Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 Review

Without any doubt, one of the favorite brand, Mizuno continues producing a new model of racing shoes which live up and keep its standards. The Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 can help you beat your best times ever, regardless of your race distance. Runners with adequate support coming right from the arches and love enough cushioning contained in a comfortable and responsive ride should look at this product.

Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 - Highlight features & technologies

  • Firstly, comfort takes the great role in its updates. There is some more padding right in its collar and tongue. Even though this feature does not change much from its precedent, an increase in its comfort level can be always the welcome addition, in particular for a shoe of multi-purpose.
  • Its expansive overlay located in its forefoot is less comprehensive than other similar products. Therefore, the shoe gives you a bit more room right in its toe box. As the stitches of this shoe are not numerous with its’ smaller overlay, your hot spots or irritation risks are lessened as well.
  • Mizuno parlayed well the success came from all Hitogami series into this iteration by making some marginal changes. Its’ upper gets the most significant variations in the right form of the more comfortable mesh for your better breathability in this shoe. Very important update in its’ mesh use is the inclusion in its’ tongue. For this reason, the tongue of the shoe is more flexible and breathable than before.

Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 description

mizuno wave hitogami 3 outsole


The shoemaker Mizuno blankets its’ entire outsole by using the carbon rubber named X10. More than a rubber compound with the special function, it has super sticky features to enhance the traction as well. Numerous dots were scattered throughout such rubber in its outsole. Therefore, Mizuno calls the shoe configuration with the name as G3 Sole. Besides, the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 helps you much with its flexibility and a bit of traction.


The engine room of the shoe is filled entirely with some best technologies from the famous shoemaker Mizuno. Manning the responsive and lightweight cushioning is its midsole foam named U4ic. This part is somewhat 30% more lightweight than other premium foams of the company without losing the intrinsic capabilities. Its Wave Spring technology may anchors almost all Mizuno shoes, is the thermoplastic insert of the midfoot. This technique dissipates shock before converting that impact to the usable energy. Its midsole grooves network was designed to able to work according to the gender can be carved in its midsole in order to help you with its flexibility. Also, this shoe owns the smoother heel so you can have more comfortable forefoot movement.


Its AirMesh can cover almost all entire shoe to serve for the superior breathability. You can try to hold its’ upper in the right place an see the midfoot support along with the logos of Mizuno on both two sides of this shoe. Apart from it, the traditional lacing of the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 gives you a personalized fit with its moderately padded tongue and collar to improve your comfort.

Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 Review

mizuno wave hitogami 3

Comfort of Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3

Are you someone looking for one good option of a high-mileage, light-weight running companion for races? In the case of you agree to at least one of these questions, then this may be the type of shoe you are searching for. Its heel area can be considered secure and snug while its heel collar is low enough to leave the ankle bones to stay alone. You may found that both the forefoot and midfoot areas of the shoe are a kind of squeeze. Its traditional lace and tongue system helps you much to customize your fit if you have the excess room right in its midfoot. The shoe front is somehow a little bit rounded compared to other models if Mizuno. However, it does not allow full splay of the toe on the ground contact.

Its mesh upper is breathable and coordinates well with its light padding to keep your foot comfortable right on the platform. For this reason, many wear testers, including me like its responsive midsole. Besides, its midsole is less forgiving and more firm than other similar brands, even with the same stack heights. So, this shoe is quite similar to the Adidas Pure Boost R.

Fit and size

Regarding the Length, it is indeed true to size. Its sizing and fit are indeed taken straight right out of some original designs of its previous model. As a matter of fact, Mizuno makes the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 a standard sizing and fit. As with many shoes built specially for some up-tempo running and training, it makes you feel locked in the midfoot and heel before it may widen in its forefoot. If you have the medium measurements, you may find its fit adequately convenient and comfortable. Its’ available widths can be medium and somehow wide while its sizes range from up to 15 with this version for men and up to 12 for women.


This shoe may compete well with some other similar shoes, such as the Salming Speed, Brooks PureConnect, and Saucony Kinvara. With the quick feel and low stack, it can allow us to push its pedal to its metal as well as get through all hard workouts. At the very first time of wearing it, you may feel entirely connected to your ground and enjoy all great feelings when traversing every surface. The Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 is considered one great race choice for many runners, including me. The shoemaker Mizuno completed an excellent job of bringing the strongest and most powerful attributes of its two wonderful racing shoes to create a single product that you definitely love. Although it is not cushioned and leads toward the faster rate of striding, its first showings may impress you.

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Its upper offers you a very supportive and breathable feel. Using the AIRmesh technology of Mizuno, this part of the shoe allows the air to complete its own way through it and keep the feet cool during your workout. However, the only drawback to its feature lays on the wet feet when running in days with snow or rain. Featuring a seamless upper, you will not worry about any irritation point which you may feel through your runs. However, you should remember one thing with this upper is its tighter designed capability. As with many speed trainers, the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 does not own a super wide toe box, yet it keeps a constant pressure and support throughout its upper. This characteristic is quite like the Mizuno Wave Hayate 2.


