Saucony Redeemer Review

Saucony Redeemer


The upper unit of Saucony Redeemer is made of a breathable mesh material, very comfortable and flexible. This provides great breathability to the shoes by allowing air to come inside the shoes and keep the feet dry and cool at all times. This mesh material works with Synthetic overlays to offer an adaptable fit. Saucony Redeemer also features the ISOFIT overlays in its upper to wrap the midfoot around the sock-like mesh. This design provides tons of support to the upper.


The Saucony Redeemer has a thicker midsole than Saucony Hurricane ISO and other Saucony shoes, which provide more cushioning but also make them heavier and stiffer. The PWRGRID+ in the mid-sole unit adds more cushioning and bounce into each step of runners. This also gives great balance for the feet as well as better shock absorption during impact and smoother transition. Another feature in the midsole is a TPU Pillar, which provides needed support for the medial mid-foot area. Especially, it contributes to correct the rate of pronation to keep the feet at a neutral stance for a comfortable and better running experience.


The outsole is really sturdy and keeps the sole from tearing and wearing easily. This is made of The IBR+™ which very lightweight, durable and responsive. This material plays an important role in providing great durability to prevent wear and abrasion or any potential damage from affecting the shoes. The rubber in the forefoot has a fan shape, and the rubber compartments under the crash pads are used to provide shock dissipation and absorption. Besides, flex grooves found along the mid-foot and forefoot sections allow runners to run more naturally.

New and updated features and technologies

  • PWRGRID+ Cushioning offers 20% more cushioning than previous version to improve durability and enhance impact protection.
  • FOUNDATION Platform gives wider and more supportive fit.
  • 29-mm Heel height and 21-mm Forefoot height are considered good feature in protecting feet from debris on the ground.
  • The ISOFIT technology is featured in the shoes for comfortable and sock-like feel.
  • The support mechanisms in these shoes can provide a more controlled running experience.

Saucony Redeemer Review


I bought these on recommendation of my podiatrist for plantar fasciitis. I have no complaints about comfort of the shoes. There is no break-in period. They allow me to wear all day, work, play, and run without pain or injuries. The mesh on top of the forefoot is very comfortable. Saucony Redeemer even relieved the normal pain in my ankles and feet, which caused by wearing cheap shoes.


I always get 1/2 size up and Saucony always fits perfectly. The ISOFT technology provides a sock-like fit on my feet. FOUNDATION Platform provides wider space in the shoes enough to accommodate my medical insoles or orthotics well. I would recommend these shoes for big size guys like myself.


They have plenty of cushion but aren’t heavy. They look heavy because the soles are thick. The heel and forefoot cushioning are impressive. They work well in keeping the feet protected from dirt and debris on the ground as well as provide great shock absorption to the shoes.

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Support and pronation control

Saucony Redeemer’s shoes are also well known for their great support features. A Support Frame at the back of the shoes locks the heel of users down on the platform and keeps it stable in place. In terms of pronation control, Saucony Redeemer gives a very plush ride and maximum pronation control to severe over-pronators. This is partly thanks to a long medial post which helps stop your foot from rolling inward too much to control over-pronation. 8-mm heel to toe drop seems good for neutral pronating feet, but this feature is more helpful for over pronators in preventing injury caused by positions of the toe and heel.

I used to think of stopping running because of my severe over pronation, which often causes discomfort, pain and injuries after each runs. However, since purchasing Saucony Redeemer, I believe that I can continue my running routine.


In terms of stiffness, The Saucony Redeemer is one of the stiffest running shoes I have ever worn. The stiffness are in both men and women version. This might due to the added cushioning and some updated features, which aim to provide more support and stability. Generally, runners who are heavy and need lots of support appreciate them.


I am very satisfied with the breathable material used to make the upper unit. It not only allows my foot to be fresh and cool but also gives me comfortable feeling because it is very soft. Up to now, I haven’t had any hot spot or sweat issue with Saucony Redeemer shoes.


As I mentioned above, the Redeemer is created to provide the most supportive and stable ride but still maintain outstanding flexibility. Flex grooves found in the outsole unit deliver enough flexibility for runners to run more naturally. Besides, flexibility also comes from materials used to make the upper, midsole and outsole. However, flexibility in these shoes is not optimum because the thick sole unit prevents the shoes from getting more flex.


I am strongly impressed with stability these shoes provide. In other words, stability mechanisms featured in these shoes are staggering. This great feature certainly helps runners have better and much more controlled stance.


In terms of durability, you don’t have to worry too much that your shoes will be broken because they are made of very high quality materials, which are well-researched and carefully selected by many designers and shoe scientists of Saucony, such as The IBR+™ in the outsole unit.


The Saucony Redeemer has enough features as well as support to allow runners to run well on roads, pavements or even dirt tracks. Especially, the durable IBR+™ outsole gives traction to prevent slips and slides on wet surfaces.


These stability running shoes can become your good training or exercise partner. Especially, if you are a severe over-pronator, these shoes can be used as a good treatment for your feet. I’m sure that these will help you improve your running performance and lead you to better running experience.

They are expensive but well worth the extra money because of some great and effective technologies incorporated into the shoes to provide high quality.​


They look nicer in my feet than they were showed on the web. Most motion control shoes have bulky look to them, but the Redeemer's look slender than any other motion control shoes currently on the market. I also love the color of these sneakers since they are not as bored as other stability shoes.


These shoes are comfortable, lightweight for motion control shoes. However, they are not the most lightweight on the market. The weight of the women’s version is 326 grams while 366 grams is the weight of the men’s. This heavy weight is because of many technologies, support systems and cushioning mechanisms that are used to offer maximum pronation control for runners’ feet.

Saucony Redeemer - Pros and cons


  • They are featured with many advanced features and technologies
  • These shoes provide much more cushioned and supportive without affecting flexibility too much
  • One of the rare motion control shoes that well-support severe over-pronators
  • Stability mechanisms are staggering


  • The price is a bit expensive
  • The look seems to be bulky because of the thick sole unit
  • The weight is heavy

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Similar running shoes to Saucony Redeemer

Both Saucony Hurricane ISO and Saucony Redeemer are stability running shoes designed to cater runners who need support, cushioning and stability, especially for over-pronators. But there are also some small differences between these two. Saucony Redeemer seems heavier and stiffer than Saucony Hurricane ISO because of added cushioning in the midsole. Additionally, in terms of support and pronation control, Saucony Hurricane ISO can’t be better than the Redeemer. However, if you are looking for the closest similar running shoes to replace Saucony Redeemer, I highly recommend Saucony Hurricane ISO because of the similar features in the construction of these shoes.

The Asics Gel Fortify is another good stability running shoes for severe over-pronators. Although these are a bit heavier than the Saucony Redeemer, it is not significant. They also come with a high profile and equally impressive arch support.

Another similar running shoe of the Saucony Redeemer is The Brooks Beast. This is considered one of the most popular motion control shoes. These shoes also provide great cushioning and support for severe over-pronators like the Saucony Redeemer. The Brooks Beast will be premium daily running shoes of many runners. The latest version of these still provides needed comfort, flexibility and stability while running like previous version and even more.​


Saucony Redeemer shoes are indeed an ideal choice for stability shoes fanatics with great combination of cushioning, stability and support. I hope that Saucony will retained the great features in these shoes and continue studying to produce much more better motion control shoes to meet all demands of runners in the future.

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