Adidas AlphaBounce Review

As it comes to Adidas AlphaBounce, we know that you might have some doubts about this latest model, such as: Can I put on these to the gym? Are they comfy enough for a long run? If I wear them, will I become the stylish guy at my office and then earn the adoration from my co-workers? In consideration of such questions, we’d like to present a hands-on review that can offer you the first ever look at one of the most talked-about sneakers - Adidas AlphaBounce.

  • plus
    A updated mesh technology availed for the upper unit, assuring it to be comfy and flexible enough
  • plus
    The material is lauded to be lightweight, comfy, soft and surprisingly secure for a one-to-one fit through your mid and forefoot
  • plus
    Brings a highly comfortable nature from the inner textile, which helps to keep all feet free from irritation
  • plus
    The vivid color schemes available for this model were highly lauded by a large number of testers
  • plus
    Its BOUNCE™ is known as a modern midsole cushioning technology that can support every foot quite well and then launch it back up
  • plus
    Enables the runners to put on for multiple activities and sports due to its multipurpose design
  • plus
    Features an affordable price next to its premium construction
  • plus
    Highly bouncy and springy, making the wearers feel so good when walking or running around
  • plus
    The AlphaBounce sole looks and feels tougher when being taken to the outdoors
  • plus
    Great traction that keeps the runners from slipping on any moisture or slippery surface
  • plus
    Brings out both style and comfort with enough padding to prevent irritating your skin even when you wear them without socks

Do you want a pair of fitness footwear that never bothers any of your natural movements? Choose Adidas AlphaBounce since it is designed with the use of motion capture technology, allowing the shoes to study the mechanics of one foot in motion before creating the highest comfort and support for it! Just take a closer look at this fusion of performance and style, the sneakers still let your foot breathe even laced tightly no matter if it’s pure running or cross-training.

Adidas AlphaBounce

PROS and CONS of Adidas AlphaBounce


  • check
    Pure running in Adidas AlphaBounce feels safe and stable, thanks to its majority of cushion in the heel
  • check
    Feels accommodating to suit a wide range of running styles
  • check
    BOUNCE technology feels so much springy, bouncy, and supportive, but obviously not pillow-like at all
  • check
    Real comfort and smoothness for heel-to-toe transitions
  • check
    Best-matched with overpronators and comfort matters due to its opening that can hug the whole foot without feeling too snug at the ankle
  • check
    Enforced heel is supported by a solid piece of molded EVA to maintain the shoe’s stability and supportiveness as possible when in motion
  • check
    Forged mesh is flexible enough to accommodate the entire shape of runner’s foot
  • check
    Mesh material can spread out so that the interior environment does not feel tight or limiting
  • check
    High-quality materials with a smart design make the shoe become a badass force in the health and performance on the road
  • check
    Fit as a part of a casual attire or your sports gear
  • check
    Seamless texture of the upper unit makes the shoe highly comfy to the foot
  • check
    Inner lining is made of a fabric that is as soft as a sock once putting the foot inside the shoe


  • minus
    Some testers and runners claimed that the shoe didn’t own much ankle support, leading to great discomfort for the longer runs
  • minus
    High cushioning is sometimes not ideal for everyone
  • minus
    Easily get dirtier than others
  • minus
    Too bulky aside from being a neat-looking shoe
  • minus
    Good-looking shoe but not enough support for longer walk/run
  • minus
    Looks like a green toothpaste

Adidas AlphaBounce’s Description


Its ADIWEAR® is an heavy-duty and non-marking rubber material, so no wonder why it’s capable of fighting abrasion and wear over time. This ensures the rest of the sole to be safe from abrasion throughout the running sessions. The outsole is particularly designed to aid you in withstanding the repeated use on about any surface. So feel free to bring this pair of hoes into the Central Park in New York City to test whether it worked effectively as advertised or not. 

Most testers agree that it went through, making the AlphaBounce sneakers a must for anyone who is looking to charge up the workouts this summer. Adidas AlphaBounce has been built to gain a multipurpose nature: The outsole of the sneaker truly promises something appealing innovations for the runners like offering the sturdy rubber in the external layer for higher protection and traction.

 By using a solid rubber outsole with highly-textured circles, we can tell that a majority of design characteristics of AlphaBounce take some important cues from the motion capture technologies that Adidas usually avails to develop the footwear. In the outsole, the raised circles are pretty like the dots availed in the motion capture testing. Its main role is to deliver a great traction for running, training and casual use with little bumps on the circle sections. They won’t wear out easily and tolerate well for the durability of the shoe outsole.


BOUNCE™  material is the most responsive ones that both springier and more responsive at the same time, than any other foam compound mostly used in every shoe sold in the market today. All the structured factors make the entire platform to easily stretch whenever it meets the pressure, and then quickly spring back into the place when the pressure is gone. More importantly, the midsole of the shoe is able to pop the foot forward with each stride.

