5 Ways Running Can Help You Lead a Happy and Healthy Life

It is no secret that running has many health benefits. Thus, it is good for your body and mind. However, it does not apply that something right for you is necessary to make you happy. But, is running an exemption?

Ways Running Can Help You Lead a Happy and Healthy Life

Based on my journey, running a few days a week makes me feel good. I feel that my body is changing in a more positive way. Usually, I run three to four times a week for just 30 minutes. I consider these times as my “me time.” I follow my training plan, play some of my favorite songs, and I observe what nature has installed for me.

By doing so, I feel relieved and relaxed. So, I can attest that it makes all of the worries and stress go away. So, I want to share with you the five ways that running can help improve your quality of life.

5 Ways Running Helped Improve My Life

#1 Boosts My Self-Confidence

Boosts My Self-Confidence

There is more to running that just developing strength and power. It is true that running is challenging. In fact, it can be tough that it will require your motivation to keep going. However, I consider this part as the beauty of running. As I sweat more per mile of running, I can remind myself that I went out my comfort zone and did something to make myself better. Also, I tell myself that if I can get through a 10-kilometer run, then I can overcome what life has to offer me. Thus, it increases my confidence level.

#2 Decreases My Depression

Decreases My Depression

When I feel down in the dumps, I often throw myself into bed the whole day. That type of mentality can be pointless and depressing. However, when I started running, everything changed.

I managed to shake off all of the negativities and stress. Plus, when I do my runs, I noticed that I could benefit from what we call as the “runner’s high.” During this stage, my Endorphin levels increase. In turn, it stimulates the pleasure areas of my brain. So, it makes me feel calm; then it leads me to the point of euphoria.

#3 Helps Me Save More Money

Helps Me Save More Money

When you go to the gym, membership is quite expensive. In fact, some gyms will add unnecessary fees, especially for beginners. However, when you run regularly, you’ll realize that it is free. If you just follow the right posture and techniques when moving, then you’re ready to go.

The entire fitness you will require is for the taking. I even improved my strength by sprinting. Then, I enhanced my ability by running through uneven terrains. I do not need to spend all of the money I’ve saved just to get fit and healthy.

#4 Enhances My Diet

Enhances My Diet

A lot of people get into running with the goal of getting healthy and have that beach body. However, you also need to know that running is a calorie-stopper just like any exercises. After using the treadmill for running for hours, most people would still crave for foods rich in carbs.

But, the funny thing about running is that most runners avoid these foods because they stick to a healthy meal plan. My body starts to appreciate all of my efforts. So, in turn, I stop craving for unhealthy foods.

#5 Better Sex Life

Better Sex Life

Running can improve your lung function and cardiovascular system. But, you need to remember that those advantages also come with other benefits. Firstly, it can enhance your blood flow. As what I understand, I need enough supply of blood to balance my structural integrity. However, for most people, sex and pleasure may be quite demanding, especially physically. So, your brain starts to prioritize the systems that keep you alive. What you need to do is to strengthen your cardio capacity through running. By doing so, it will help you last longer in bed, and it will make your partner happier.

I noticed that after my long-distance runs, I still have enough energy to do other things. That’s why I feel that my sex life improved. I feel relieved that I can satisfy my partner’s needs.


We have to realize that running brings so many incredible benefits for the mind and body. So, when I run for about 20 to 30 minutes a day, I can achieve the five benefits listed above. And once I start the habit of running, I will also experience less stress, enhanced confidence, heightened pleasure, and better mental capability.

As I look at it this way, it seems that running every morning is the right thing to do. If the time comes that I will struggle with motivation, I will always go back to the five essential benefits of running. By doing so, it will certainly help me recover and go back on track. I may also consult my physician, get going with my running exercises and techniques. That way, I could successfully grab the advantages from running!

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Annie Jones - July 19, 2017

Thanks for the article. But not many people know that running may reduce Risks of Colorectal Cancer and Endometrial Cancer, according to some new studies.


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