Sole F85 treadmill review

You are having troubles in choosing a treadmill model which can withstand a lot of miles you put on it every week, doesn’t vibrate when you increase your pace or can provide enough room for tall runner like you. Let take a closer look at the Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill.

I. Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill description


It is featured with a strong 4.0 HP continuous duty motor that supplies outstanding output. With one press of a button, you can smoothly increase your speed up to 12 mph. Sole also use a flywheel to keep the motor run cooler and extend its life. But you don’t have to worry too much about the motor because this component has a lifetime warranty.


Its spacious 22″ x 60″ running surface can accommodate to even tall runners. The deck allows you to increase the incline to 15 percent, and it is equipped with a built-in fan to keep you cool. Besides, this part also has a Cushion Flex shock absorption system to provide runners with soft and comfortable runs. Sole’s top treadmill deck also reduces the sound of running to be more home-friendly.

Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill


The console of this model has a vibrant blue display which is very user-friendly for users to read easily while they are moving. In the new model for 2016, the Sole F85 updated console screen up to 10.1”, plus it allows a tablet computer to serve as a programming center to save as well as wirelessly share exercise stats. You can track your speed, time, distance, calories burned, incline, pace, as well as pulse at all times through the console. This component also has speakers so you don’t need to wear headphones to listen to music.

Workout Programs

As other Sole treadmill model in 2016, the F85 also comes with a 10-item program menu. Included are two heart rate controlled workouts, two programs created by the user, manual mode, and five classic treadmill workout programs: Fat Burn, Cardio, Interval, Hill and Strength. These programs are possibly set for different durations and control the treadmill’s incline and speed.

II. Sole F85 treadmill review


I love the Cushion Flex shock absorption deck of this machine that can reduce impact up to 40 percent compared with outdoor running so I always feel comfortable on my legs, knees and ankles. It exceeds the impact reduction provided by other fitness brands. Additionally, this feature and a 4.0 PH power motor are two outstanding features allowing you to run even many hours with ease and comfort.

Convenience and safety

This treadmill met my expectations. Setting it up was not difficult at all. The F85 comes with Easy Assist Folding Deck design that helps you easily fold and store vertically when it is not in use despite its rather heavy weight. The incline and speed control buttons are placed on either side of the handrails. These are conveniently designed for easy control. Two users can save their profiles and customized programs for quick-start convenience too. On the new model in 2016, F85 has Bluetooth feature which makes music listening extremely convenient and makes it appeal to a wider audience than ever. In addition to convenience, Sole also incorporated many safety features into this model, consisting of both the standard and the unconventional such as a Safety Lock design or safety tether cord.


I have to confirm that the F85 runs incredibly smooth and quiet thanks to its Cushion Flex shock absorption deck. It truly does not shake or move when you are exercising. I also really love the very power but quiet motor. With this motor, the treadmill is not as noisy as the others within the similar price range. I am 6"0 270 lbs and run 10-12 miles per week, so I appreciate a treadmill that does not skip. This can handle even up to 400 pounds safely with no problems. This treadmill can handle. Plus, 30 levels of incline help me enhance different muscles in the lower body.

Quality and durability

It is possible to say that the Sole F85 is a top residential treadmill with health spa quality. It builds upon the bestselling F80 with even more horsepower and hardier components. Designed to provide the highest level of performance, it has a powder-coated, all-steel frame. For durability, the track is built with multi-layered requiring little maintenance and additionally it is supported by high quality 2.75” rollers to reduce noise and wear. Up to now, I can't speak to the longevity but I'm putting a lot of miles on it and it is still very stable and quiet.


The good warranty policy is one of the advantages making the Sole often chosen by users. The Sole F85 has lifetime warranty on frame, deck, and motor. Labor is covered for two years and electronics are covered for five years.


This is always a solid choice for home gyms. In the other words, it has everything a power walker or serious runner expect for effective indoor training: a spacious workout area, a powerful motor, great cushioning and an automated incline. Although a little pricier than others, I would still recommend it. In the terms of convenience, this model of the Sole is can be used for those living in a small apartment or those who like a treadmill without overbearing size.

Health benefits of using the Sole Fitness F85

Using the Sole F85 Folding Treadmill, you can benefit your cardiovascular and circular systems, transform fat into lean muscle, and improve endurance so it helps encourage weight loss and rev your metabolism. The treadmill also delivers you a safer environment instead of working out with unfavorable weather outside to avoid unexpected injuries.

Sole F85 treadmill - Pros and Cons


  • Foldable feature for easy storage and moving
  • Strong 4.0 HP motor provides high performance at speeds up to 12 mph
  • Can withstand users up to 400 pounds
  • Have the roomiest on the market
  • Absorb up to 40 percent impact
  • Great warranty policy


  • Provide less pre-programmed workouts than expected
  • Not compatible with iFit
  • The handrails for stability aren’t as long as some runners want to have

Overall, the Sole F85 is smooth, strong, and capable. It is well-designed offering enough features and functions for you to achieve your fitness goals. However, if you don’t need a 4.0 CHP for cardio training, you can choose the cheaper F80.

Compared to the Sole F80 treadmill

The F80 is also well-known product of the Sole. Generally, this machine has the same features as of the F85 such as a power incline with maximum 15% grade, 10 preset programs, Sole’s CushionFlex Deck or foldable and safety features. However, this model is a little cheaper than the F85 because it is equipped with only 3.5 CHP motor not 4.0 CPH one like in the F85, a console with 9″ display and 22″ x 60″ running surface. In short, if you don’t require high-end model like the F85, the F80 is a great option.

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