The BOUNCE system’s true core here is quite lightweight, not to mention how its EVA core designed can give us a fantastic ample cushion and amazing “bounce” to keep the runners moving in comfort during the workout. The midsole is also trusted to provide the wearers such a great impact protection, bounce and response at the same time. It feels pretty nice for you to run while the cushion feels comfy for training since it can offer you a high level of response.

 The Adidas AlphaBounce is supposed to be more stable than the Boost material. Greater than this, the Bounce material is quite soft, allowing more impressive responsiveness during the workouts. Besides, the midsole adapts quite well to the changes of temperature as well as owns a great amount of flexibility. Well, it seems to be redesigned successfully for added comfort and stability - Adidas wants every running experience to feel the most elastic.


The Adidas AlphaBounce upper gets updated with a brand new technology called the FORGEDMESH. This one enables your foot to naturally go through the most natural range of motion without feeling any limitation. It’s able to stretch out, accommodating the whole shape of the foot so that it can feel snug and safe at the same time. Besides, the inner lining is made of smooth textiles with sufficient amount of padding.

Due to this, they can’t annoy the skin, making it more possible for us to put on the shoe without socks. Its pull-tab from the shoe’s heel also lets the athletes put on or take off easily. With a nice support and amazing flexibility, you will have no problem at all, especially when the lacing holes get covered with Fuse, the footwear is lauded more with its greater durability. But above all, people easily fall in love with how comfortable and flexible it feels.  

 The engineered mesh material in the upper is said to raise the airflow around the runners’ feet and the overall breathability to this versatile running sneaker. It merely brings us more than a lifestyle feel for anyone who really needs a functional shoe that he’s able to put on daily. And thanks to that seamless forged mesh, the shoe’s upper is like the second skin that is not just lightweight, breathable but also supportive and comfortable fit.

Adidas AlphaBounce Review


One of the most noticeable cushioning technologies in this model of Adidas is the BOUNCE™ that can support the foot pretty well after fitting true to size. Sure enough, there’s enough cushioning but it might not be as plush as it used to be on a running-specific kind of shoe. For this reason, Adidas won’t just market its product this time as a running shoe only but recommend it to those who are the fans of firm cushion and road feels that suit different running style.

Especially when it comes to the BOUNCE tech here, it feels so supportive but it can be a new go-to for some runners who get used to the road feel and sturdy cushioning system. It’s going to function really well when in the realms of sports. We both agree that the shoe can brings the trustworthy cushion that is both springy and flexible yet it’s still able to blanket your foot securely. Since Adidas has pushed it BOUNCE cushion in the full length just like a super ball bouncy.

 It might not offer the big shock absorption as its brother, but the shoe feels a little bit firmer for sure. We need the shoes that can deliver the long-lasting energized comfort, but they’re built with such an innovative BOUNCE midsole that can cushion every step for fatigue reduction. Besides, its mesh upper zone keeps your foot well-ventilated and the most flexible outsole gripping a bunch of surfaces.


The seamless design of the upper zone makes the footwear not just feel comfy but also agreeable to every foot. Don’t get surprised when it feels like a sock with your foot placed inside the shoe. This material is quite flexible, so it won’t ever make you feel so snug during the entry. You should prefer the alphaBounce for your daily run just because of its great comfort of the upper. More than that, you will find yourself the trendiest when wearing a pair of engineered mesh shoes since they look cool with denim.

This is properly one of the most favorite parts of the shoe, providing us with different benefits - specifically the outsole designed to help the runners to withstand everyday use on just about any surface. Like any other modern Adidas running shoe, it gives us the most durable protection - it’s a must for anyone who wants to charge up the exercises in the summer season. By distributing the impact of your runs efficiently, the shoes are the best option for decreasing pronation.

 For overpronators, you might want to think about having the right motion control footwear with extra cushioning. Better than this, you want it to offer more stability to the foot’s underside for more effective fitness movements during the workout. It’s the midsole unit of Adidas AlphaBounce can do away with a traditional foam used the most in every fitness shoe. Instead of that, the footwear’s bouncy material is applied to ensure your whole foot to be well-supported.


The sock-like fit here is boosted with an average heel grip, which is something working well for casual use but is somewhat inadequate for running experience. The low number of lacing rows won’t apply the direct pressure on the feet and even the engineered mesh upper causes interiors cooler than ever! This silhouette has been going through such a great success since its newly launch. The AlphaBounce gets updated with the engineered mesh, which means the extreme breathability and snug fit without a doubt.

Without compromising the high performance and durability, the shoe still maintains its bounce sole for a gentler feel and fluid run. According to Adidas, the special mesh cuts on the shoe’s upper tends to rev up the airflow around the wearer’s foot to make the entire model more breathable! Are you ready to get the feet as cool as possible after putting them inside the shoes? Such a unique open-cell design from the insole can remove the moisture from the feet so it could be drier, healthier and cooler than ever!

 Try to keep the insoles as clean as possible to increase their whole performance to the fullest. Furthermore, the set can contribute plenty of comfort every time you’re trying to wear these shoes. It’s often claimed to hold both comfort and security, especially the one-piece neoprene material in the upper that is hidden in the midsole with the EVA core. This will give our underfoot enough cushioning to keep things good on a workout.


