Precor TRM 835 Treadmill Review and Comparison

This model comes with a 4HP AC (alternating current) motor. AC motor is typically found only in gym treadmills. Compared with the Direct Current (DC) motor, it is more powerful, long-lasting and starts quicker.

Running surface

It features a 22 x 60 inches tread track which is multi-layered and pre-waxed for durability and low maintenance. This wide running area and extra-long deck are ideal for users of all sizes and shapes.

Ergonomic Design

Ground Effects® Impact Control System combines with the special stride support feature to provide an incredibly natural and smooth feeling experience both for walking and running. This model is designed to include deck features which actually adapt to user’s personal stride while keeping the deck centered and sturdy for reduced stress on the ligaments and joints and for increased safety.

Incline and Decline

The treadmill can be inclined up to 15% and declined down to 3% that is one of the most noticeable features in this model. It is very useful for trainee to burn more calories and tone more different muscles while simulating varying terrain. These levels are very popular on many treadmills like Life Fitness 95T Achieve and ProForm Official Boston Marathon 4.0. But there are some treadmills for running only have 12% incline or less like ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill or Horizon Adventure 5.


This model supports speed range from 0.5 to 16 mph 16 miles/hour that equates to about a 4 minute pace per mile while few treadmills can offer speeds of up to 16 mph. This speed is ideal for sprint running and interval training.


Precor trm 835 console

While the TRM 811- entry level model in this series only has a P10 console, the TRM 835 comes with a P30 one. It features lever motion controls where you just take a tap to change speed or incline. Console displays incline, speed, distance, pace, average speed, calories, heart rate time elapsed, time remaining, time in zone, percent complete, cals/min, cals/hr., watts, METS, average HR, target HR, elevation gain, workout summary. These basic fitness stats are organized and easy to read. In addition to the motion controls, this console also features the QuickStart™ key and a numeric keypad.

Workout Programs

The TRM 835 treadmill has 27 programs while an average treadmill only has 14. These programs provide the user with built-in, diverse and easy to use workouts. Users can choose the suitable program based on skill level and individual goals to meet their fitness goals. Moreover, the machine can automatically change incline and speed to give trainee an interval or hill workout.

Safety features

Safety clip and lanyard are attached to the stop switch in order to immediately turn off power to bring the treadmill to a stop. Besides, they can be also attached to a thoughtful tab conveniently which is located underneath the front handrail.

Heart rate monitoring

Heart rate monitoring is supported with Polar wireless compatibility and touch sensors. Especially, basing on your pulse, the heart rate monitoring system can be used to create a workout.

Precor TRM 835 Treadmill - Pros & Cons


  • It is designed with advanced deck cushioning technologies such as Ground Effects® Impact Control System and Integrated Footplant Technology™ to provide the perfect amount of shock absorption as well as less stress on joints and ligaments.
  • Plenty of workout programs help user avoid being bored with repeated workouts.
  • The 4 AC motor operates very strongly, smoothly but very quietly.
  • -3% decline and 15% incline not only simulate varying terrain but also support trainees enhance their performance.
  • It is very durable with strong motor, stable and sturdy frame as well as low maintenance, deck and belt.
  • Its high speed can be suitable for sprint running and interval training.


  • The treadmill is rather big and heavy without foldable feature so it is difficult for user to store it.
  • The price is expensive
  • There is no workout fan
  • This model is not compatible with either Android or Apple devices and didn’t feature sound system or place to plug in devices.

Precor TRM 835 Treadmill Review


Precor trm 835 treadmill review

The TRM 835 is the mid-range model in new Experience™ Series Commercial Treadmills of Precor that is designed for performance, comfort and reliability. In the terms of comfort, 27 built-in programs create diverse and interesting workouts for me to never feel bored day by day. My long strides were often limited on my old models like Horizon T101 or ProForm 505 CST Treadmill, however, with the larger surface area on this model, I can take longer strides more comfortably. I wondered that why the expensive model like the TRM 835 didn’t feature entertainment options like on my cheaper treadmill. I wish it had more entertainment options to help my mind more comfortable during training process.


It is very supportive too. The commercial-grade treadmill equipped with Ground Effects Impact Control System (found on the Precision series machines like TRM 445 and TRM 425) and Integrated Foot plant Technology (IFT) to provide user with a dynamic and rewarding workout. Plus, the Ground Effect cushioning gives a cushioned deck at the front where my foot lands and more rigid at the rear to give me a solid push off. I realized that I had less impact and stress on my joints and ligaments and I can run for longer time without having fatigue when running on this machine. Additionally, the wide range of workout programs loaded on this commercial standard treadmill can support anyone’s cardio fitness goals.


This machine also has the same integrated reading rack that can be found on all of Precor’s latest treadmills. That allows me to read my favorite books while training on the machine at low speeds. Dual Water Bottle & Accessories holders are featured to help me keep water bottle, cell phone, keys, membership card, etc.

More conveniently, the touch heart rate sensors are placed on the handlebars with increased accuracy for ease-of-use by users of all sizes. Although the machine can’t be folded, it is featured with integrated transport wheels for easier moving after using. Another convenience feature is Auto-Stop, which is a safety feature too. This takes responsibility to gradually bring the belt to a stop if there is no motion detected for a period of 60 seconds.


It is rated as one of the best high-performance cardio trainers. The Precor TRM 835 really offers a responsive and smooth running performance thanks a newly developed system by Precor. The great combination of the powerful motor and cushioned deck also delivers me unparalleled feel and quiet operation.

