Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review

There are many ways of doing physical activity, however, as you know, the indoor cycling bike has become a popular trend in loads of gym and fitness centers, for a very good reason it works.

 You don’t have to consume much energy looking for the right indoor cycling bike as Sunny Health & Fitness Pro will satisfy all your needs, especially if you are an at-home fitness enthusiast. This bike’s features will provide an amazing workout. In addition, Sunny Health & Fitness Pro features having mobile wheels, so you can easily set up when and where you wish to exercise and hide away at a blink of an eye.
Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

I used to have an indoor cycling bike, and I had lots of trouble with operating it. Nonetheless, you can be sure Health & Fitness Pro has no rivals. It will bring you that comfortable feeling like you are riding a bike around your neighborhood on your favorite street. Thanks to the heavier flywheel, Sunny Health & Fitness Pro provides you with more momentum with a view to riding more smoothly. Furthermore, this bike is not jerky and uncontrolled like many other bikes in the past, and at any speed.

 What makes this outstanding feature? The answer lies in the 40-pound flywheel, which works to deliver plenty of valuable aggressive inertia, thus generating a smooth and fluid 360° pedal stroke. That smoothness makes this a major distinction between an indoor cycling bike and an indoor exercise bike.

Adjustable Handlebars

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro has a reputation for padded handlebars that can be adjusted in height.  Moreover, you will also be interested to know that handlebars have multi sizing options, which is suitable and comfortable for you whether you have small or big hands. You can put your book or tablet on the cradle of this indoor cycling bike, which helps you to undertake those important tasks or listen to that motivational music.

Tension and Resistance

Along with adjustable handlebars, the tension knob is easy to use and can change the intensity just by twisting smoothly.  As a result, the resistance depends on your current fitness level and physical situation. If you are strong enough, you can increase the intensity, but if you are tired, you can reverse for a more comfortable ride.

Maybe you are wondering why this Sunny Cycling Bike is so weighty (up to 97,2 pounds), it is because of the heavy flywheel.  However, this makes this indoor cycling bike a worthwhile investment. It cannot be denied that you will work out better due to the heavier flywheel.

 “No wobbling, much-needed stability” is what the flywheel gives to you. Thus you can experience the same feeling like the bike you used to ride as a child on the streets of your neighborhood. As I mentioned above, the seat, the resistance, and handlebars are all able to be adjusted, while the power is transferred through chain.

Other features:

  • plus
    Easy on the Body: Nobody can ignore the unwanted pain on ligaments, joints or tendons. However, with Sunny Cycling Bike, you are safe, without worrying about suffering from wear and tear. In addition to this, the versatile handlebars and seat are flexible with a large number of choices. In conclusion, you will enjoy yourself with a healthy cycling session, as well as improved comfort to keep you motivated.
  • plus
    Chain drive mechanism:  As reported by nearly 95% of customers, this cycle operates in silence, and this quiet operation lasts for a long time, regardless of regular use.  Nevertheless, only a few people complain about the disturbing noise. This may be explained most likely by an improper assembly of the machine.
  • plus
    Easy Assembly: when you buy Sunny Health & Fitness Pro, you will receive a full set of all required tools and instructions to put your new bike together. According to most customers, it takes them only around 10 to 30 minutes to assemble this bike. However, if you are not good at those mechanical tasks, just call for an assembly service, which is around $120.
  • plus
    Pedals: Toe clips and straps are included on the pedals. Additionally, if you so wish you can install your own bike pedals to the frame, it’s up to you. This is a great feature, but remember to do this first, rather than later if you like your own pedals.
  • plus
    High Capacity: The limit of the weight is 275 pounds.
  • plus
    Adjustable Saddle: You don’t need to concern about your height because the saddle is adjustable. You can move the bike seat up or down, between 5’1’’ to 6’2’’ tall. The seat brings you that comfortable feeling, but if you like, you can cover it with a gel layer.
  • plus
    Compact Size: This bike is completely suitable for small rooms or apartments. The width of the footprint is 48.5″ x 20″.
  • plus
    Steel Frame: As I have just said, this machine has a strong steel frame, which can accommodate up to 275 pounds maximum capacity. Therefore, you can be sure that it is stable enough for you.
  • plus
    Substantial solid crank: This design allows for mobility, convenient storage and easy adjustments.

The difference among Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike and other models

In comparison with other models, this cycle has many similarities with the SF-B1423. For instance, it has an LCD screen functioning as controlling your progress, as well as maintaining it. With the twist knob, you can change the exercising intensity and the seat’s height.

 In detail, the height of seat can be moved forwards or back, depending on your body type. As soon as you have determined the most suitable distance, the seat will stay firmly in place.

However, you can differentiate this cycle from the SF-B1423 by the heavy flywheel which weighs up to 22 pounds instead of looking at add-ons to achieve the same functionality.

What I like about this product?

The Sunny Health & Fitness brand has a reputation for all its models of bike and is positively reviewed by many consumers. It is an upright and even indoor cycle trainer, which will fit your body size, exercise and fitness goals.

 Another bonus for this product is that it is easy to use without much guidance so that you can work-out easily and without costly instruction.

What I don’t like about this product?

Besides advantages, this cycling bike also has some disadvantages:

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    No Console with Programming or Data: Many people do not understand why this bike doesn't have a console, and they feel like driving an outdoor bike. On the contrary, other kinds of cycle trainers have speed, distance, time, RPM, calories burned and heart rate.
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    No Onboard Entertainment: It is clear to see that you cannot keep entertained during exercise without a console. Some indoor bikes have high-definition screens so that people can watch exercise videos or other types of entertainment. In general, however, people giving thought to a heavy flywheel do not bother with high-tech extras.
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    No Bottle Holder: This bike does not include a water bottle holder.
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    Warranty: It is suggested that you should pay an optional $27 if you want 3-year protection.

Bottom line

 Sunny Health & Fitness Pro is a really the worth investment, although it lacks some hi-tech features. Now, let’s begin to look at its outstanding merits. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro is suitable both for a beginner or an advanced user. Thanks to the tension settings, you can begin as a starter, and then gradually advance your level day by day, and you will soon feel surprised by the results.
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