Adidas AlphaBounce is amazing in term of multifunction, but it can be hard-pressed to fit the success of its Adidas Ultra Boost - known as a great performance shoe and really promises some unique innovations for the users. The AlphaBounce owns a type of nubbed pattern that is so much alike other Adidas running models such as the Ultra Boost. However, it’s simple yet performing impressively both inside and outside.

Another extra feature not to miss here is its nice transitions, great grip with a variety of surfaces with no problem reoccurring at all. It’s going to be nice to experience more of this stable and durable rubber compound since it feels like the rubber is a bit more sensitive as compared to other outdoor surfaces. According to the runners, they prefer some feedback from any certain surface they’re running on.

 As for the AlphaBounce, the running shoe seems to muzzle that a little. While running, it’s none other than the circle pattern design as well as the materials availed in the outsole will bring us the most considerable grip and traction. This solid traction and support make the footwear this time the most expected product among others. It’s true that the Ultra Boost contains Boost cushion, but AlphaBounce is also good n gripping and even better at price.


AlphaBounce is not the exception in term of responsiveness. So don’t worry since things can’t go wrong with these shoes, especially when you’re able to earn the high-quality materials, highly comfortable and flexible fit. More than that, the model satisfies a lot of runners with high responsiveness to let itself survive the longs runs and hard training. It’s just undeniable that the most recent running shoe technology available from Adidas is Bounce version.

Softness and comfort are the two most important features from the midsoles that can deliver a highly responsive and elastic experience during the long runs and walks. Thanks to the midsole made from EVA foam and specifically designed to work well with the Forgedmesh upper, which includes one layer of material that bears no seam. It enables the foot to move smoothly as it’s meant to.

 With a great responsiveness, the athletes can perform at the highest potential and play more freely. It’s developed with the use of a motion capture tech known as Aramis. This can help to measure the foot’s mechanics during the motion. It provides both support and expansion when the runners the most.


The material of Adidas AlphaBounce is extremely light which is perfect for runners no matter whether you go out for a morning or nightly run/jog. We usually rock the unlaced, even when jogging. Not even a doubt that your foot gets locked into the sock-like AlphaBounce, and greater than that, the shoe is so comfortable to walk in as well as feeling great during your workout. 

These shoes will fast become your most favorite running partner when you’re trying to push yourself to be the best. AlphaBounce runner type weighs around 281g (size UK 5.5), and features a sock-like fit that can adapt very well to the foot through every stride. It also delivers a high comfort and great flexibility that starts off with the initial push-off and then lasts to the finish line. 

 They’re adaptive fit with a lightweight cushioning system, which is believed to train your harder and longer. Its BOUNCE midsole plays a strong part in offering the energized comfort in all strides. The upper will adapt to your foot shape for a personalized fit while the outsole grid surely offers an amazing ground-feel.


It’s pretty much like a phenomenal work that Adidas has just done with their sneakers, and AlphaBounce is not the exception here. From it, you will get to experience the high-quality materials, extremely comfortable and flexible construction together with a highly responsive cushion for the long run and jog survival. The shoe provides more ventilation than ever to boost its versatility as well as help your feet feel cool when running.

 Today we will look at some similar running shoes to the Adidas AlphaBounce sneakers for your wider reference.

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The most similar running shoes to the Adidas AlphaBounce would be comprised of Adidas Adistar Boost ESM,  Asics Gel Cumulus 18, Adidas Supernova,

Adidas Adistar Boost ESM

 It’s a nice running companion that every tester would love to try out and increasingly enjoy. The premium materials availed for the shoe work and also the mild support of the shoe make itself the most reliable fitness gear for neutral athletes. Go grab it for your right running for mile after mile attempt in the fullest energy and power.

Asics Gel Cumulus 18

 The Cumulus Series 18 is one of the most famous neutral footwears of Asics when being able to take on the middle to the high-mileage runs. Owning the superb arch support and high amount of comfort, the shoe is trusted to easily satisfy every need of all entry level and seasoned athlete. The affordable price is the solely one more reason why this model keeps ‘wowing’ the fans with all of its releases.

Adidas Supernova

Another comfy running shoe you can’t ignore here is the pair of Adidas Supernova trainers. It makes a great impression with its increased cushioning and traction system. Being moderately weighted, the shoe can hold the feet firmly and remains so true to size. Any technology incorporated in the model can decrease the ground’s impact. Better than that, your feet will be re-energized and kept cool. Now it’s available in a good-looking design and various colors for us to choose.


Run the way you take on every difficulty and push the whole body with high determination and strong focus. Adidas AlphaBounce running shoes are favored by its BOUNCE™ midsole for immediate comfort and greatly responsive cushioning system. It’s specifically designed for women, so featuring a seamless construction or the Forgedmesh upper unit for zoned support.

 However, a few testers and runners noticed that it won’t own much ankle support, which can be one of the major reasons leading to the great discomfort during the longer runs and jogs. Besides, the high cushioning might not be ideal for every runner, especially the ones who are used to the solid cushion for a while.
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