Additionally, a new frame design leads to an ultra-stable console, quiet operation, and solid feel that can withstand user weighing up to 400 pounds. Like on other high-end models, I haven’t got any shake or noise even when running at the highest speed on it. The 15% incline and 3% decline feature on the TRM 835 allows me to mimic uphill and down- hill running to burn more fat, tone more muscles and improve my running performance without having to go out for hills training.

Quality and durability

Precor has been building their commercial-grade equipment to withstand the rigorous, repetitive workouts of health clubs, spas and hotels for over years. Therefore, they have been well-known for their reputation on quality and durability.

The TRM 835 is a well- built and durable product with strong motor, ultra-sturdy frame and durable deck. The belt on this high- end model is made with multi-ply pre-waxed polyester and also reversible while steel tapered rollers keep the belt centered to reduce noise and for improved durability. At the first look at the TRM 835, I was impressed by its sturdy design and up to now I have had it for 8 months but haven’t seen any sign of break. I always agree with the idea that the more expensive the price is, the higher quality is.


The high quality combining with performance and comfort features makes the machine become ideal for both gym owners and their members. In fact, the Precor TRM 835 treadmill is one of the most used treadmills at hotels, gyms, busy fitness centers and homes because of its contemporary and thoughtful design. It is especially designed for serious runners thanks to larger surface area, high speed and high weight capacity.

I highly recommend it for those who want to lose weight and are finding a treadmill providing a stable operation, low impact, back and joint pain free running surface.

Compare to other models

TRM 811 Experience™ Series

In the comparison with the TRM 811 Experience™ Series, the TRM 835 has a big step above the TRM 811. This model only has seven workout programs instead of 27 programs on the TRM 835, lower top speed (12 MPH) and lacks an automated decline. If not mentioning to these lacks, the TRM 811 is extremely great replacement for the TRM 835 at a little bit lower price with many similar features. Both these treadmills have sturdy, solid frame and powerful, long-lasting motor. The TRM 811 also features 22" x 60" running surface, 15% incline as well as 400 lbs weight capacity.

Precor 946i Treadmill

Another model provided by Precor can replace for the TRM 835 is the 946i treadmill. Despite having smaller size than the TRM 835, this model still offers high speed and large enough surface area (22" x 56) for running. Its 4HP motor can support maximum speed of 12 miles/hour equating to about a 5 minute pace per mile. Check price

Other similar features to the TRM 835 are Ground Effects Impact Control System to help reduce joint and fatigue stress and prevent injury, 15% incline to mimic hill training, 400 lbs weight capacity. But at a cheaper price, the Precor 946i only has 13 workout programs. Anyway, this is a great option for those who love treadmills for runner of Precor but don’t want to spend too much money on expensive model like the TRM 835.

Cybex 770T treadmill

Cybex 770t Treadmill Review

The second similar model to Precor TRM 835 is the Cybex 770T treadmill, which is built for intense exercise in a club or home gym. The model also has a maximum 15% incline, 400-pound user weight capacity, 60" x 22" running surface. However, a 5 HP continuous duty motor of the Cybex 770T treadmill only support top speed of 12.4 MPH lower than 16 MPH on the TRM 835. But this speed is still fast enough for many types of runner.

At a little bit lower price than Precor TRM 835 so this treadmill doesn’t have decline feature and only has 9 built-in programs. If you expect to have a commercial treadmill with more entertainment options than the TRM 835 to motivate you during your training, here is a good choice.

SportsArt Fitness T675 Status Series Club Treadmill

5.0 HP AC-Servo motor offers range of speeds from 0.1 to 15 MPH. The running surface on this model (62" L x 22" W) is 2” longer than one on the TRM 835. Additionally, it has user weight capacity up to 500 pounds which is larger than user weight capacity of Precor’s treadmill. Especially, an AC incline motor of SportsArt Fitness T675 Status Series Club Treadmill not only provides up to a 15% incline but a 3% decline as well. These great features make it become an ideal choice for even serious runners.

In the terms of quality, it is rated 5/5. The combination of the carbon weave belt and the Eco-Glide belt lubrication system provides improved durability and smooth performance for walking, jogging and running. At the similar price point to the TRM 835, SportsArt Fitness T675 Status Series Club Treadmill is also one of the best commercial treadmills on the market.

TRUE ES900 Treadmill

The last similar model I want to make comparison with the TRM 835 is the TRUE ES900 Treadmill. Two these models have many similar features. For example, the track can be tilted a maximum of 15% upward and 3% downward, a roomy 60″ x 22″ workout surface, a 400 pound user weight capacity.

An adjustable cushioning of this model gives user’s body better protection against shock or lets them replicate road running to train for competitions. USB connectivity and iPod compatibility found on the machine for more entertainment options is better than the TRM 835.

Especially, it is loaded with 34 preset workout programs and 5 saved workouts, which are much more than 27 workout programs on Precor’s treadmill. But compared to the TRM 835, its 4.0 HP motor seems to be weaker and just supports speeds from 5 to 12 MPH. Overall, the treadmill is also very durable, reliable and a good choice for running.


if you are looking for a commercial treadmill designed to withstand heavy traffic, here should be at the top choice. A contemporary and thoughtful design of the new Precor TRM 835 treadmill has created its big success in the treadmill industry. Despite its high price point, you will get every penny you had to pay for it. However, there are also other good treadmills for runner at lower price that you can refer at

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