Motion from toe to heel of this shoe is enhanced entirely by the drop of 9mm, the rocketed geometry from its front to back, and a flex groove with the longitudinal feature. All of them allow you to have natural movements of your foot through several stance phases. In some words, you may describe the material of its u4ic midsole to own a good rebound but firm feel for quick turnover of the leg. These are considered ideally designed for fast training and running, with super traction, lightweight construction, and excellent energy transfer right in its midsole. If its drop and fit agree with your objective, the shoe can be your excellent race companion. Labeled a great racer, this shoe has sufficient stability from its rearfoot plate named Wave to serve well as the training shoe of efficient and light runners. In the case of trying the Brooks Hyperion before, you may find lots of the same thing between them.


Fly flexible in its low-slung shoe design which features the especially Classic performance named 3D Fit along with the technology named Parallel Wave in its heel for responsive, quick cushioning. Besides, you may get the fantastic grip and durability in the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 thanks to its blown rubber located in its forefoot outsole. You also can see a variety of design innovations, like midsole compound named u4ic, the mechanical midsole structure named Wave, and SmoothRide geometry. All of them were combined harmoniously into one relatively minimalist and flexible shoe. That is the reason why you have this shoe which was built especially for some race days. Like the Mizuno Wave Aero 15, it will help you much in handling your daily training mileage.

Quality and durability

The heel of the shoe feels locked right into its well-designed cup of the heel. So, the shoe starts to narrow from right there, until it plays into its toe box. As a matter of fact, your foot may feel wholly locked in with its midfoot. However, above that, your toes can feel somewhat locked in entirely for the whole running duration. Overall, the shoe was your enjoyable choice to run with. They responded pretty well to every time you decided to increase the intensity or speed of your runs. For this reason, you may love its own way which the shoe allowed you to feel and grip the road directly on your runs as well as helped you push yourself. Its range of quality can be compared with the Asics Gel Pulse 8.


The plastic insert with the wave-shaped feature of the shoe runs from its heel through its midfoot effectively redirects and absorbs all impact forces directly related to the ground. However, they somehow strike away right from the foot. Also, it helps you to keep your shoe centered for all stance phases and transfer the forward momentum efficiently. Also, the plate contributes to your rigid feel for the rearfoot.

The Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 is very flexible and lightweight. Once on your feet, it will have the nice fit which was snug especially in its midfoot, leading into the roomy forefoot, just like the Adidas Pure Boost R.


This shoe is instantly runnable and comfortable. It owns the Goldilocks cushioning zone which is sufficient for you to feel light right on the feet and do not feel any pounding and the ground. Furthermore, it is good for the speed work, long runs, and everything similar to them. You can discover the secret weapon if this shoe shows its ability to raise speed. The supportive yet ultra-lightweight shoe combines the durability and the race design to offer the running-ready performance to serve for your daily training.

Compared to the Adidas Adios Boost 3, this shoe has the better responsive midsole and outsole traction. However, the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 owns a less comfort dedicated for your long distance runs and narrower fit in overall. The heel to toe drop of 9mm encourages the heel striking as well as will not appeal to any midfoot striker.

Grip and traction

The durability of the shoe was unexpected firstly. However, the rubber of the shoe is still the same as it showed on the first day after the decent mileage. Also, on treadmill, concrete or track, its ride is responsive and smooth. The low cushioning stack and the flexibility of the shoe can be somewhat its biggest negatives. Whenever you take it off the track or concrete, onto the well-maintained gravel, it is unable to offer sufficient protection in order to make your runs more enjoyable. If you love having the wonderful ground feel, you may choose either the Mizuno Wave Hayate 2 of this shoe.


The shoe offers many updated technologies of Mizuno in its sole unit. Firstly, namely the Wave technology use, even very lightly, as well as the midsole technology named U4ic to help you to dampen your stride’s impact. These technologies can be made the effective assistance in the natural turnover and gait of all runners, including you. The toe box to the slight upturn of its sole unit may assist you to move through the stride as well as propel you properly onward. Although it is not as aggressive as other similar shoes, like the New Balance Vazee Pace, the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 will help in this matter. In fact, Mizuno used the sole pads made of blown rubber to help you with grip right on all roads and the high mileage durability. Even putting more than 80 miles directly on it and the shoe still keeps the unchanged integrity they possess when being pulled out of the box.


Like its precedents, Mizuno advertises widely its Wave Technology to be applied in the shoe, claiming such technique helps you to find the perfect balance between shock absorption and weight. As a matter of fact, it does its job super well, on the different type of surfaces. Being billed as the shoe perfect dedicated for fast running days, you will be comfortable when using it as the racer and trainers. All heel strikers find it works for them so the shoe can fit for you as well. For this reason, I recommend trying it on prior to purchase.


