How to Warmup Before a Run – Five Exercises to Do

Are you excited about running outside the street as quickly as you could? If yes, you have missed something which is crucial and vital for your body. On the one hand, this activity might help your body prevents the damage and the potential accidents that you do not know. This activity is warm up your body before kicking off a run. Why is warm up before a run necessary and how should you practice it?

Warm Up Before A Run

The main benefits of warming up your body before a workout

  • Boost the strength of your muscles and the inside temperature in your body as well as all of the muscles;
  • Grow the blood flow to the cells, muscles and the connection between the muscles and the bones;
  • Improve the rate of creating the power production from your body to prepare a workout – the cells, the muscles, the bones and the tissues;
  • Reduce the automatic and shrinking times and expand the temperatures of the muscles;
  • Cut down the damage of your heart and the brain as your heart beats could have a big fluctuate and the tissue might be broken down
  • Decrease the wound in the tendons, the ligaments as well as the muscles
  • Create a positive impact on your mind and decrease the pressure before having a workout or a run

Some exercises to practice before starting a run

The walking lunges

The walking lunges

In the long run, you will have to use the main muscles to broaden your leg and foot. Thus, walking lunges exercise could support you to use the main muscles freely during your running time.

Put your foot straightly and adjust your body as a – 90 angle from the right leg and the left leg. Then, you do the same with your left side and turn the legs and foot back in an old place.

Do the walking lunges exercise about 5 or 10 times until you feel stiff neck or you feel tired.

In this exercise, you should get your knees and your ankles in a straight line, and you should evade the whole body put on your toes.

The kneeling hip flexor

The kneeling hip flexor

This exercise is not important to warm up before a run, but also it is vital for those who are officers and seat on the offices all the time. With officers, you will have the state of hip – tight while sitting in long hours.

Take your right knee and the body in a – 90 degree. Then, you need to open the left leg to straighten, and you will have a little pressure in your back thigh. Furthermore, you should retain the right knee in the right line with your toes.

In this time, you raise your arms over the head and keep them about one minute and turn it back. Moreover, you combine this position to move forward and return to the old place. You should do this exercise between three and five times. Do not forget to change another side with the left knee and leg.

The hip circles

The hip circles

Though your legs and foot will directly work on your running, your hip also contributes to helping your body move smoothly.

The joints, the muscles, and the ligaments will also act around the hip area during the running time, but we do not pay much attention to this position.

Hence, some runners will have the pain or the damage, and they do not know the reason why. Before beginning the running road, you should do some circles around your hip feel much more comfortable.

Let your hands and your foot have a width equal to the size of your shoulder firstly. Then, you move your hip in a circle and do it again until you feel the muscle fatigue in your hip. Keep in mind that you should change other sides to improve your hip strongly

The foreleg raises

The foreleg raises

Once your foot catches the surface and moves to another point, the calf muscles have to do their job. Therefore, you should do a practice for these muscles to make them significantly with the foreleg raises.

To do this exercise, you should find the stairs promptly. Take one foot in one step, and the heels stand out the edge. Then, increase the balance on your toes and reduce the pressure on your heels until your calf muscles have the pressure under the stair.

Relax in a few minutes and continue to do this exercise again in another foot. You could repeat the foreleg raises about two times in each of your foot if your physician could not allow you do more.

The butt kicks

This is one of the most classic exercises for runners. Even if you are not a runner, you could still practice the butt kicks to train your foot, knees, and legs. By doing this, you will increase the speed and the acceleration of your legs and your foot straightly.

You should stand with a straight back and keep one heel out of the surface in a straight line. Then, you take another foot and kick your butt by your heel from a low speed to a higher level. Do this cardio exercise till you feel tired out and having sweats.

The high knees

The high knees

Like the butt kicks, this cardio movement requires you have a high speed and straighten. Move your knee and your foot up to the chest and repeat it one or three times. Then, you should change the other sides at a fixed speed.


Conclusion Warm Up Before A Run

If you observe or know lots of accidents from the runners, you could realize that these runners do not practice some warm – up exercises beforehand. Now, you have already recognized the benefits of having the warm - up and the cool – down exercises before a workout.

Also, do not forget to do these exercises to protect your body and others. On the other hand, you enable to apply those exercises before starting other sports as the possible accidents are waiting for you.

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