout long running. EVA cushion midsole plays an important role in absorbing all the shock or impact during running. These shoes provide good arch support.

 Especially, triangular rubber tread pattern in the outsole really gives an excellent grip to protect the shoes from slipping on wet surfaces. They come with a classic look and nice variety of colors that always catch the look of people. There are no glue spots and the stitching looks perfect. The suede looks really slick and nice in both shorts and pants. However, like the SauconyShadow 5000 and 6000, this version also has a bit heavy weight. In short, they are still good quality shoes at an affordable price.

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