Whenever unboxing the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3, you may feel exciting with its vibrant blue and its aggressive look right before putting it on. As a matter of fact, the look of the Hitogami is very subtle, sleek, and impressive. The shoe boasts, at least the pair I received, no loud colors or design features that immediately stood out. The sole unit resembled the same appearance of both the Musha and Ronin. After its second version somehow disappointed users with the restrictive upper, the 3rd iteration of the Wave Hitogami returns with the slipper-like, flexible fit. Its upper holds your heel securely as well as has the light support right from external overlays and internal straps around your midfoot. Yet, the toes can be free and comfortable to wiggle with the airy mesh resulted from the feet ball forward. Combined well with the flexible, thin sole, it disappears when you roll through some strides with the quick-tempo feature.

Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 - Pros and Cons


  • Regarding the flexibility, you can consider it as the shoe’s natural asset with various minimalist features.
  • Being offered at an Affordable price, the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 can be used for all different kinds of long-distances, including some ultra-long runs.
  • Its exceptional design brings you a great and wonderful footwear outside the normal environment.
  • The carbon rubber named X10 continues to make you impressed regarding the durability with four color combinations.
  • Finally, this shoe is super light.


  • Its toe box is somehow tight and can constrict.
  • This shoe is considered only suitable for limited surfaces, like Treadmill or Smooth concrete.
  • Its’ heel offset is relatively high to turn off you in the case that you are searching for shoes with the lower drop.

Previous version of Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3

Mizuno Wave Hitogami 2

The Mizuno Wave Hitogami 2 somehow follows its precedent with the fabulous feel and fit, having geared towards the long distance run. With the lower-profile and more special design than other Mizuno offerings, this shoe will please even the pickiest runners. If you are searching for the smooth turnover and higher proprioception off your ground at the faster paces, try out this shoe and feel by yourself. For everyday training, the shoe lacks the support and comfort Mizuno fans may expect. However, you will appreciate the place this particular shoe offering falls belonged to the diverse footwear line of the company.

Mizuno Wave Hitogami

The Hitogami is considered a great running choice for many runners, including me. Mizuno has completed their great job of bringing the strongest and most powerful attributes of racing shoes. Also, it created one single product which all previous wearers love. We should not miss out the wonderful look of this shoe, which is very impressive, subtle, and sleek. It boasts with no design features or loud colors, which immediately or indeed stood out. Its sole unit can resemble the similar appearance of the Ronin and Musha.

Similar running shoes to Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3

The most similar running shoes to the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 can comprise of Adidas Pure Boost R, Mizuno Wave Hayate 2, Brooks Hyperion, Mizuno Wave Aero 15, and Asics Gel Pulse 8.

Adidas Pure Boost R

The Adidas Pure Boost R is the lightweight and convenient running shoe which has a reliable system set and the appealing look to give your running experience the boost of speed and energy. Such neutral shoe can deliver the secure fit, comfort, and flexibility. All of three characteristics will make your running session more agreeable and smoother to the natural foot motions. It is considered a running companion that owns a component set and the appealing design in order to make the shoe more secure, comfortable as well as attuned to your natural foot movement.

Mizuno Wave Hayate 2

The Mizuno Wave Hayate 2 is considered one of the popular choices for long-distance runs. With many great reviews, it can offer you the superb cushioning, fit, and comfort. For this reason, this shoe is more suitable for you if you need the stability arch control. Generally, this shoe is one of great premium products for your high mileage races. With this solid running companion, all athletes, including you can tackle all unpredictable trails and tracks with comfort and ease. The 2nd iteration of the Wave Hayate also features some noticeable upgrade while mentioning its façade as well as how it is constructed.

Brooks Hyperion

The Brooks Hyperion is somewhat a versatile shoe which can function pretty well on regular running sessions and races its flexible design and durable construction allows the shoe to deliver the responsive cushioning and natural movement. If you are one of the neutral runners, you will definitely enjoy what it offers. Furthermore, comfort and Performance are service parts of this shoe. It can achieve the responsive flexibility and cushion because of the soft fabrics made up the upper and the bendable platform.

Mizuno Wave Aero 15

The Mizuno Wave Aero 15 may offer the excellently cushioning among other racing flats belonged to Mizuno. As such, this shoe can function well as your daily trainer in fast workouts or your race day companion. The shoe versatility makes itself an attractive choice for people who love to have a shoe with the multi-purpose usage without spending more. It brings the excellent fit, decent support for the arch, superb comfort, and speed. For this reason, it can be one of the most common shoes under Mizuno brand name, evidenced by the 15th incarnation.

Asics Gel Pulse 8

This shoe provides you the dependable and trusted performance. Such feature is also the primary offering of this shoe. The Asics Gel Pulse 8 has adequate cushioning, excellent comfort, ultra-breathable coverage, decent support for the arch. All of them make it an ideal choice for many runners, particularly middle or beginners of the road enthusiasts. All the changes updated in this shoe are focused entirely on its upper for the more accommodating and better fit. To achieve its objective, Asics removed several of its thick overlays located in its midfoot. In the original place are some printed overlays.

Final word

The Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 is the latest level of the low-stack options for the trainer, behind the famous Mizuno Sayonara line. It indeed presents the manageable price tag for an offering. Even though it is not the line top of Mizuno, it was packed with many updated and advanced technology. Throughout wearing this shoe, you may find it able to hit the highest mark on every test putting through. Continually you can look forward to using it with its exception of long runs.

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